Interview with the Past

Lucky Years

"The following years were pure bliss, you know? That happily ever after people often dream about"

"You mean, like the golden years or something?"

"We mean, like normal life. With upsides and downsides, but we managed to be together more time than we could be before. So for us, that was the gold at the end of the rainbow, sort to speak"

"We would find the way around traveling"

"That's why there were changes on alien access to the Country"

"Yes, we needed to facilitate the trips from the representatives of other countries to avoid traveling ourselves. Therefore, there were some changes that needed happen and people was ready to the change, and it was just before the end of my first period… anyways, that's politics and we are not talking about it"

"The end of your first period. You already explained you were forced to the first period, what made you take the second period ?"



"What do you mean with 'you should run again'?"

"I mean, I believe you are a great President, Jack. You made some good choices and we and the country are at a better place"

"So you want me to run again?" she smiled and nodded

"I might like to be called First Lady," she grinned

"Seriously, Sam… I'm just about to retire for good, put all the things which were able to keep us apart behind us and you want me to take that step?"

"Seriously, Jack. I love you, but you will be a very cranky retired man. I mean, you can't sit still for more than 5 minutes, or are you feeling old?"

"I'm not old!" he defended "Well, I am and … and aha! I won't sit still! I have kids!" He tried to outsmart her, she simply raised her brow. "I… well… fine! If you want me to run, I run. Now, when I do not win this… I will be telling you I told you so, brainiac"

"Now, who is doubting his skills," she laughed before kissing him.


"Well, I convinced him he would get easily bored by being retired"

"She was right. I lasted unoccupied exactly two months. But that was later on"

"2023 also brought us the painful goodbye to Alex, she was joining the Academy. We couldn't be prouder of her, she already was half way through her Sciences Degree when she got admitted"

"But, it is hard to let them go," Jack added and Sam nodded

"Then on 2024, just after the inauguration day, I found out I was expecting Claus and Lucas. The following year, Alex got her commission to the SGC. It was a no brainier actually, since she always had the security level needed for that."

"In 2026, Irene and Salome joined the family and Terran went to the Academy too, both Sasha and Allistair where taking advanced classes and they let us known they wouldn't be joining their brother's path."

"We were grateful for that, it's hard to let them go. It's even harder when you know that the universe has its way to unfold unknown things in the worst possible moment"

"Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as it could… they are still alive"

"Then, 2027 came"

"What happened that year?"

"It was my last year as President, and there was nothing they could do to change it," Jack smiled, " I was about to be a free man, for the first time since the last time that I got to retire"

"And of course, his retirement went down"


"Mr. President, the Joint Chiefs and the Council are waiting for you," my secretary lets me know. I sigh, it's May, there are 8 months until freedom. She looks at me with that knowing look that I've seen her do before. I don't think she likes taking me into meetings much. Oh well, let's play pretend that I don't want to kill everyone there.

I smile and open the door to the conference room, and that's a sight that I will never get tired of seeing. Hiding in the middle of the table, one gorgeous Sam Carter-O'Neill, yup, got that right, she is O'Neill from every single hair on her head to her perfect body, extremely long legs and down to her feet and nice toes. Yup, I just said nice toes, what can I say? I am utterly in love with that woman… and I am making a fool of myself right now.

"You are staring,at least close your mouth" Sam laughs in my head

"Hmm… you gang wanted to see me?"

"Mr. President, we were expecting you," someone said and I have to take my eyes of the glimmering eyes of my wife. Oh man, she is so laughing at me.

"Uh, I'm here now, am I not?" I know, I know, the poor guy doesn't deserve my mood, but he I normally find an outlet in the first one to speak. You'll think by now they should know the only one that doesn't end up as an outlet is Sam, or Daniel… but he's not here. I raise an eyebrow expecting the guy to continue, I can see Sam is trying to cover a smile.

"Uh.. Sir, we are here to discuss your future"

"My what? " I say looking at Sam for answers

"I have no idea what this is about," She says to me via our glorious link "we were talking about security issues before" I nod

"If you are talking about the following eight months, then out with it. However, if you are talking from nine months from today, I will be changing diapers and playing tag and playstation or whatever other console gets out by that date, making breakfast and lunch and dinner for my crew a.k.a my family and at least once a year, I'm disappearing somewhere only with the wife"

"Actually, sir … Your wife, might not be available for disappearing"

"I'm sorry, what?" Sam snaps at him.

"Ma'am, Sir." Another one said and if looks could kill, he would be… well, me on Baal's palace.

"Sam," General Mackenzie says, kindly looking at Sam. Oh lord, we won't like this. "We want you to run for President"

There! She said it..

"WHAT!" we both say louder than we should.

"We want to offer you the same deal we offered your husband almost 8 years ago"

"You mean, run for President.. She loses, she's free. She wins, we get another 4 years here?" Everyone nods

"What's the trick?" we say in unison and we smile at each other.

"Well… if she wins. We want you as the Defense Secretary"

"Don't get me wrong, but shouldn't that be a civilian?"

"Well, yes.. But he is a civilian... He has been for the past 8 years."


"They offered Sam, the same deal that they offered me before"

"With the add on, that Jack would be my SecDef"

"We discussed it, we took it"


"By taking it, worst case scenario was another 8 years. Best case, I would lose and we got to retire together finally"

"And of course, giving our luck…we placed our bets for worst case"

"We both thought that, even if I could be a good President, people wouldn't vote for a woman, we both thought people weren't ready for that yet"

"And we were so wrong"

"And that's how I ended up as the First Female President," she sighed "Don't get me wrong, it was awesome and it is nice to be such a part of history. But when you tried as hard as I did to be an equal, being regarded as something special for your genre doesn't work."

"But then again , she is not an equal… never was, never will be," he slaps himself "I'm sorry, that didn't come up right… what I meant by that. Yes, she is amazing and was a helluva good President. I voted for her. I'll vote for her again anytime."

"But.." Malcolm prodded

"We are talking about someone that has saved Earth, that develop and manipulate Naquadah generators blindfolded, or fix them and shoot enemies at the same time. Someone that blew up a friggin sun! For cryin' out loud! She is a warrior, a scientist, a bookworm, a nerd, she was an incredible officer, a great CO, is a good mom and greater great mom… how's that equal to anyone before her? How can we say being the first female President was a step forward to reach to equality? I mean, if you need a butcher, you find someone who knows how to use a knife… you don't go looking for someone who knows how to make the knife, breed and slaughter the cow and who can also repair the freezer and put both of them together and they look at their abilities and say. They are equal," I can hear Sam giggling by my side.

"He is right, you know? There's no such thing as equality. We are all different, how can you fight for something unattainable? Anyways, if history considers that it was a step forward; who am I to disagree?"

"But, you know what was the worst?"


"People, people voted her. People chose her…. And they doubted of her capacity up to the last day of her first period. Then they doubted again when her second period started. But, less put all that behind and move on with our family history"

"2029 brought us Piper and 2031, Aaron. 2034 was the toughest one until now. " Jack nodded solemnly at Sam.

"If that's coming from two people who went through all you went trough, I can't begin to think why it was the most difficult year of your lives"

"Well, it was April when I discovered I was pregnant again, twins. Then, I suffered a miscarriage in May. People would say to me that I should be happy, since I got to keep one"


"Aila," Jack said, "We lost one, but Aila was still there. You know, it's complicated. On one side, you are so happy, you are still having a baby and at the same time you are devastated because you lost one"

"And we had to deal with it while being in the eye of the storm. The press was out there, and the arrival of the members of the council wasn't helpful at all".

"They just couldn't wait two more years to come"


"Ma'am? We have a situation," my secretary jumps into the Oval office, and I jump too, he scared the crap out of me, but I won't mention that to him. "SecDef is on his way. You are expected at the Conference room ASAP" He continues without noticing my reaction to his entrance

"Do you know anything about it?" I ask him as we pass by the door and on the way to the Conference room

"Ma'am… everybody knows everything about it," and points to one of the many tv's are around the White House. There, on the middle of the sky, there's a ship… and it isn't ours.

"Oh crap," I said and rush to the conference room. "Who is it? What's the status of our ships? How did they bypass the shields?" I ask just as soon as I am in. People in the room looks at me as if I grew a second head.

"The vessel arrived undetected by us, 5 minutes ago, it un-cloaked, or is it de-cloaked?" Jack debated with himself and I smile, he is calm as usual under high stress situations. We both are. "Anyways, the fellows arrived out of nowhere. Norad didn't detect them, our satellites, sensors, the grid… nothing sensed them"

"That's not possible," the scientists on the table start to argue. I would be one of them, if I didn't know different. Jack smiles

"Madam President? Mr Secretary? What are you smiling at? We are about to be invaded!"

"Actually, we aren't," we both said.

"Don't do anything until our return," I instruct them and then the white light involves both Jack and I and we are at the ship and being enveloped on the strong arms of the Alterans Councilors. Nox Councilors follow suit and then Furlings, and believe it or not… even the Asgards hug us.

"Councilor Samantha Carter, Councilor Jack O'Neill. We heard of your misfortune and we had to come to give you our support"


"Yes, the passage of a kid is always hard. Doesn't matter how many of them you lose. One can't never get used to the depart of an offspring"

"You came all the way here to present your condolences?" We ask in disbelief. They all nod.

"You know you just created havoc down there, do you?" Jack ask and when 8 pairs of eyes blink at us confusedly, we get our answer.

"People don't know about the existence of any other living forms." I state

"But you are all over the galaxy? How can people not know that?"

"Military secrecy?" Jack provides.

"Oh no!"Karsyn empathizes. "If we knew that we would be still cloaked!"

"I knew it!" I said and they look at me strangely, "Well, Earth is surrounded by several tracking devices and nothing could bypass it, so we both thought it had to be a Nox ship "

"Oh, yes.. Our skills are very helpful to bypass anything it could be dangerous for us," Karsyn answers.

"Okey… now we have to find a way to fix this"

"Can you transport us back?" They nodded and we were back at the conference room.


"An that was the day that people learned about other life forms"

"However the story behind that, will be tomorrow's topic"

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