Interview with the Past

Amending Careers

"What did Dr. Jackson tell you?" he asked curiously

"He told us my career was at stake… again"


"You know… politics." Jack answered simply and before Malcolm could question him, Sam sighed and added

"The Senate knew about my marriage to Jack when I was proposed as Chairman. However, as it fell under the classified part of my file. It wasn't questioned. It was not an issue. Not until…"

"Until the press thought it was," Jack added, "then the bastards, ehm.. Sorry, the Senators, cleaned their own names by saying they didn't know, and decided to do another check on Sam's career"

"But Daniel.. He got an idea to help us calm the masses"


"I think it's crazy," Jack said after hearing Daniel's proposal

"Think about it Jack… you both know enough people to pull this out," Daniel shouted.

"I think Daniel has a point"

"You think Daniel has a point?" She smiled at both, "Do you think we can actually pull this out and without screwing it even more?"

"I think if someone can pull this out, it would be us," she smiled


"It was a similar idea with yours, actually," Sam said, looking at Malcolm, "However,we couldn't talk about many things back then... You'll see, the process to declassify things it is long and needs more than the Chairman and the POTUS signature to be approved"

"But after five months of investigations and bull at the headlights; we managed to get all that we needed"


"Tell me again why did we agree to do this?"

"We are taking the bulls by the horn; make it public enough"

"And that's why we are being interviewed by the publics favorite television hostess in our family room at the White House"


"And you are sure about this?"

"I think I am, Jack. You know I am sick and tired of all the speculation about my career. There are things I won't mind to have out in the open if they will allow our kids to have a normal life"

"Normal? You know that's something they won't have, do you?"

"You know what I mean, it's not fun your kids hearing people saying 'hey your mom is a General only because she f**ed your dad and had you' or something like that"

"I'm sorry, Sam. I know this last four months were awful on you"

"Ma'am, Sir … they said they are ready"


"And you know what? They are poking and prodding everything but they still didn't take me out of the position. That's what I don't get it. The 'hey, just keep doing your job while we search some dirt for your grave'"

"And you can't retire or resign because it will be accepting something was wrong"

"It sucks"

"Yep, pretty much… but honey, look the bright side; we've beaten worse"

"That we did," they said, walking hand in hand out of their room and into their living room.


"What we did that time, was risky and it was a one in a lifetime thing"

"We, without knowing, even showed somethings we weren't supposed to show"


"Mr. President, Madame Chairman," Leia Smith saluted them as they entered the room

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs Smith and it is," they both said simultaneously with polite smiles

"Sam," she said, passing her hand

"Jack," he said, repeating his wife action

"Oh, ok, Sam and Jack, let me tell you I'm honored to meet you both. Please take a seat… well, actually, please let me take a seat," they all laughed, "So, Mr President," he grimaced "you are entering the fifth month of your period and this is the first interview you accept; can we know what's that?"

"Well, Sam and I, we are both very private people. I was a former special ops and she, well, she is a military brat; you don't get more private than us. Well; maybe our kids"

"Hey Jack! Sam!" Daniel's voice came from the entrance door.

"Oh, excuse us…" they said simultaneously and stood up to meet their visitors

"Keep rolling," Leia said to his cameraman

"Daniel! Vala!"

"Jack! Sam!"

"Hi Aurora, are you a princess today?"

"Yes, Auntie Sam. Do you like my crow?"

"Yup, it's a beautiful crown; Hunter it is possible that you are even taller?" the young boy blushed and Jack smiled; they all knew about Hunter's crush on Sam

"Oh yeah, definitely taller"

"Three, two…" Daniel counted

"OMG OmG OMG! Aunt Vala! Uncle Daniel! Are you seriously taking us out?" Sasha came running; followed closely by Allistair and Terran. Alex joined them soon with Nadia and Aidan in tow..

"Please, tell me we are taking them to a baseball field," Alex pleaded. "Mom, Dad, I'll make sure Terran doesn't eat only candies and Sasha doesn't get only veggies" she finished with a smile.

"And would you eat cake?" Jack asked to his eldest

"Always," she grinned

"Are you sure you want to take the whole squad?"

"Yeah, it will be fun," Daniel told them

"Anyways, we can't hardly lose anyone with all the escorts we are having. God Bless the Secret Service," Vala said and they all laughed and soon they were saying goodbyes


"We didn't noticed we were already live, and when Daniel came to take the kids, the camera kept rolling"

"So there was a very familiar moment for all the people to see since the show was live,"

"Regretting that level of privacy being shown; we looked at each other there wasn't much to do after that since the thing was done so we just smiled an kept going"


"Sorry, they promised the kids they would take them this weekend"

"We will have them next weekend tough"

"Isn't that too much of a risk?"

"Well, it is a risk going around with eight kids, but Daniel and Vala have their own escorts and then each kid has their own escort. They are probably getting a whole McDonald's closed," Sam grinned

"So you are not worried?" Leia asked surprised.

"You never stop worrying about your kids," they grimaced "But they have been through worse; therefore a field trip around DC won't hurt them"

"What do you mean by 'they have been through worse'?"

"Let me answer your question with a question; how much do you know about our past?"

"Well, the same everybody else I guess; you are both military officers whom at some point got married and now, you are the presidential family. So pretty much nothing"

"That only proves our previous statement: we are as private as it gets"

"So what are we doing here then?"

"After the Commander in Chief ball we got some news"

"I remember that ball; I thought that your speech was hilarious and your dress was to die for"

"Thanks, I guess" they both said simultaneously

"Ok, my bet is that, the news you got was that the Senate would be analyzing your career?"

"Yes. They are still at it," Sam grimaced.

"But you still are working as the Chairman…" they both nodded.

"Yes; she is. We discussed this thoroughly before getting in touch with you for this interview. You'll see we are in a complicated position, at least in the job department. Some members of the Senate believe that my job as the President may compromise her job as the Chairman"

"As Chairman is my job to give the President and the SecDef not only my opinion, but the opinion of the Joint Chiefs; and to be appointed as a Chairman my record has to be excellent. Now, the Senate is looking into it again trying to find a signal that I was helped to get here,"

"They not only are scrutinizing all her files or at least the non-classified version of those but they still kept her as Chairman. The only way to stop the doubts at this moment; is for her to retire or resign"

"Things which at the same time will be affirming I am guilty of being promoted unfairly. We are pretty …tied up"

"Let me get this straight, you can't defend yourself until their search is over and you can't quit?" They both nodded "Am I here to defend you?"

"No, you are here because we are tired of our kids defending us. Those kids you just saw… they know much more than you would ever will; they've lived a hard life and now that things are finally looking up for them; they have to defend ourselves from other kids and it is getting extremely ridiculous"


"Weird, I've done an awful lot of investigation on you two before this issue, you were a topic in my class as an example of how to work with the press and keep a private life, and even then… I've never seen this interview that you are telling me"

"Yes… that was the cleaning afterwards. We let it flow just enough, then when the situation was fixed, there was a cleaning. We found every single trace of the interview and we got it deleted or bought it"

"I see, did you reveal much in there?"

"Well, no, actually we didn't. We could have told them about aliens and all but we just told the truth about our past; just like we did with you recently."

"I guess it was something that scared them; we knew too much and we could have talked and they didn't know what we would do"

"But talking about those things would be doing something against our own standards. So we just talked and gave them access to video tapes"


"Security cameras, nothing compromising. Camera footage where the timestamps were obvious, both from our early days and then from after our wedding, from both the SGC and our private lives. The "camaraderie" is there, but that is also true for camaraderie with everyone else."

"And then again, it showed showed how differently, we behaved with each other after our wedding. Since we were not only apart but we needed to make everyone believe we were married to someone else."

"Ok, what it took you so long then?"

"We needed to pull this at once and it was really hard to get everyone ready to connect with us"


"Yes, we set several conference calls with people who worked with us. So Mrs Smith could ask questions herself"


"If they had prepared a speech, it could be said we made them read it. So we gave her freedom"

"So did it work?"

"Kind of"


"General Carter, your actions from Saturday were bordering treason," said one of the Senators, it was the first public meeting since the investigation started, so he had to be careful with his word selection. "The footage you presented came from several Military bases which are deemed as classified. What have you to say about this?"

"With all due respect, sir. I was only following orders"

"Following orders?"

"Yes, let me present the evidence," one guy walked to the video of the room and pressed play, and image of Jack in front of Sam, whom was using her military blues appeared on the screen.

"It's on, Corporal?" Jack asked, "Good. General Carter," he said and Sam stood firmly. "At ease, General. As the Commander in Chief, I am ordering you to search for every single security footage that might help you clean your own name without revealing the classified aspects of your career"


"You heard me, General. You can get footage from every single post you have ever laid a foot on, but it can't show anything that could endanger the base, nor can contain conversations with classified information and bring them to me. Did I make myself clear, General?"

"Sir, yes, sir"

"Dismissed, then"

Sam turned around perfectly and left the oval room

"I'm not ordering her this because I want to help her career, I'm ordering her this because she won't do it otherwise. That's all Corporal"

"The videos made public were the result of following orders given by my Commander in Chief, and as such, they don't show anything that can endanger the situation on any base. Conversation is not related to Classified information"

"You were ordered to search for them, not to show them for all the world to see!" another senator told her angrily

"Actually, I delivered those to the POTUS, as asked. What he did with those was not under my control"


"But we knew it would happen, so we planned better"

"Jack ordered me to get those videos, and to make sure we had evidence of such order; we taped it and presented it at the public audience. He also was called, and when he did, he showed the footage and people started to take sides… our side thankfully"

"Especially with video out there showing the little fact of how I was coaxed to run for President and Sam reaction to the news"

"That interview calmed the media who was what started it in the first place"

"Then the whole affair got classified and the cleanup happened and Sam was never bothered again"

"Since then, I was news only for clothing issues"

"I remember that time you ended up going to a school meeting on bdu's and how it became a national fashion for girls" Sam rolled her eyes


"Sam, don't forget we have the first parent-teacher meeting today!" Jack told his wife

"Yes, I know. At 1600" she smiled, kissed her husband and left. Once she passed the security checkpoint at the Pentagon, she got a call from her secretary


"Sam. There's some issue with the new cooler and some power surge which isn't supposed to be happening, the techs up there are not too sure what to do"

"Is there anyone available?"

"Well, they are all up, this was a distress call. They have been working on it since last week and they are due to leave tomorrow"

"Crap," she said entering her office and hanging her phone. Cassie smiled at her

"Already put a new bdu set in your office, I'll contact them as soon as you are changed," Sam nodded and 5 minutes later she was beamed up to the USAF Mockingbird, the newest ship of the fleet.

At 1530, the communication screen was on and she got a call from Mr. President himself.


"Mr. President"

"Are you where I think you are?"

"If you are thinking of Cancun or Bali.. Then no. If you are thinking in something called Mockingbird, then I have to say, Mr President , you are right on." she smiled.

"It's 15:30. There's half an hour to the school, Sam. What are you doing there anyways?"

"Well, you'll think by now someone else could be able to fix silly programming errors they built into the things I programmed; but no. They still can't… therefore, after a week of fiddling around what mechanical part could be damaged; someone actually contacted me and asked for help. "

"So, will be I getting a nice memo telling me why the Mockingbird didn't leave on time?"

"No, but you will be getting a detailed report on why I had to be called. It's 15:35, you should get going," he raised his eyebrow, "Yes, Teal'c, I'll be there on time" she mocked him

"Sweet!" the comm was closed and she went out of the Commanders office and barked instructions to the tech staff. Once she was sure everything was completely understood; she beamed herself to the Pentagon and grabbed the Indian which was once again parked there.

"Thanks, Cassie" she mumbled once she hopped on and speeded through the checkpoints and disappeared down the road, arriving at the kids' school with a couple of minutes to spare. She never saw the light of the cameras taking on her military dress.


"Oh yes, the day I almost killed some techs. I got to the kids' school just in time for the Parent-teacher conference and I was in such a hurry that I never noticed the paparazzi"

"Next day, her picture was all over the place, and as she looked extremely beautiful with bdu pants and black t shirt… then, it was a fashion"

"I think I never saw as many girls in bdu's before. You can laugh all you want, but even the rate of women joining the military raised after that".

"Anyways, on 2021, Copper and Eve joined our family

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