Interview with the Past

It's not an invasion

"Morning, Sam, Jack"

"Morning Malcolm," they smiled to the journalist.

"Yesterday you told me about the ship appearing in the sky, and that, even tough, it was a friendly ship; there were repercussions on the apparition of the alien vessel. How was that?"

"We have been there before, you know? At the bridge of insanity, with aliens coming for our collective heads and menacing to take over the world, knowing they all came with the orders to either kill us all; or enslave us all. With no time to hide nor run, some people haven't even got time to pray. "

"And all those times we fought against them and came out of it, a little scraped and bruised and roughed around the edges; but with freedom to live and do what you love in the world you call home, and the only ones who knew doomsday was postponed were the people in the front lines. But that day, it was… different"

"And nothing we saw or did before could actually prepare us for such day"



That's the only fitting word to describe what was going out out there.

By the time we went back to the Conference Room, they were already thousands of people filling the Mall. The news was covered with images of the so called invasion. The title "Doomsday" plagued the news stations. At my side Jack was observing the images, looking as dumbfounded as I felt.

"For cryin' out loud! It isn't even a huge ship! It is one tiny transport vessel and they react as if was a fleet! We had fleets before and we didn't hear anyone saying the Armaggedon in here, or pray for your lives! Geez.. We didn't even get that guy with the "Take me with you" sign!" Jack complained to no one in particular.

And I, for instance, don't know if I am supposed to laugh or cry or be desperate at the moment, so I'm just sitting here; hearing a bunch of crap about the end of the world as background and possible consequences of either telling the truth or trying to cover it with something; while pinching the bridge of my nose to stop the upcoming headache. You know, only the higher ups can make something as simple this complicated. It is a simple decision and we have been waiting more than 30 minutes for them to decide if we are going with a twist or if we simply state "Hey! There are aliens out there! And guess what! These ones are our allies! Isn't that nice?"

Of course, it should be with as many polysyllabic words as we could fit in to confuse the General Population, and avoid questions like "how can they be allies if we never knew about them before?" coming from the minds of the average Joe.

"Can you just please decide, before people start to kill themselves to avoid a slavery that won't come?" I interrupt them in a voice higher than I meant to. Jack squeezes my hand.

"She's right. The more time we expend deciding what we should or shouldn't say… more people will be willing to call it a day for good"

"We can't tell them the truth!" Someone says and I am ready to slap some sense in their heads. A look at Jack tells me he's about there too.

"What would we say if we don't tell them the truth, uh? That it is some Hollywood made vessel for a new upcoming movie?"

"It actually sounds like a good idea, Sir"

"That's enough!" I say, "let's just tell them the goddamn truth! There are aliens out there and these are friendly ones. People know it's absolutely preposterous to think we are alone in the Galaxy, let alone in the Galaxies"

"What about the Stargate?"

"We don't mention it." Jack says and I have to agree with him.

"Why not?"

"Well, for starters, the person giving this speech shouldn't have all the knowledge we have about the Stargate, if we are bringing it to the plate"


"Geez, then I wonder why I am still called to fix stuff around" I mumble to myself and I know Jack heard me, because the corner of his lip twitches upwards.

"And… you don't have this all figured out yet. If we bring the Stargate, then we have to add a bunch of limits, which will mean that people will die while we are at it. We need to call the other involved nations on this and so on. Right now, the best thing we can do, is say.. 'Yup, the aliens are here, but they are harmless' while we leave General Mitchell to deal with foreign affairs"

"I have to agree with, the Secretary," I say. Duh! Like I wouldn't agree with him over whatever these people say anyways. "Hey, can you put that one louder?" I ask, pointing to one TV showing air footage of people on the top of a building. It looks like that Independence Day movie happening for real… well, without the ugly looking aliens.

"People in this rooftop are insane, they are asking the aliens to take them with them. Someone should start doing something… they are going to collectively jump!" says a girl sounding desperate.

"I guess that's my cue; I'm telling the truth… let's just hope this doesn't backfire"


"We have dealt with crazy psychotic power hungered War Lords with the egos of the size of their ships; we faced them, we defeated them. We freed people. But dealing with hysterical people… that, it wasn't out strong suit. Daniel was good at it… but he was currently unavailable"

"After our trip to the Nox vessel, we got stuck in a meeting trying to decide the outcome. Knowing that a bunch of youngsters were about to jump off the roof to meet the creator was the catalyst we needed to end the meeting and start the action"


"Ladies and Gentleman, the President of the United States." Someone announces and Sam walks to the podium, I follow her and stand a couple steps behind. The flashes of cameras make us blink several times, the uncomfortable light on the eyes after being blinded by flashes is making its appearance full force, and I have to admit there's no moment where I feel more vulnerable than when I can't see a thing and we are stuck in the middle of a crowd. I know Sam feels the same, so I try to enter her personal space for comfort her and still be not too close to her to look protective.

She squares her shoulders and I feel myself doing the same. Probably half of the crew that came out, just did the same. It's kind of contagious if you have a military background.

"Ladies and Gentleman, or probably I should say citizens of Earth. I don't know how I should do this without disappointing half of you. I can try to put this on complicated words or I can confuse you; I really don't want to do either. Therefore, I'm here to state a simple truth, no fake, long and boring speeches will come out today... only the truth."

She paused to look at the crowd. 'Well, A truth' she told me trough the link and I tried not to smile.

"For centuries, people around the globe wondered about the existence of life outside the limitation of our own world. Scientist from all around focused on finding an answer for the question "are we alone in the universe?". Today, despite being terrified with the consequences of what I am about to say, and as I stated before, I am here to tell the truth… then, having said that, I can answer the question without margin of error


There are other life forms living freely around the galaxies. "

The crowd murmurs were full blast when she finished that sentence. She raised her hands as asking for silence, and the crowd did as signaled. It's always amazing to see something like that, the respect one person can get from a raging crowd. It's so exhilarating and so darn hot! If we weren't in this situation, I would… inhale… exhale.. You can't sport a you know what on public! For cryin' out loud man!

"However, those life forms aren't a threat to Earth as it is Today" ha! Good one, I have to ask her how she manages to come up with things like that, if they only knew this isn't the first time

"The people on that ship, does NOT come to destroy us. They came to keep an Intergalactic Safety Treaty, they want to make sure we are ok. They mean no harm, they seek only peace in the galaxies. Earth peace, however, is still in our hands. Only humans, can help humans to finally reach the so desired wold peace.

Thank you"

The minute she says thank you, the crowd explodes with questions. We knew it wouldn't be as easy.

"Madame President, Mr Secretary, are you saying we have signed an Intergalactic Safety Treaty with Aliens?"

"Yes" we both said curtly, we agreed via link the less things we tell them; the less things they will have to bury us down. We don't want to be responsible for letting the world know we have been taking part of an intergalactic war for the better part of a decade. Or was it a full decade?

"Do you know the life forms aboard the ship?"


"What are they called?" Oh, well… 'names?' I ask Sam and she smiles and sends me a 'sneaky answer, I like it!'

"Adalsteinn, Bryjna,Karsyn, Braylin"

"Ryrie, Jessame, Teegan and Keegan" I finish.

"How do they look?"

"Like not humans" I answer.

"Like the Roswell Gray description?"

"No, they have mostly human features too, but it's easy to say they aren't human," Sam says, well it is kind of hard to explain how they look.

"We will be giving a ball I their honor, that way they can get to meet the current situation of Earth by their own means," Sam looks at me surprised, oh well… It's already done.


"So, we gave them the truth and at the spur of the moment…"

"We, well, I … kind of said we would be giving a Welcome Earth ball for them… it was a bad idea, I knew it the moment the phrase left my mouth"

"What's the great deal with a ball?"


"Mr. Secretary, with all due respect, sir. What the hell where you thinking?"

"Yeah, yeah.. I know. I figured that much as soon as it left my mouth"

"And there's no way we are not doing it at this point," Sam supported.

"Can… can someone explain me why such a fuss for a ball? It is just gathering people to dance, some food and some drinks…"

"Yes, well… we could start with the drinks and food, since the Asgards don't eat the same food we eat, nor do the Nox, the Alterans are vegetarians and the Furlings, they do smoothies… all the time," said Sam, resting her head on her hands.

"And we could give them a crash course on spirits tasting, why not?" Added Jack sarcastically

"And let's not start fiddling with security… do you know how hard is to pull an Inauguration day? That's the level of security we will need. We are not talking about any alien, we are talking about the Council"

"And yes, a party, with ALL the council members is an easy target. They can beam the Councilors to blow the whole thing up. It's a strategical nightmare"

"Strategical nightmare or not… we are doing this" Sam affirmed. "But we will need their help."

"What are you thinking?"

"Nox defenses, remember?"


"Well, a ball with Presidents from all over the world is already a pain to pull together. Strictly talking about security"

"However, having aliens.. Even things you'll normally pass as nothing too important, like food and beverages, are more complicated than in just-humans meetings."

"But, you did it anyways?"

"Of course we did. We couldn't take it back"

"So we talked with them"


"The thing is, I kind of gave my word... on Public T.V,"

"What is.. Public T V?"

"It's .. like the communications globe, but it goes all day for a nation and some other nations can get a copy of what it was said," Jack tried

"Well, except this communication globe can't be fixed afterwards if the message wasn't right," Sam added to further explain the reasons

"I get it, Council Samantha… you gave your word to your people. Why are you doubting then?"

"It's … it is a security issue.. You'll see, Earth is not as peaceful as the places you might visit or were you live. We are worried something can happen to you while being down there"

"But you can protect us with your own means," analyzed Teegan. "What's the real reason?"

"We all will be there, together. The full Council."

"And you fear someone could come and kill us all"

"Yes, it is known we had some Goau'lds running on Earth, therefore we really don't want to put you at risk"

"We will help, Councilors. Karsyn and I, will be able to create some defense method for you"

"And.. The food?" Jack winced

"Well, human food is something that I am not willing to test," Jessame said, "But we have enough food and beverages to add to your banquet. That wouldn't be an issue either"

"Yes!" Jack added with a victory dance.

"Jack!" Sam hissed.

"Sorry, I am just happy with this outcome"


"The Council members helped, the Presidents were happy with meeting them. We had to use his Ivanhoe as a travel agency, but it was the least we could do to help the rest of the Nations"

"And of course, drunk Jessame was really fun to watch"

"I still remember, Jessame face while saying 'I really like your grape juice here'"

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