Interview with the Past


He raised from where he fell asleep, partially over his equipment, not because of having fulfilled his beauty sleep quality time. Nope, he woke up with the shrilling noise which apparently was going on in all areas of the house. However, as soon as it started, it ended.

He went to the washroom, and tried to make himself somewhat presentable before going down. He was pretty sure that such sound was a form of fire drill or something. Why else would you awake the manor at those lengths?

He was slowly walking down the stairs when he crossed with a version of Jack he hadn't met before.

"Morning Malcolm," this Jack said with a smirk that, if Malcolm didn't know they had (too) many kids. He would have said Jack grew old overnight. "The call woke you up too, uh?"

"The call?"

"Yeah.. From Earth. You know..the annoying noise from earlier?" Aidan said in a making that phrase sound exactly like Homer Simpson classic 'du'uh'. Malcolm nodded, "Since communications between the worlds are rather complicated, they decided to upgrade the alert to the grounds, that way they can hear it from wherever they are and the call doesn't get lost. It's a mayor pain in the arse when it sounds at 5AM but hey, it is their regular waking up time. Sadly, it is my regular sleeping time," he smiled and continued up. "You probably will find them at their office, Gods know they do everything in their office! Sometimes I wonder how many of us were conceived in there!" He laughed at his own comment and continued to get lost in the higher floors of the manor.

"I wonder who it was that one" Malcolm said to himself before following the opposite path and completing his descend.

"Good Morning, you must be the Malcolm," a woman said to him from the huge screen now hanging in the middle of the floor. She looked familiar, but he couldn't pinpoint why until she gave him a crooked smile, her fathers, and her blue eyes glimmered with that smirk. "In case you are still wondering, yup, I am, pretty much, my parent's daughter. However, since reports told us that you are an Earth citizen, I am also the POTUS, as they call me abroad"

"There we go, don't mind my twin, she just loves to publish her title. It's not like she's the first to hold it or something"

"Guys.. it was a fair coin toss to know which one would be President and which Vice President." Alex said from the background, noticeably rolling her eyes. "Now, can we go back to track?"

"Aye, ma'am," both Jack and Sam mock saluted, what resulted in a grunt from Alex and giggling from the twins. Of course, the latter was contagious and Sam was giggling too

"Hey! You all know the rules! No giggling!" Which resulted in a full laughter. Alex just rolled her eyes even harder before saying

"You know, despite the great amount of time since that rule was put in place... its good to know that some things never change"

Malcolm cleared his throat, obviously lost in whatever, just happened and the group sobered up.

"Where are you?" Malcolm asked, noticing the lack of lag between points.

"Earth, obviously," Sasha pointed, "Can't you tell by the amount of snow?"

"We are underground, you dumbass," her twin said, smacking her playfully on the back of her head.

"They are at a secret point" Sam said

"In Minnesota" Jack added proudly

"Secret place in Minnesota?" Malcolm asked, "your parents house in the woods?" The clan nodded yes. "Why?"

"Hum.. Communication was deemed necessary in the best of our possibilities?" The twins said in unison, simultaneously crooking their brows.

"Ehm... I ..." Malcolm trailed

Sam held her hand up in the galaxy known signal of stop and placed her other one on Malcolm's shoulder.

"Long time ago, when we started to learn things, we decided to add a secret room to the house. We also added a secret vault of sorts, in where we placed the things we thought we might need to have someday"

"But, they searched the house.. Twice!" The journalist said, remembering his research.

"Yup, and they found the first secret room, they just never thought of looking for a secret room inside the secret room. And That's the room with access to the vault," Jack explained.

"Anyway, we left behind enough things to help them with, and so they could easily create improvements for commercially placed comms, and some other tech they know how to create," Sam added again

"And we built one call linker, to call to the Careill satellite around Earth, who calls to the Careill ship that's far away enough to not be detected, but close enough to not experience lag, from where a wormhole is established with another Careill ship similar to that one, which is close enough to there and from there the call is placed to the satellite orbiting around Amyntas, from where the call is placed to the house." Alex said at once, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Easy, breezy, Careill tech" Sasha added, "I might have picked that phrase from somewhere else" she grinned

"Wow," Malcolm said, in awe seeing all the ramifications of a single call.

"It's not as bad as it sounds, actually it only takes less than 2 minutes for all that to happen, it will be less, as soon as Copper and Eve finish their new version of the calling soft"

Jack and Sam smiled proudly, then snapped back to reality.

"As we were about to say to you, Terran left this morning and Aidan and Nadia arrived already. "


"Now, the actual reason behind this call?"

"Since, for a reason beyond the politicians control, we 'Carter-O'Neill's' are all in a position of authority. It also is noted that, Careill has been given a great deal of businesses with our Government and others around the Earth." The parents nodded.

"Somehow, they managed to add 2 + 2" Alex said " And somehow they managed to get a 5 as result," the kids collectively rolled their eyes, "they figured out that Careill actually stands for a short version of 'Carter O'Neill'. However, the public chaos comes from the exposure of the Stargate, your involvement in it and also your involvement in a tech company."

"Cut to the chase, kids"

"They are saying that Careill has been bullying its way into businesses, getting to the point of being called ' a nepotist union with the governments' "

"Okay, what's your plan?" Sam and Jack accepted easily.

"We don't have one.." Sasha said sheepishly. "We did think that maybe, you as Careill heads might want to make holo declaration and sent it here?" she finished hopefully

"That sounds like a good idea. The only issue I see with it is the not quite looking the age part of ourselves?"

"Yeah, but that will take even more attention out of the so called nepotism" Alli reasoned.

"But it might bring even more attention to us? I'm not sure such a risk would be wise at this moment either." Sam said.

"What if... we do the statement thing. Just a short one .. with the basics and then, Malcolm has his expected chance to publish his interview..." Jack trailed, glancing at Sam

"We were getting into the leaving Earth part of our lives," Sam nodded.

"Awesome! We do have a plan now Campers!"

"I might be lost here..." Malcolm said.

"Don't sweat future bro, the parents will get you up to date. We, meanwhile, do have to return to the mess that's called Earth politics"

A bunch of byes, love you, see you soon, were exchanged and the call was considered done. Until the loud rumble of a stomach caught them, Sam blushed furiously

"I forgot to feed the dragon!" Jack exclaimed, before poking Sam side and smiling lovingly to her.

"You should, who knows? Maybe the dragon decides it doesn't like you anymore and where would you go?" Sam joked as she led the way. Malcolm followed close.

"Malcolm, are you awake enough to start after breakfast?" He nodded in agreement.

Since breakfast still was a loud event, they avoided the topic and centered on having a nice breakfast with the kids.

"So you are the Malcolm," someone said on his back and he raised his eyes to find that Aila blushed profusely.

"That's me," he said with a smile

"Aidan, my dear twin already told me all about your stairs encounter. Nicely done there," Nadia said with a wink

"Aidan is here too?" Aila smiled

"Yeah, you know him.. his biological clock is backwards"

"It does make you two a fine 24/7 team" Jack chimed in.

Malcolm examined her, she was the first one that he saw with black hair, green eyes and tanned skin.

"Don't look at me like that! I know I am not the most mom-and-dad of them all but I don't like to be scrutinized either"


"They agreed that I look like grandma, dad's side. And I do… sadly, my twin does look like them, so we get confused with a couple quite often"

"You bicker like an old couple," Aila pointed

"Well, we are an old couple of twins which the only way they could be more different is if they weren't twins at all, anyway… what's new from Earth? More troubles I foresee?"

"We can talk about it later"


"Malcolm, wherever you finish, please join us in the office."

Ten minutes later they were all set up,

"So you are saying that, as we speak you are being deemed as blackmailers?" Both nodded "I don't get how they are even considering such a thing?" Malcolm said quite surprised

"It's easy actually, both of us have held positions of power on Earth, therefore, we were granted secrets which could affect the balance of politics."

"You know, all the basics.. secrets, top secret, ultra secret folders which a President gets on day one"

"It isn't quite the surprise, we have been expecting this outcome for quite a long time, since we don't only know the Stargate secret"

"Indeed. However, now the Stagate has come to the light, it could be considered as our negotiation tool.. We could have been blackmailing the governments involved with the potential threat of divulging confidential information"

"I see now. I'm in possession of a video from your daughter, she not only gave me an explanation about some part of your preparations pre-leaving Earth, she also shared a couple of memories with me. But given the deep of the information, and the fact your daughter is underage, I will go with you over the facts, is that okay?"

"Yes," Jack said

"Thank you," Sam added

"Very well, you were asked to leave not only your loved ones behind, but your home planet. Why?"

"The powers that rule declared we weren't welcome anymore. But we were needed alive"

"So they decided to kick us to a place where they believed they could control us"

"What happened"


"We are sending you to P3LMX2, there, we already set for you a cottage and food. You will be visited once a month to get more provisions and medications, if needed"

"Can we have a GDO in case of need?"

"No, you can call Earth, but we will be only giving you a radio to do so" they both nodded.


"They sent us to a 'vacational spot', with a house and some food and a radio as back up"

"That doesn't sound bad"

"It was, it was quite depressing looking actually"

"But whatever they gave you, it sounds like it was quite unpleasant, after all they did give you only a radio and food once at month which seems rather awful for a family used to certain commodities"

"We knew something like that could happen, therefore we actually came up with a plan. Having that radio was quite the help"

"How so?"


"Well, we are here." Jack said, clapping his hands and moving his weight from his toes to his hills and back. The officer who gave them the tour was by them, next to the Gate control waiting for the wormhole to connect to return to Earth.

Once the officer was dialing home to get the okay to return, the kids slowly took action and started to take their things up to the so called house. However, as soon as the officer was through, the kids came running to their parents willing to complain about the turn of the events. But Jack awaited them with a hand raised





Sam just smiled and walked to the gate control and pressing the 7 symbols that would link her with Sakkara.

"Teal'c, are you there?" she radioed. "Thank goodness for the radio, I really don't imagine sending the box of tissues to Sakkara"

Jack laughed at this

"T, would have gotten that"

"What would have I gotten, O'Neill?" came a break-in through the radio

"T! If we sent a box of tissues"

"DanielJackson is back on Earth, O'Neill. I am not in need of a box of tissues"

"But you would have known that I will be us"

"That would have served a purpose, yes. Why would you need to send me such a message. Is Earth in danger?"

"We kind of were kicked out of Earth" Jack said, scratching the back of his head.

"Give me your coordinates"

"Watch out, coordinates going" Jack said, while Sam neared the wormhole and passed a piece of paper over.


"We were pretty sure they wouldn't give us anything that could help us get out of there. Out of their control and close enough to help"

"But they did, so we didn't need to come up with a way to send a message to Teal'c. We just needed to radio him"

"Lucky us, Teal'c never changes his radio channel, so we knew where to contact him"

"How did you get the coordinates?"

"We sent him the coordinates on a piece of paper"

"No, I mean,from the place on which you find Teal'c"

"You are kidding, right?"Sam said, Malcolm nodded no, "We traveled to Sakkara and Chulak enough times to know those addresses back and forth. We also know quite a few of those."

"Define, quite a few"

"300 or 400… maybe more," Jack dismissed.

"They were very helpful if we wanted to survive. Sometimes we wouldn't have enough time to send the idc back to Earth, so we would skip to another planet first. We needed those coordinates"

"There's no way to forget the places that made or destroyed parts of your life"

"Helloooo… someone's home?" came a voice screaming and then the office door was open and two creamy skinned, brown haired, goddesses entered the room.

"Mom! Dad! Here you are! You need to see the latest invention, it's so incredibly awesome! Ops! Sorry… we will be back later" Then the door was closed and a loud laughter was heard echoing the hall.

"And those were the infamous Irene and Salome" Jack said with a proud grin.

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