Interview with the Past


Morning came too soon that day; in the master room the couple stretched themselves into their partners hug; exchanged a nice sweet kiss and proceeded with their daily routine. After breakfast they moved back to their shared studio and they were engrossed on their own hobbies; meaning Sam was taking parts out of something and Jack was playing with his yo-yo; when the door opened again and Malcolm greeted them.

"Morning Malcolm; just let me finish this one out and we can proceed"

"I was thinking we could do it in the gazebo, what do you say Sam?" Jack asked

"Sound's lovely. Why don't you two go ahead and make it happen, I'll join you in 5"

The men went out and at the gazebo Malcolm once again set his recording equipment. Jack in the meantime pressed one of the walls and a sofa came out of apparently nowhere. At Malcolm surprise Jack simply shrugged.

"The walls aren't actually glass, they are just see trough. It's a new product we were testing and we kind of like everything hidden so the space looks bigger." Sam said taking a seat next to Jack.

"Awesome, let's start"

"Yesterday, we went through your first years. We stated the two of you never had an affair and you actually got married. How did it work? Did your friends knew?"

"No one knew we were married," Jack stated

"Well, they knew we both got married… but they didn't know we had married each other. Does that make sense to you?"


"Sam, are you for real? You married a guy you met in Vegas; not even a month after getting there?"

"What did you expect me to do, Daniel? Wait for something it might never happen?"

"I… You… What about Jack?"

"He's married too. Didn't you get the memo? I did!"

"But why settle Sam? Why?"

"Because I think we deserve a chance at being happy, Daniel! Don't you agree?" she sighed "Look, you can be happy for us. We are happy. This is far from what we dreamed but at least is something"

"Sam! You can't be serious!"

"I am being serious Daniel! And I will really appreciate if you could actually be happy for me. I love you Daniel, you are the brother Mark never was for me, but I am sick tired of having this discussion every time you call. I did it. I'm married, you can either be happy for me or just stop calling me"

"I am happy for you Sam. I just… I always thought Jack and you were meant to be"

"Well, let's say fate has a weird sense of humor"


"We came up with the story that we both got married in Vegas. We knew the moment we told them we were getting married to someone else they would flip. And they would be so angry they wouldn't want to attend, so that we did; then we took a red eye to Vegas and got married"


"Hey Jack, what's wrong?" Daniel said entering the room, followed closely by Teal'c and Sam.

"Well, I just want to let you all know that I'm getting married soon"

"Wait! What? You guys are finally getting married?"

"No Daniel… I am getting married"

"You are?" Sam said softly

"Yes. I met her when I went to DC to talk with Hammond last time. She makes me happy; we are getting married in two days"

"What's the rush, Jack?"

"I'm getting old… too old to wait, " he stated. Before Daniel could start his tantrum about love. Sam cleared her throat.

"I… I also met someone when got to Vegas. He is a politician; he asked to marry him on Friday…."

"You have more sense into you than he has; you did say no, didn't you?" Sam denied by the head.

"So what's with the rush!"

"He's starting his campaign and wants to get married before the press starts harassing him"

They parted their own ways after that meeting, after hearing an earful from Daniel, Jack somehow managed to get to the airport on time to the flight they had booked the week before; when they made the ball roll with the help of Hammond and General Jumper. They got their resigning papers approved that morning; he rushed through the airport security easily since he had nothing more than his normal duffel bag and a huge smile on his face. He sprinted to the gate and stopped once he spotted her.

Not only had she looked extremely beautiful. It was the first time since he met her that he was free to run to her and kiss her senseless and that was exactly what he did.

They talked most of the flight until Sam's eyes started to close so he pulled her to him and some hours later he awakened for the first time to a Sam that he was able to admire and kiss good morning. They got to her place, shared a nice breakfast; they both showered and then they parted to a Chapel to get married to the love of their lives.


"And when they found out?"

"Let's keep it for another day?" Jack asked hopefully

"They found out in 2020… let's say they weren't too happy and they were extremely happy at the same time"

"Ok, let's move on then. Why did you decide it was time to act?"

"See… on the previous years; we encountered some powerful enemies, but that year, we finally were able to see the end of the fight. The Replicators were pulverized and the Jaffa's were taking charge of the last Goa'ulds"

"Everything was quiet in the galaxy," Jack smiled, "so we thought, why not?"

"Then two years later, Daniel and Vala got themselves in another situation and the Ori issue started; I was moved back to Colorado where I was the head of Research and Development and the 2IC of my former team"

"So two jobs, huh?"


"Can you sincerely say that I am not being punished?"

"You are not being punished"

"So why after having a command I am going to be the 2IC of my former team! Is not I don't like Cameron but I was already out of SG1 not looking forward to go back to it and now they are sending me like a second! It has to be some sort of punishment"

"Is not your command because Mitchell already took the job, Sam and not because they are punishing you, " he said trying to reason with her. She looked at him firmly, "Well, yeah, it does sound like a form of punishment… I'm sorry Carter. I can't do anything but if it serves to you; I am really glad you will be out saving our galaxy again"


"The real issue was that, the only ones who knew about Alexia were T and Dr. Lam. So my return to the SGC was kind of tumultuous"


"Walter! Page Colonel Carter to my office"

"Yes, sir!"

"Colonel Carter, I don't know why your kid is a matter of national security or why you just can't let her with her father and what I really don't know is why the top brass just accepted as a valid solution to send your four months old kid to the Hak'tyl world before you embark to any of your missions but that's what they did"

"Thanks sir… I really appreciate this and sir," she sighed "Alex has the ATA gene and the Tok'ra marker; that's why. She already showed some signs of having the ATA, I can't leave her with someone who doesn't have the proper clearance and the father; well sadly that was deemed as impossible by Homeworld, it's unsafe, Sir"

"I see… so Colonel what does your team have to say about this?"

"They don't know... Yet, sir"

"Are you telling me you have more than 24 hours here and your team doesn't know about the kid at the day care?" She just nodded for an answer

"You have until tomorrow to let them know, Colonel. They will accompany you to take her to Ish'ta. I believe that Teal'c knows of this?"

"Yes, sir. In fact Teal'c, Dr Lam and you are the only ones at the SGC who know about her, sir"


"It was one of the hardest things I've done since I was sharing her with them, but I wasn't telling the whole truth. Have you ever been in that position? In which you know something and you are dying to share with your friends but you simply can't do it?"

"I can't say I have"

"Well, it's awful. Anyway, they took her in gladly; she was the "something good' that my "no good" relationship brought. Then two years after my return to the SGC, I got transferred to Atlantis; on my first months there I discovered that Terran was on his way"


"Doctor Keller"

"Colonel Carter? What can I do for you?" Sam grimaced

"It's kind of personal"

"Okay, so Sam what can I do for you?"

"You know this is my third month here, right?"

"Yes, that's why we are having a three month visit with Mr Woolsey"

"Don't remind me about that," Sam rolled her eyes.

"It's not about the visit then. Let's see, three months, so you are here for your depo provera?"

"Yeah... Not really. Can we talk in a 'private' private?"

"Sure; let's go to my office"

"It's not about my depo provera. In fact, if that worked as expected, then I wouldn't be here right now"

"I don't get it"

"I need an ultrasound to be sure I am well"

"Sam, what the hell are you talking about?"

"I am four and a half months pregnant and I haven't had the 18 weeks control. I need you to do it so I can calm myself about this, " she said at once

"You are pregnant?"

"Yes, why do you think I am using a larger uniform?"

"I didn't think about it. Do you know who the father is?"

"Of course, he is Alex's father too; remember the husband I mentioned once?"

"Oh yes! Well, Sam let me arrange stuff around and I'll let you know"

"Dr. Keller, I don't have to make an order for you not tell anyone, don't I?"

"Your secret is safe with me, Coronel, don't worry. Well, at least until you have to say it"


"So you were pregnant abroad. What happened with Alexia?"

"We had to make a decision, there"


"I'm sorry Colonel, but that's a no"

"Sir, with all due respect it is a matter of national security and if the Air Force won't give a solution for this, I am giving one. It's an easy deal and we already know that, except for the Air Force all the other parts agree. Can you at least verify it with someone, sir?"

"I'll do that, Colonel… but try to think about other solutions to this"

"There's another solution, but they won't like it either"


"Well, we managed to convince the top brass it was safer for Alexia to come with me instead of staying on Earth. Or at least it was what we thought at that time"

"It was quite the fight, if I must say, but at the end they couldn't come up with a better solution for it; not that they actually wanted another solution"


"Colonel, what are you doing here at this time of the night?" Sheppard asked to Sam who was waiting in the gate area.

"I'm expecting a cargo," she responded as it was the most normal thing to do at 4AM in the Pegasus galaxy.

"At this time of night? Four days after your arrival?"

"Yes, John." She said with a smile

"And no one else can handle this cargo?"

"This cargo it's very important to me and only I can receive it" She said and at that moment the first chevron locked in

"I thought you didn't bring much; so I bet this is the rest of your stuff"

"Hmm hmm" she said not paying enough attention to him, but mostly looking at the progress of the gate.

"I guess I just stay out of your way and see"

Two boxes came through the gate followed close by a duffel bag and two medium size containers, then the gate shooshweed once last time. This time a huge person came thru; John stood rooted in place amazed by the height of the person; he couldn't see much in the semi darkened room that was the Stargate room at that time of the night.

"Mommy!" the scream really didn't match the giant at all. That's when John decided to approach,

"Colonel Carter, I brought your treasure"

"Thank's so much Teal'c, was she good?" she said, taking her daughter into her arms

"Of course, mommy! Wow! Hoc simile domum!" (this is similar to home)

"Alex, English." Sam admonished

"Sorry, mommy. I will learn much here, I like this place"

"Ohm; Alex this is Colonel Sheppard; Colonel Sheppard, my daughter Alexia Carter"

"Bonus occurret vobis, sir"


"He has it mommy, doesn't he speak it?"

"No, honey. People who have the gene not necessarily speaks ancient"

"Oh! Nice to meet you, sir. Sorry if I was impolite with you, " Alex said smiling sweetly

"Colonel Carter, can you point me to your accommodations? I will drop Alexia Carter properties there"

"Sure thing; Alex, will you be good and walk with me to our room?" the little girl nodded; Sam left her on the floor and then took the duffel bag and one of the boxes while Teal'c took one of the big ones and a small one. They looked around and found John staring at them

"John, can you help us with the last one?"


"Teal'c safety measures are up to date?"

"Yes and yes; Colonel Carter I will come for her if needed"


"Back to Terran, you figured out that you were pregnant while being on Atlantis. When did you learn about it?"

"At first, I developed a way to pass messages under the subspace message. With this, on our weekly meetings I would pass him a video and he would pass me a video. That way Alexia managed to meet her daddy and that's the way he learned. After that, I also developed a scrambling software we could turn on to create a safe communication way inside the regular secured communication"


"Bye daddy!"

"I'll never get over the fact that we are having a secured secure video conference" Jack sighed to the other side

"It's the best we got, " she said, knowing really well what gigantic effort was having these conferences. He normally would put videos in a secret folder and she would take them out and show them to Alexia after viewing them herself.

"I know, I'm not complaining… you look good"

"Yeah, sure, anyways he will be out next month; just like his sister"

"Ya think?"

"Yes. He is already in position"

"Goddamn! I'll see what I can do… Sam?"

"Yes, Jack?"

"I love you and I am sorry that we have to do it like this"

"I love you too, and hey! I think two kids are better than if we didn't do it this at all"

"True! Well, back to the meeting… how did I unscrambled this thing again?"

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