Interview with the Past


"They told you, didn't they?" A soft voice which Malcolm recognizes has Aila's says to his back.

"They told me what exactly?" He asked without turning around, looking without seeing the beautiful weirdness of this world constellations which shimmered over the ocean, he was too concerned on his own thoughts to appreciate the beauty of the night.

"That they were asked to leave. That they are Earth's first intergalactic exiled people," she said positioning herself to look at his face, with her back supported by the terrace railing, pressing something with her left hand which was also unnoticed by him.

"Why would you think that?" He asked, turning slightly to his right to face her

"I've seen enough people being told," she stated. Her sigh interrupted the silence that took over, before she continued, "It's amazing, you know, people always react like you are doing now.. I think by 'retiring to a vacational world to raise the children' they made the all too mythical heroes just a bit more mundane, less dangerous. And somehow, when someone learns what actually happened, when they know for sure they were forced to leave Earth without much of a thank you after all those years doing the best for the Earth's benefit. Then they are back to that high standard, the flawed but mythical warriors and it's surprising and terrifying, how a slight turn on your base paradigm can modify your whole belief system in a blink of an eye. I think.. That's what happens when someone learn their fate. Our fate. But fate.. Fate has its own ways, " she smiled to nothing.

"Do you remember something?" She raised an eyebrow, looking exactly like her mother. "About Earth? About your departure?"

"I have a great expanse of memories, sadly, I was way too young to remember much. I remember the feeling of home, the smell of the Minnesota cabin where I lived for those scarce 8 or 9 months. And I remember the wildness of those few days... " she trailed, "When Irene and Salome were young, they took a project, they called it Project Memsa.." she chuckles, remembering when her sisters introduced the project to the family

"Project Memsa consisted in making their own version of the Tok'ra recall device, but with the added of actually recording the memory, as you saw it"

"I don't..." Malcolm started, Aila smiled at him and ignored his interruption.

"It took them a good month or two, but since then... we share memories with each other, just to know what was like. Or to know each other experiences. It helps too when one of us is trying to fix something, that way, whoever is fixing shares what already did... anyways, to answer to your question: No, I don't recall anything else from my memory about those days," she paused to let what she just shared sink

"But you saw what it was like"

"Yes, those were memories they shared after a long discussion, the older ones believed we should experience such feelings at young age."

"How was it?"

"Well, when our parents informed "the kids" about what had transpired... they said the Government asked them to leave Earth, and that they should remain calm and pack whatever they wanted to bring"



"Kids, family meeting in 10!" After Jack called it, didn't pass long before the noise which came from a call to family meeting was there. Kids from a wide range of ages sat in the living room of the Carter O'Neill residence in Minnesota. "Kids, there's something we need to tell you"

"Oh no, it is true, isn't it?" Irene said "we are going to leave"

"You saw it?" Sam asked, taking the child on her lap. Irene nodded "It's okay"

"Kids, we were asked to leave Earth. We will be going in a month's time"

"There's no need to be upset, we should remain calm."

"Living in another world is quite nice, it will be an adventure of our own"

"Can I take my PS4?" Aidan asked concerned

"We can pack whatever we want to take with us," Sam smiled, then her smile turned to a sad one, "however, everything will be checked by military police to ensure we aren't taking stuff we shouldn't"


"Well, once they asked them to leave, they also let them know that they could pack whatever they deemed necessary, but MP's and Scientist would be asked to snoop around anything and everything they packed"

"Why would they do that?"

"Well, according to the memories of my brothers and sisters... to prevent we could endanger the galaxy with stuff which didn't belong outside Earth, like P-90's or game consoles. Apparently those can be quite dangerous, " she said, rolling her eyes.

"Hum? So they just went trough your family possessions and took whatever they wanted in order to protect the galaxy of the Galaxy Saviors?"

"That was what it looked like in the young minds of my siblings. However, we all understood what happened after revisiting memories when we were older, it wasn't difficult to see"


"Kids, there's a favor we need to ask you"

"Anything!" they agreed

"Both of us have been keeping journals of our lives, your mother also has some technological ones with thoughts and improvements and even some schemas for new things.." the kids looked at their parents in awe

"We need you to read them, an learn them as they are. Once you know them by heart, then you will burn the tome you got to read"

"Why, mom?"

"Because we can risk such data falling into the wrong hands."

"It will be our family secret," Jack smiled and the kids smiled, happy to help to keep them. After all, they knew secrets and promises were two things they needed to know how to keep.


"See, if you ever talk with mom about the galaxy actuality, you will learn that Earth's government is still asking for her counseling for tech. Since two months after leaving Earth, Careill has provided 98% of the tech advances Earth is 'developing' and of course there's some perks of having part of the brain of Careill Tech working in several different stations for Earth around the Galaxy that should count too"

"What are you implying, Aila?"

"I'm not implying anything, I am merely stating facts," she said . "Anyway, back to '36.. When the time came, no diary was left unburned, or unlearned. Mom and dad made sure we had enough notepads to write them down, because they were pretty sure we wouldn't be allowed to bring computers either"


"Ok, we have taken ownership of all the laptops and desktop computers, what should we do with them?" The current SGC General asked to the SecDef.

"Take them, they are computer genius, so they can verify things which could go unnoticed by you"

"But they were all wiped clean, sir. It's like they knew we would check them"

"More reason to try and get whatever they had before"

Unknown to them was, that, those drives which were so empty, did carried something. A software made to delete all the data which was left on Sam or Jack pc's. If by any chance someone decided to plug those back to the Military network.


"Therefore, all the pictures and important stuff like school or medical records were saved in an encrypted drive which was given to the neighbor to be sent 30 days from our departure day to uncle Daniel's home, every piece of tech, including desktop pcs, cell phones, tablets ... Hell, even the microwave memory was wiped clean and then, every hard drive was filled to max capacity and wiped clean at least twice to prevent regular document retrieval software to pick anything".

"Why would they go to such lengths?"

"Our first conclusion was, they felt betrayed and it was a security mechanism taking place. That way they would never be really outcast, they would always be needed for tech knowledge and of course, their expertise"

"You said 'first conclusion'," Malcolm stated and Aila smiled sweetly

"Yes. Then, Careill came to life. What they managed to create from scrap on the first two years, while dealing with moving around and getting a real home for us, it was beyond Earth's possible expectations at the moment"

"Well, your mom is one of the minds behind getting to understand most of the alien tech, why is that so surprising?" Aila smiled

"Well, one thing is to build something with refined parts you already have. A completely different thing is to build something from scratch. Just think about the first computer machine ever created against a cellphone of '36. But mostly, because, half of the tech journals... were written by dad"


"Mom?" Aila, came looking for her mom

"Yes, honey?"

"I was watching Irene's and Salome's memories... and the tech journals. They were written by different people. Salome's has your writing.. " Sam smiled

"Irene's doesn't look like mine"

"It doesn't look like your handwriting, mommy," Aila said, feeling that she was accusing her mother of lying

"Yes, that's because it isn't mine. But you should be familiar with the second handwriting too, honey," Aila crooked her head and frowned. Sam smiled, "the one Irene got was one written by your dad"

"But how? Daddy, it's not a scientist"

"But daddy got his head stuck on Ancient repositories... twice" Jack added from his place at the end of the room. "I should find a third one and stuck my head into it.. You know what they said, third time's a charm," he grinned, gaining a slap on the back of his head by Sam and I 'don't you ever said that again, this time could definitively kill you' berating in his head.

"But... but.. I thought uncle Thor deleted all your memories," Aila frowned deeper, ignoring Jack's comments. That ability, she inherited of Sam without a doubt.

"Not exactly, honey. He simply stopped them from being recalled all together. So sometimes, some words, smells and stuff like that can make your dad remember the memories"

"I see"

"However, as dumb as your father makes you think he is. He actually has plenty of good ideas which come up as silly stuff"

"Like what?"

"Remember the water cooled engine that allows us to actually put a swimming pool in the ships?" Aila nodded "Well, that was your daddy's big dumb idea"

"Well, the air conditioning of that thin can was broken and I was tired, grumpy and really, really hot. So I said to your mom 'why in God's Earth can't we have a swimming pool inside this floating oven? At least would help to keep my body heat low' and apparently that sparked your mommy's brain to add a water cooler to the engines.. But if that makes it my idea, what can I say? I'm a genius," he joked, making his girls laugh at his silliness


"I learned later on, that dad actually kept most of the memories from the repositories but they were triggered rarely. Some of the journals were from those memories of dad, those are high tech related to the Alterans tech... and then there were those journals who were from both, reading those tomes is like reading a bad case of brainstorming. The handwriting of both of them was mixed like a well put puzzle, and the tech levels on those books.. It's very far from most of people could dream of and they are all possible," Aila said with a far away look, "But they are still afraid because most of them would only be bringing doomsday forward"

"How come?"

"The journal's contained sketches, steps, plans and detailed information about stuff as simple as a coffee maker or a water heater… To really complex ones like a more powerful version of the disintegrating gun which was used to finish the Replicators and other thoughts were even more powerful than that. If things like those were to fall in the wrong hands... we would be talking about the next big evil, the Gou'auld would look like a moth comparing to what they could have."

"Ok, I get it. Dangerous stuff was hidden in their journals . Is that related to their position? Do you know what they mean with "they still believe that is the reason behind us being the Coucilors"?"

"That truth," she smiled " is a tough one to unveil; It normally takes many years to get them to this point. You are close to the answer, they are just waiting to see if you are really worth of it. "

"So you won't give me the answer either?" he asked hopefully.

"You have to earn it or solve it yourself, but no. It's not related to those journals, or the tech they can bring to reality" she said, and he sighed

"What about you? Do you think I am worthy?"

"Yes. But I am biased"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You know what it means, but you are afraid to accept it. Similar to your doubt, you are seeing it .. But you are yet to understand it"

"Wha..." she silenced him putting her index over his lips and smiled when he felt silent.

"Don't overthink. The truth is normally more simply than we make it. Here," she said, giving him a tiny ball. "This is a modified version of your camera. I took the risk of saving what we talked for you. You might want to use it in your documentary, you might not, too. Good night, Malcolm" she said and started to walk back into the house.

"Aila, wait!" He said, springing towards her, she stopped.

"Why are you giving me this?"

"Because I like you, Malcolm, and I think you like me too"

"But .. I'm too old ... and your parents"

"My parents, they like you... otherwise, you wouldn't still be here and you wouldn't be this close to unveil the secret behind them, behind all of us."

He opened and closed his mouth several times, but nothing came to him. She smiled a gave him a quick peck on his lips, blushed furiously and ran away.

Later that night, when he was replaying Jack and Sam's interview. He saw something that he hadn't noted before... Sam eyes when looking at Jack were bright just like Aila's. He took at look at Jack's eyes... and he figured out one of the riddles that was thrown at him that night.

He was in love of Aila Careill, ehm, Carter O'Neill... and she loved him back. And the most outstanding of it all, her super mythical heroes of parents approved him.

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