Interview with the Past

Kicked out

"Of course, the same party was the start of our exile process"


"Yes. Do you actually think we moved out of Earth on our own premises? Or to keep the kids safe or something else?"

"I… I… I actually never thought about it," Malcolm said puzzled

"No one ever does," they stated. A couple of minutes went by and Malcolm cleared his throat.

"What happened at the party?"


As soon as they noted the current inebriated status of most of the Council, they regretted deeply the idea of using the translation software of their allies vessel as part of the enhancements produced by the security barrier which was currently working around them.

They turned to see Jessame, who was doing an awkward dance form. Thankfully drunk Jessamy was also mute Jessame. Now, drunk Teegan and drunk Keegan… that was a mistake, with a capital M.

"Hey! Council Members! We should all toast for the Newest Council Members!" they shouted. They prayed people around them didn't notice to whom they were toasting to, but apparently the odds weren't still in their favor. "To Councilor Samantha Carter! To Councilor Jack O'Neill!"

And then…. Everything was downhill.


"Well, drunk allies announced to the world we were part of the Council," before Malcolm could ask more, Jack raised his hand to stop him.

"Of a Council that our Earth allies didn't know existed and didn't have a chance to approve or deny the representatives to"

"It did hurt I was the current President and Jack, was my SecDef, since the first thing it could cross one mind was "

"That you 'selfishly' decided to be the Councilors without checking with your allies," Malcom completed promptly



Sam and Jack were petrified on their spot, what the aliens just left out would be far more threatening if their Earth allies knew the reason behind their places in the Council. A wave of panic shot throughout them both and then they saw Bryjna.

A look at the wide eyes of the newest Councilors and the silence which came over to the recent animated party, Bryjna could easily add up the situation and read the expression of their fellow Council companions.

They were terrified.

"Oh, Teegan, Keegan… I know, they are your favorite candidates! However, it doesn't mean they have gained the place," Bryjna quickly added. The status of both aliens allowed Bryjna to say something like that and the two drunks just laughed harder. "I'll take you to the sleeping pods… something tells me you both will need all the sleep you might get"

With those words a white light engulfed them and they disappeared.

"I'm sorry for that, we should keep the party going."

The Earth power couple exchanged a glance, they knew that the intervention was far from a saving one. Probably it would only bury them deeper at the end of the day.


"After they spilled that we were Councilors, the mood of the party quickly decayed and it wasn't half an hour later when we were the only ones still there. Well, us and the sober part of our allies."

"Which was mainly Bryjna and Adalsteinn. Apparently both Asgardians felt the wine would not be easy on their superior brains or something like that and decided to stick to water"


"We guessed your people didn't know about the Council?"

"Most of them know about the Council of the 4 Races"

"Most of the people high enough just doesn't remember the council is of the 5 Races and we were made Council members a long time ago"

"Will this bring suffering to Earth?"

"We don't know for sure… What I know is that most of the Governments will ask why they didn't know about the position that we hold in the Council"

"They will assume we are taking control over the external allies to overcome any menace that could come from the Earth situation"

"What's the worst it can happen?"

"Worst?" the alien couple nodded

"The other countries will ally with each other to overthrow us. They kill us and our descendants, just to be sure, without ever knowing the reason why they really did it"

"That's not a bright future," Bryjna said.

"Nope… but best case scenario, they actually ask us why, and we get to explain and we all sit cross legged with our arms entangled and sing Kumbaya around a bonfire"

The alien couple blinked at Jack's comment, Bryjna looked at Sam

"Do we want to know?" Sam smiled brightly.

"Such best case scenario, it's most certainly not going to happen, so be relieved you only have to hear about it" Then Sam moved closer to the Bryjna before adding in a whisper "… and that you don't even understand what he's talking about" Sam fell silent for a while, just thinking through. Then she continued,

"Reality is, I still have some length as President before I can be kicked out, since being relieved of my mandate at this point will be only more complicated than let me finish. Therefore, whatever is going to happen, it will happen after January"

"What do you believe will happen?"

"Well… I am no sure… but we will make sure to think about all possible outcomes and a way to get out of them"


"They left after the party, they felt their presence would only bring discomfort to the other Governments"

"They basically dropped the bomb and ran before it exploded" Jack added.

"And how did explode?"

"Well, there were several interventions from most of our Earthly allies. They weren't sure why they would choose us. We explained them the "reason" behind it"

"What was that reason?"

"They knew us better, since we went around the Galaxy saving aliens buts"

"They sort of believed it…"

"Sort of?" Malcolm asked

"Yeah.. "

"But it was in a meeting, months after, when we said something we shouldn't have"

"And we got them looking on the right track"


They still are 10 days before we are finally free. The Minnesota cabin is fixed and clean and it's all ready waiting for us to jump on that helicopter and then we hop in the plane and then to a 5 hours car drive to the woods and forget about aliens, world peace and certain council which keeps popping every meeting we get. Even considering how hard is to move our not so little family around, sounds way better than yet another meeting discussing the same topics yet again.

You know, for how this is going… I kind of pity the next guy.

"It came to our attention you were made Councilors, on the same mission on which you returned looking your younger self"

"So what?"

"How can we be sure that you are yourselves?" I'm pretty sure that both of us almost facepalmed ourselves.

"You are kidding, right?"

"You have to be joking"

Sam and I said at the same time, why on God's Earth someone would doubt about such a thing after 4 Periods of us as the Presidential Couple? No one uttered a single word. Which means...

"Holy Hannah! You are being serious," Sam's says in awe. "Really, I'm coming to my second term as a President. Jack is on his second term as SECDEF. Before that, he was the Goddarn President and I was in charge of the Joint Chief... Even when we were "changed" he was the Homeworld freaking security officer and I was the SGC freaking commander… and now you are questioning our loyalties? Isn't that slightly far fetched?"

"There's no need to get all riled up by that, Madame President"

"Riled up? Argh!" Sam groaned and joined me at pacing around the table. "I can believe of all the possible conclusions, they get to that but fail to read between lines!" She muttered to me

"Well, they are still calling you to fix most of the issues on the vessels you don't even design any longer" I said, and probably that exchange was something we should have done via a link and not by muttering and passing.

"What do you mean with between the lines?" Someone actually had the courage to ask..

"Exactly that," we both said and silence falls again.

"You know, if there's nothing else to discuss here… we might as well finish this crap and go and do some work. There's plenty of stuff for us to be doing in the last days of the period, to be losing time like this"

"We just need to make sure you are who you say you are…" someone else said.

"Then, by all means just take blood and compare it with our genetics from before the change… or I don't know, just read the medical results we got after passing two whole weeks on chez-isolation room, maybe?"

"Or you think those files were compromised too?"

"We just want to get to the bottom of this?"

"Do you? Or are you just looking for something finally get us down as most of your predecessors tried to?"


"What do you mean the right track?"

"They read between lines…"

"Sorry, but what's that supposed to mean?"

"Let's see… all the council members are couples"

"All of them can control the Race they they represent"

"I'm not following you…"

"They didn't either… not right away"

"Two months and a half passed before we were kicked out of Earth"


Winter in Minnesota is hard, the several inches of snow could prove that easily. The same amount of snow which is keeping us inside the cabin; was what was preventing people to come finding us. Not that we were bad neighbors or something like that. It's just..

Being a public figure for so long, makes you hide and avoid people; just to not be interrogated to death by almost unfamiliar people desperate to get to know you more. It was exhausting. Not that we don't love our neighbors, but we kind of like them at 20 miles of us. Otherwise, we would have sold the land before.

So, the knock on the door. The lights and all that noise weren't expected and definitively wasn't common occurrence. The smaller kids were already in bed and the oldest ones were in the second floor doing homework, which by that time of the day probably translated as playing online games.

Jack and I, seasoned with way too many bad experiences signaled each other, I open the door while he covers my back.

"Samantha Carter?" A General says to me.


"It's Johnathan 'Jack' O'Neill at home?" he says in a not bullshit tone. Jack appears behind me.

"Yes," he says. Light engulf us all and we are now standing behind the energy barrier of the cells of one of our vessels. The same General looks at us with a mayor disdain

"Hereby, I inform you, you have until the end of the month to leave Earth," he says and turns around to leave

"WHAT?!" We both scream. No one answers… We look at each other and we know we are royally screwed up and we don't even know why.

Jack starts to make some noise while I try to rig ourselves out. When a young officer comes in.

"Terran?" He sighs

"Samantha Carter, Jack O'Neill. I'm here to transport you to the people who will explain the current situation to you. But I need you to be handcuffed before let you go"

"Terran, what are you doing?" Jack tries again. I stop him. We look at our son, his back ramrod straight but his usually bright eyes are downcast and troubled. He is suffering throughout this too. Something clicks in our heads

"They send you so we would behave," We said incredously, and Terran gulped

"That we will do." Jack says, before adding. "Pass the cuffs"


"They went as low as to sent our own son to take us"

"And we still didn't have any ideas of why"


"Samantha Carter, Johnathan Jack O'Neill. You are here to be informed your rights"

"See, this doesn't make any sense"

"Why are we being requested to leave Earth?" Sam asked

"After long meetings it has been decided its more dangerous to have you living here than in any other planet far away from our Galaxy. You and your family will be translated to another planet on 6 weeks. Your current bank account will be exchanged by gold or any other metal you deem necessary since you know more about currency exchange on other planets than we do." Someone approached them but they were too stunned to fight them and then they felt something. "GPS tracking. We will leave you to grab your things and say goodbye to your loved ones who will remain here. We don't have issues with your kids, but we can't keep you on Earth grounds and expect Earth to remain safe"

"You are kicking us because we saved the Galaxy?"

"We are asking you to leave because you endanger Earth by living in here"

"That's ridiculous"

"It might be… but it is what will happen"

"But why?"

"It came to our attention there is reason behind you being chosen as the Earth representatives at the 4 Race Council"

"Really? What reason is that?"

"You are a power couple, and you will always be a power couple. The mix of your skills saved many planets."

"So you still don't know why then"

"What was that?"

"Jack, if they are already kicking us out without knowing the truth… "

"Yeah, I know.. At least the kids can stay if they want to"

"We need to be home by ten… the kids will be checking on us by that time"

"We have one question though, we leave… can our kids stay or return if they want to?"

"Yes… the security risk are you. Not them"

"Okay. We are good to go then"

"Actually, there's one more thing," Eyebrows rose in the face of the two former officers. "We need you to keep in contact, we will need your expertise in the development of future technology"

"Then, we will have to set our intergalactic tech company to help Earth." They said both smiled angrily at the thought. They were being kicked out for helping other planets and they expected them to keep helping Earth after that, free of charge?


"At the end of the day, it was only because they considered us the weak link"

"The weak link?"

"Yeah, they felt we couldn't be protected and couldn't protect ourselves, therefore being a weak link on security"

"Thankfully, they weren't even close to the real reason behind our place in the council"

"Probably they still aren't. It's a possibility for our kids to have to let that explanation out"

"Will you tell me what's the reason?"


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