Interview with the Past


"Careill was born 16 years ago, as we settled ourselves and part of our family in a world called Ziron." Sam started, once everything was settled again. "The name came from an issue all our children had on their first years... saying Carter-O'Neill could be quite mouthful"

"So they often, ended up introducing themselves as Car-eill"

"How did you end up in Ziron?" Malcolm asked, getting them back on track.

"Jack had a backup plan"

"I always have backup plans," he smirked and Sam simply rolled her eyes.


"T, buddy" Jack said as soon as the Jaffa crossed the wormhole.

"Teal'c!" Sam smiled widely.

"JackO'Neill, SamanthaCarter, he bowed his head slightly. Then he smiled, as Sam ran to hug him.

"It's been too long," she said, her words muffled in his chest.

"Indeed it was," then he took a look around the small tribe which was pulling boxes around, "and I can see you too have been making the most of it" Sam blushed and Jack cleared his throat, scratching the back of his head with a sheepish smile. "Kids are always a joy, but is the woman whom suffer the most by bringing them to life" Teal'c said raising his eyebrow menacingly

"Yeah… I guess so, but I swear that we didn't plan most of them, they were an accident, we used protection, I swear!" Jack said at once, not knowing for sure if his friend was joking or not, Jack knew how T felt about Sam. He confessed Jack that much when they returned from that infamous mission that took 60 years out of Teal'c life.

"Jack!" Sam blush deepened "He was joking! He didn't need to know all of that, neither did the kids"

"Ah, well.. It's already out there, " he shrugged, "Anyways, T, remember that escape plan we did for when I was dumb enough not to pursue a relationship with Sam?"

"I believe you refer to me preparing a list of inhabitable planets to which you could run if Samantha aimed to kill you when you finally decided to take your behind out of the sand and tell her you loved her?" Sam giggled and Jack rolled his eyes and nodded.

"It wasn't like that! I never had my butt in the sand!" Jack whined "but yes, that will be the list, did you do that?"

"Yes, I have a list of habitable planets you can travel to"

"We have to move, they will be checking us in around 18 more minutes. Teal'c that list will be awesome" Sam said, with a huge smile while checking her watch.

"Then, we need to go to Chulak. Ry'ac has it hidden there. They are around 30 gate addresses," Teal'c said while pressing the address of Chulak

"Wow, good job buddy"

"I think the best course of action will be if we choose one planet, but we jump around to get there, in order to avoid any tracing they could come with"


The gate came to life at that moment and they made the kids cross over first while they moved the things around. Once in Chulak, while Teal'c went to find Rya'c and the addresses, Sam remembered the long range position devices she developed the previous year, and with the help of the older kids and Jack, the clan went through their boxes checking for them, finding at least 5 or 6 devices.


"A friend of us," Sam said, with a smile that only came from memories of an old time, "had a list with 30 gate addresses which we could use. We picked Ziron but we knew of the existence of some tech which I helped develop and could be still be laying in our boxes"

"We changed the boxes for old crates of the planet, checking on the process if there was anything not ours inside." Jack explained as if checking boxes over fear of being followed was the normal thing to do.

"Are you implying you were being followed?"

"We are not implying, we know for sure" Sam said


"The year previous to our departure, there was a team under my direct command, in charge of creating a long range device which could be picked up in a gate scan. I also included some changes in the gate call software that allowed us to get a list of the last gate addresses we used."

"Therefore, knowing that, we had to be at least somewhat paranoid and that's how we came up with the moving around plan"

"But moving around gates you could still be traced, couldn't you?"

"Yes, we had to find the perfect place to get to our destination. We asked around the markets, about trading planets"

"And we dialed in, the first thing I remember from that planet was the stench and the sand, and that it had a kind of port vibe to it."

"As soon as we stepped over there, the wormhole closed and the classic noise of it being called was already sounding."

"It was a scary experience, we thought we wouldn't make it before the wormhole engaged, you know? With the kids and the crates… but the inhabitants of there had already a plan set"

"When the second chevron was locked, there was nothing left near the gate 'splash zone', only Jack and I. They were so used to the rhythm of incoming and outgoing wormholes they had a crate moving crew."

"So we decided that next jump would be 'home'"

"Ziron was heaven for us at that period of our lives. We didn't have much in the house department, we did have 9 kids on a range from 2-15 years old, whom just lost everything including all sorts of connection with their 6 older brothers. But, Ziron proved that with our collective skills everything would come out right"

"Ziron, also was advanced enough that we found all the rough materials we needed for us to start a business. What we were lacking when we first got there, was the detail level we needed. Since, as you might know, creating computer parts can need a set of fine motor skill and knowledge."

"Zironians proved us that, with not a great amount of investment and teaching, they could be ready in not more than two weeks. It was a real surprise, we were aiming at a period of at least a year or two before we could actually have something to show. However, six months after our arrival there, we had two sets of running computers, and teaching courses of plates wiring and programming. Zironians youngsters are quick and smart and precise and really easy to teach."

"Well, I would have really interested too, if my teachers looked like you," Jack winked at her and she blushed.

"But I only taught them how to create the parts. The kids, Copper, Eve, Claus and Lucas, and even Irene and Salome, were the ones doing the most of the teaching. While I was doing the testing of our results. By year two, that was around June of 2038, we had trained enough people and the plant was moving without much intervention from us."

"Then, we then moved the family to Bertrand, a world a couple of years more advanced than Ziron, and mounted there a production plant."

"You closed the plant in Ziron then?"

"No, Copper and Eve reached 17 years old that year, since their older siblings left the house at 16 to go to College, they decided they would stay at Ziron. They are in charge of that plant ever since"

"We stood another year in Bertrand, long enough for Claus and Lucas to reach 17th, but we did some traveling in between with the younger ones in tow. Just mounting smaller plants, bringing people from Ziron and Bertrand over. By the 6th year, or 2041, we had over 15 plants mounted around the galaxy, two more kids running along and two on the way." Jack smiled proudly

"By 2041, when I was pregnant with Leon and Noel, and I got sick. We just landed on a planet called Nalyd, the Nalydians quickly dialed another world… that's when we found Axum"

"That's the world not far away from here," Malcolm stated

"Yes, in Axum, they healed me. And we started the health branch of Carneill. Aila will be taking over that one, next year," Sam smiled meaningfully, "Anyway, while being down in bed rest, Jack had to take care of Aila, Lyle and Pearl. People from Axum recommended him to take a trip to Amyntas, and all of them just returned in love with the planet"

"Doc's told Sam she should stay on bed rest in Axum, until the birth of the twins. And not too far away for at least two months after that. So while she got stuck for four months in Axum, starting the health branch from her new bed-office, I took a trip back to Amynthas and bought the hill we now call home." They both smiled, Malcolm nodded.

"Technologically in those 5 years, we surpassed highly Earth tech. The materials that we found on certain planets were more effective for technology than most of the invented compounds needed in Earth"

"Sam's ability with crystal technology also helped enormously"

"And then we visited Sakkara"


"Samantha Carter, Jack O'Neill, welcome to Sakkara" a tall Jaffa told them as soon as they stepped out of the gate."the council is expecting you"

The couple followed the Jaffa to the main chamber the council used to meet. The round table was completed and the room was packed with Jaffas who wanted to participate too.

"Friends of the Tau'ri. We heard a long time ago about your demise. And we also heard about your uprise"

"We called you because we think we can come to an agreement which will be beneficial for both, Jaffas and you" the couple raised an eyebrow not expecting this at all

"We are free, but we also are too many. It's been difficult for some of our own to find ways to be useful to the society and maintain themselves and their families accordingly"

"What are you proposing?" Sam asked

"We think that jaffas hands will be capable for fulfilling your operational needs"

"So, you want us to hire your people, " Jack stated, the room nodded.

"Do any of the people in need of a job was in the scientific side?"

"Some, most of the scientific side wasn't done by Jaffas"

"I see, " said Jack. "So whatcha say Sam?"

"I think that we cannot possibly take any Jaffa, the plants are all at full capacity after all" a collective deception found its way in the room "however, we are in need of at least another two plants"

"I don't think we understand"

"We have been searching for places to mount another two plants. Our spacecrafts line is sold everywhere and we are, as Sam said, working at full capacity everywhere"



"We been constructing two models, a family vessel based on the teltac and a transport vessel based on motherships"

"There are many of us that have knowledge of the inner workings of those vessels. Perhaps we can come to an understanding after all"

"We never doubted about that" Sam grinned


"Sakkara was exactly what we needed and it was a win-win situation"

"Jaffa's were in need of jobs and we needed both their work and their knowledge. With their help, we added a few improvements to our vessels. Added their knowledge to our books and we managed to create two whole different lines"

"And that's when Earth learned about us"


"I'm sorry, kid, can you point me to the office?" a man said to him. He scanned the crew as he searched for his wife with the link. 'Humans. From Earth' he thought to the link

"Follow me, " he said and started to walk.

The crew got him when he was about to enter the plant, so the walk to the office would be a fairly long one.

"Who are you looking for?" he asked

"The owners. This is the fourth planet we are sent to."

" A couple of cycles later and you would have missed them then"

"Are they never at one place at all?" said a young lieutenant

"They used to. They move around plenty but they do have a home somewhere," Sam answered joining the group. "We haven't seen many Tau'ri around anymore? Is something wrong?"

"You have seen Tau'ri's? This is the first time we get to this location"

"But you aren't the only Tau'ri's around the galaxy"

"Yeah, we kind of are."

"Really? No more SG teams available? Or is it too expensive to keep the gate operational and quiet?" Jack said, opening the door to the conference room.

"Who are you?" the Colonel in charge said, pointing their guns to them. Jack smirked

"Go ahead and fire, " he said. Sam rolled her eyes.

"He is one of the people you are looking for, and you can drop your guns and zats; the plant structure disables them," She said sitting on a chair at the end of the table. "And I wouldn't even try the knives, Colonel"

"I'll ask again, who the hell are you?"

"Sam Carter," she said pointing to herself " and Jack O'Neill, also known as the owners"

"Now, we did introduce ourselves, would you let us know what are you doing here? Or do we need to take you down and put you in a cell for that?" Jack said resting on the back of Sam chair.

"Aren't you extremely young to be the Owners?"

"Aren't you extremely annoying to be Colonel?" Jack said and Sam snorted "Thinking it through, nope, you aren't. Let's put something straight Colonel, whatever you are doing here, you came to us, we owe you nothing. So expect nothing in return, " he said, using all the military bravado he could muster

"Now that everything is clear, what does Earth wants with Careill" Sam said

"We were sent here to make a deal about vessels and tech"

"They don't even know who are they dealing with, aren't they?" Sam huffed. "We don't have anything to offer you. We, however, will hear what you have to offer us"


"In a political visit to the Jaffa's they learned about Careill. True to their words, the Jaffa did not tell them that we were Careill owners, but they gave them some addresses to help them find us"

"In that period of time we were doing some plants checks, so they had to do some jumps to get to find us"

"What were they looking for?"

"Well, they wanted a couple spacecrafts for military purposes. They were having issues with making more than one by year"

"We agreed to sell them some in exchange of letting us sell non military spacecrafts and setting a transport company"

"And yet, you didn't return to Earth"

"Oh no, that's still in the forbidden part of the agreement. They can't use our manufactured vessels to attack civilizations, we can't return to Earth. Our kids can come and go as they seem fit"

"It was quite a good deal"

"I don't get it, why would you get a deal like that? You got the good side of the deal, they wanted your stuff and not the other way around, so, that in my mind tells me, if it was me I would be asking for everything I ever wanted"

"And we did that," Jack replied exchanging glances with his wife.

"We grew up there, we know how it is to live there, to love there, to have a family there. We did what everyone wants at the end, we were happy there."

"Then they threw us out, and we had only one regret"

"Our children would never be able to grow there, they would never know"

"So that was our deal"

"Them. Their happiness, the ability to come and go to Earth as they please, the power to decide if they want to live here or if they want to claim their Human condition and get their rightful place in the human civilization"

"Are you telling me you haven't set a foot on Earth since the day that you were thrown out?"


"And even when given the chance to get the permission to return, you didn't ask for it?"


"Remarkable, isn't it?" A soft voice said behind them


"I don't know many people who would strike a deal that will allow their kids to choose, but wouldn't give them a better chance too. Do you, Malcolm?" He denied with his head "See, I come and go to Earth every time I can. There's so much there to see, and then there's nothing much at all. You know? Buildings are impressive, but Tollans buildings are too. The food is amazing, but Zironian food, is to die for. My guess is, that they know this... They know that given the chance, there are better places out here. But more importantly, they got to experience Earth as it most when they could. Mom for instance, moved a lot as a kid. Dad, he grew up on a stable family. They both went throughout dark phases, they both went under military training, they both succeeded. They traveled… they will be forever remembered in History books. I don't know many people that managed all that either. However, they did all of it for others. Maybe some of it they did it for themselves, some for each other, but most of it, it was for their families, their colleagues, even for the permission to be together at last, and later, they were kicked out… and then if you sit and analyze their history, you will understand why they don't need to return to Earth"

"Why?" Malcolm asked, Sam and Jack shrugged

"Because, here they are finally free to be who they always wanted to be, to be what they always wanted to be"

"And what's that"

"Just Sam and Jack. Just mom and dad, " Irene grinned beautifully

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