Interview with the Past

The End

"Beautifully put, honey" Sam said, "but somehow I doubt you were here just to give him that speech"

"As usual, you are right, mom," Irene smiled "I got this one for you"

"What's that?" Malcolm asked, watching the small device in Irene's hand

"Memories," Sam answered with a frown

"Memories? As in.. real memories?" the girl nodded "Whose memories?"

"Well, these memories are from some of my siblings"

"What did you do?" Jack asked, Sam eyes widened

"Steal some memories?" Irene smiled mischievously

"Is it done?" Sam asked worriedly

"It is"

"I can't understand what are you talking about"

"Well, I can try to explain it to you. Or I can just put them on and you'll see it for yourself," she said smiling

"Just cross your fingers, Malcolm" Jack said, embracing Sam, and all of the sudden the main screen in the room appeared black as night and the only thing coming from it was a breathing noise, until..


Pryderi Vessel.

Somewhere near Earth,

Couple of days ago

I'm so nervous, the voice in my head speaks loudly to me, again. It has been a while since the last time such a thing happened, thankfully it only adds to what we are about to do.

Let me tell you, this isn't easy. It was a difficult solution, it was even harder to start with it. I mean, I don't know about anybody else out there, but I, I'm not used to lie to my parents… less used am I, to steal from them.

And I mean, it's not like we stole money from them, or medicine or something not personal at all. No… we are a special bunch, so we ended up stealing their box of memories.

And it isn't like everybody else box of memories either, no. We are most definitely not talking about a shoe box hidden in their closet which contains trinkets, photographs and things, you know the stereotypical box of mementos of the past life. No, that would be too easy.

We are talking about a specially sealed crystal box which weighs its value, well, actually it isn't heavy, but you know what I mean, anyways, it was hidden two floors under the vault which is underneath the vault in the office, that is hidden underneath the door that leads to the wine cellar beneath the two hidden spaces of their office. Shit, I wasn't supposed to disclose all that information. Sorry mom, dad, I am nervous and it is not like you are going to show this to the world, aren't you?

In case you do, I should say it was a complicated situation which needed lots of distractions and coordination.

Well, anyways, they are two kinds of boxes down there. One holding their moments, the ones that one day you will want to sit through and watch them as a soap opera or a romantic movie of sorts. And then the second one, holds the historic moments… their memories of a time when space traveling was a dream for most of the Earth, a time when the galaxy wasn't safe.

Sorry Mom, Dad…. Probably is not the way you wanted this one out, but after a debate too much, we agreed it is the only way.

I'll take one last breath before I do it. If this doesn't work, I love you guys. If it does, well, I really hope you can forgive us for stealing your memories.

Intellectual property has to be more valuable than any other property you might have. Your memories, your privacy... Nothing that you can give to us will hold the price of your memories since they made you whom we know you are.


"Oh no!" Sam gasped. "What have you done?"

For a second there, Malcolm saw something that he never thought he would see in the older couple eyes. He saw fear.

"I'm sorry… we are sorry but it was the only way," Irene pleaded

Then a heavy intake of air was heard and the screen was bright, and they now were seeing the world through Aaron's eyes. Then they saw him taking ownership of all TV stations around the globe and showing their memories one at the time like no one would never dare to do it.

"It's that…" Sam said, Irene nodded "Good"


"It's the Pryderi"

"What's a Pryderi?"

"Remember that we mentioned a ship that is near Earth?" Jack answered, Malcolm nodded yes. "That's the Pryderi"

"It's that even important?"

"Yes," both women answered.

"Aaron is the best at hacking stuff, but even the best hacker can't be untraceable. Unless…"

"They use the Pryderi systems," Sam stated. "These systems are undetectable, the technology in that vessel, it's superior to anything on Earth, that's why is so close to Earth and is still undetected"

Then Irene, pushed the next button and Aaron's memory faded to another voice, another background and soon they were watching Allistair's.


Oval Office,

A couple of days ago

"Whatever those eight planned, it should be happening soon," Sasha paced back and forth behind her chair.

"Come on, sis.. You know they are even more capable than we are.. And by us, I am including the military brats too" Sasha smiled at her twin.

"Yeah, that is exactly what worries me… there's no one more cunning than Irene and Salome together, no one more mischievous than Copper and Eve together. No one more wicked than Piper, no two more level headed than Claus and Lucas, and no one more caring than Aaron… but they are brighter and far more technologically adept than we are. However, they don't live by Earth rules as we do..."

"I know.. I know them for the same amount of time you have and they have skills we can only dream about. That's the exact reason why they could get to a solution when we couldn't"

"Excuse me, Madame President. The.. You can't go there!"

"Madame president," Alex said entering the room followed by Terran that hurriedly closed the door, leaving the angry secretary behind it,"sis, sorry to disturb you but," Alex sighed deeply before continuing, "… it's done"

"It is?"

"Yes," said Terran, "and let me tell you we didn't see this one coming," Alex walked to the hidden tv and turned it on, there on the first channel the memories of Sam fighting for her life were out for the whole world to see. Then she changed channel after channel of the same. Then, another ring, another point of view.

"Oh my god, how?"

"We concluded that those are either, mom's or dad's memories, since it shows from someone point of view, it started with the first trip to Abydos and it is following up from there, our guess is they somehow managed to steal these from the vault back at their home"

"Is it ...traceable?" Sasha's voice was filled with fear

"They are trying to, it is coming from everywhere at once and it is showing at everywhere at once too, we received information from our allies that their stations are too showing them, and they are coming out translated."

"Aaron," Allistair said.

"Is the most probable cause…" Alex cell phone rang interrupting her. "Carter. Wait a minute," she said and placed the phone in the middle of the desk putting it on speaker

"Hey, oldies! Your turn to clean it"


"Yup, this call is untraceable and won't be recorded either. Thanks to Lucas here, the broadcast is untraceable too, and thanks to Irene and Salome it will be broadcasting non-stop, and by non-stop i mean, it will start all over again when it gets to the final memory. And of course, you got Copper and Eve to thank too, they figured out how to interrupt the signal from all the stations at once on a global scale and Piper too managed to make her part and the tv stations won't be able to cut the signal, and of course I did mine, so even if they can cut their signal, the connection will be redone and they will start again. We had to include Aila on this too, since she is the one who was working on translating devices."

"Anyways, now, is up to you, oldies…" came Lucas voice. "You know how it was done, but there is no proof to link us to this. Nor to link you to this… they will probably blame "Careill" .. and they will be kind of right.. but there's no proof either"

"Madam President, have you seen the news?" came her secretary of State voice. Alex quickly took her phone out of the speaker. "Oh, I'm sorry.. I didn't know you already were working on it"

"Yes, yes… we are thinking of a way to explain this"

"General Carter was just explaining they were doing all the best to trace the signal," Allistair quickly intervened, pointing to Alex who was still on the phone with Claus and Lucas, "And General O'Neill was saying that we should try to cut the power to the stations," he added waving his hand towards Terran.

"I see, I think you have it all covered then"

"You have no idea how capable my siblings are," Sasha said smiling


"That was … "

"They certainly are your kids, Jack"

"Says the brain behind them"

"When did you planned all that?"

"When did you get the memories?"

They asked at once.

"Well… four weeks ago, give it or take? Your "originals" still are in the vault tough. We made copies of it, just in case," Irene answered

"But we only are responsible for showing the truth," Salome joined them

"Only responsible for showing the truth?" Malcolm asked

"Yes," the twins affirmed ,looking at their parents

"Every truth can be as powerful or as weak as the fallout that comes after it is told" Sam said more to herself

"and this fall out could be really, really bad" Jack concluded.


Washington D.C

A couple of days ago

"What's the plan now? This is a chaos! We need a plan to retaliate!"

"Excuse me?" Sasha said to the Secnav "How this needs retaliation?"

"Are you blind, Madame President? This is an aggression against us, against the world and against the US! We can't allow them to do this and not get punished!"

"First of all, General, " Terran answered, "The US is part of the world, so there was no need to separate it on different entities… if the world falls, well, US will fall too and then we will be the aliens in someone else planet."


"Second, this is only a video feed, and unstoppable and untraceable video feed but a video feed nonetheless. They aren't asking for anything in return, it is just the truth being showcased"

"As the current Homeworld Commander, I don't see any 'aggression' what I do see is our 'secret' cover being blown away," Alex added shrugging

"Our 'secret' cover? What are you? a dumb blonde or are you just protecting your family business?"

"I'm certainly not dumb, or I wouldn't be here today, and why would I or any of us would protect my family business if we don't even see our family! I have no idea what are they up to, I don't even know my youngest siblings! And all of that is because of this." Sasha said, pointing to the screens " For you, this video feed, its an aggression, it's a cover blown… for us, four here, its a piece of history. Yes, it probably comes from our parents' point of view, but it is history nonetheless, a history that the family of all those who died out there deserve to know, it is only fair that our heroes are remembered for what they did, not for what we painted them to be"

"Look, we were already disclosing the Stargate… now, we only have to confirm this is true."

"Are you out of your freaking mind! Mister Vice President?" The man screamed and Allistair just sighed.

"No, I'm not. I'm not suggesting going on tv, if we can recover the signal and say 'what's up y'all all that you have seen is true, peace out!". I'm just saying, lets say it to a few people and based on their response then, we take a stand"

"We should do it fast," Alex said and pointed to the screens, there the Russian President had managed to send a message that it was being translated.

"You did it?" he said sounding surprised then he cleared his throat "Citizens of the World, somehow we managed to stop the video feed to pass this message out to you. Yes, the Russian Government was aware of the situation, just like many other Governments around the Globe. We lost many on a fight we didn't' start but we helped win. The world was never more at peace than during that time, when we all joined the fight, not for our freedom, but for our very existence. Whomever did this, thank you. You just freed us, the Russians, from a past we didn't want to keep hiding anymore, the people who sacrificed their lives, their families for a war that none knew it was being fought, deserved it. I know for what I've been informed, we are being forced to see the lives of SG-1 through an SG-1 member, but they did what many can't say they did. SG-1 saved our world in at least 4 occasions.

I could said the US bribed us to not talk, I can blame them, their Government, for a secret we all knew and we all chose to keep. But ...we couldn't be prouder of having a chance to work with them, to help them out there and seeing that memory where they stand by their russian fellows while they suffered and see them treat them like one of their own, it gave me goosebumps, I never expected to see the day that an american would treat a russian in the same way they would treat themselves. Thank you again"

As soon as he finished his speech, a message appeared on the screens. "Anyone who knows about this and dares to send a message to the world, will have a space to tell the truth… but only the truth"

"And you dare to say whoever is doing this is not doing it as an attack?"

"I don't know the reasons behind this," the Secnav intervened, "but if this was happening under the navy, I would be fighting with my teeth to make it public. People, not only the civilians, but our people needs to be recognized for what they are doing, for what they really are doing… even if that means they are just taking care of some school or they are fighting for the galaxy"

"It is time" Sasha said… and for once the table agreed.


"Later France, England, Japan, China… all the countries which knew about the program in a way or another, came out to the world saying it was a good thing that finally the truth was unveiled. That now the people who sacrificed themselves could be acknowledged for what they truly did."

"You know, I don't see how this so called secret was so secretive anymore. I mean, everyone knew about aliens, about other inhabitable planets. I know many people that go for vacations to spas in other worlds, and people talks… every time I was somewhere and I said I was from Earth, they would look me differently… like with adoration or something like that"

"They looked at you with the eyes of someone that was a slave and then it was free" Sam answered soberly.

"You never will see more gratitude in someone's eyes than when they learn that their kids are free" Jack said kissing Sam's forehead. "Or when they know that they'll die free"

"I used to think freedom was overrated, then I wasn't free to love and I understood.. That for me was the thing that kept me going for quite some time"

"And here was I thinking my wit and charms where the things that kept you going, " Jack added and Sam punched him in the arm "that and your need for violence .. Those were the things"

"I haven't had that pleasure," Malcolm added and Sam started to laugh when she saw her husband's twinkling eyes

"So you don't find my wit and charm as things can keep you going either, Malcolm? Care to try Sam's punch?" Jack joked


"Just press play already to keep him quiet"

"See.. that's what you get when you are surrounded by females" and as he was getting a smack in the back on his head, Irene pressed play.



Couple of Days Ago

Even when all the Governments were fighting their way into the tv connection to take their stand. We were still fighting days later with the different parts of our Government to confirm this. Is not like the people would believe it if we denied it now, but is about the right moment to do it, about the way to do it..

First, we did what Terran proposed, we chose a good bunch of people that was told in different ways and we analyzed the results. They all took it differently. Some cried and some screamed, some called us liars, extremists, terrorist… but they all took it in. At some point of another, they all came out of denial.

And after that, it was… awesome.

I can't begin to describe the feelings that I felt, how proud I was of being your daughter. I, almost burst into tears several times. If you were here, mom, dad, I am pretty sure that you would be doing the impossible to hold your tears. You would know first hand how grateful a mother can be after she finally knows what was of her son. Or how proud children look when they learn their parents died on a world scale battle and not under undercover situations on a pile of snow.

But what inspires me to take my stand right now, what empowers me to talk… aren't those people but you.

"Ladies and Gentleman, the President of the United States", I hear and that's my queue, taking a deep breath I walk forward and soon I find myself being blinded by the light of hundreds of cameras, the White House press room was never as crowded as today. It is funny because they can't even broadcast it, but I guess they all want to participate and have their own version of today.

With this I remember the hundreds of times that you did this, and complained of the same thing, I remember you and I smile.

It is time

"A couple of days ago, two highly decorated Generals burst into my office and showed me, the world as we knew it was being put upside down. Sadly it took us more time than for our allies to come to terms with the reality of what we should do, to let the truth be freed.

Vice President O'Neill proposed that we should tell the truth to a few in order to survey the reaction of affirming it as the truth, and we agreed. It was done and the results were different for each person and yet, they were common.

The consensus was that not only the people who owned those memories, but the ones that fought with them were brave and deserved to be recognized as what they all were..


And truth to be told, with those answers the ones most affected weren't them, the most affected after hearing time and time again how brave those people were were these four people that you see here. These two General's, the Vice President and I.

We know the owners of those memories better than anyone out there. We read their files, their lives, we share powerful bonds with them. But when we were closer to them, we were just kids, their kids.

So, we sat and watched tv just like anyone out there, with the added bonus of remembering the fear and helpless of such moments as only a child can, because in some of the memories which you see as something from far away or too far fetched, we see our past.

With this truth, we see our parents as what they were, what they are… because those memories you see are theirs.

This are memories from SG1 members, Retired General Jack O'Neill and retired General Samantha Carter. The same couple that took the Government later and gave us this direction as a country, the same couple who as a reward didn't 'retire to a vacational spot' but was exiled out of Earth. The same people that gave you.. Us.

Growing with them as our role models, we learned what was right and that some sacrifices are worth to make. They sacrificed themselves and our life as a family for Earth and the galaxy, and then they did it again and again. Until, we chose to stay and they were forced to leave.

I personally haven't seen my parents for a long while, but watching them sacrificing everything and knowing that it included sacrificing ourselves, their kids, for a greater good.. It made me cry.

I cried so hard until I couldn't take it anymore, I couldn't pretend that I can deny this, I couldn't keep erasing their lives out of an ungrateful Earth.

They need to be recognized as what they were and so the hundreds of soldiers who lost their lives for our freedom. They deserve to have a memorial and they deserve to be able to tell their history, if not to the world at least to their families.

They deserve their names written down in History books and being passed down from generation to generation, like they are being passed down out there. On the hundreds of planets that now are free because of them.

The are free thanks to Tau'ri Warriors.

Thank you for doing this, for letting us see what we couldn't understand before. For freeing our past and make it part of our future.

I only ask one thing, send a copy of these memories to different libraries so they can be used as history lessons and our kids learn how is that the galaxy became free.

Good Night"

I take a last breath, it's done. I feel the hands of my siblings on my shoulders, they are here for me, for us. Whatever might come, we will take it as you taught us how.



It's been a year since the revelation, right after Sasha's speech, the world accepted the truth and the ban that existed for Sam and Jack to visit Earth was lifted.

They were able to visit their kids and hug them and I was able to catch it on camera.

Oh, yes, my interview of them was highly appreciated and now I am well known journalist, with a beautiful, albeit too young wife that is the director of the health division of Careill. Let me tell you, that if you can fall in love with someone from the Carter-O'Neill clan, you will be part of a wonderfully loving and yet scary family.

Oh yes, I learned the secret, it took me a while and a couple of interviews to figure it out.

But here it goes,

Samantha Carter and Jack O'Neill aren't members of the fifth race.

They are the parents.

So, yes, I am married to an alien… A Careillian… to be more precise.

They are easily recognized by their extremely good looks and their heroic actions, their huge brains and their uncommon hate to clichés.

The end

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