Interview with the Past

Moving forward

"But as I supposed my visit there brought even more suspicion"


"General O'Neill, sir"

"Yes, Colonel?"

"Do you mind if I ask why you really are out here?"

"You mean more than taking the place of a good friend of mine as her temporal replacement, while analyzing her six months command?"

"Yes; that could be done by Woosley and I could be her temporal replace"


"But the IOA doesn't want me to take command"

"Not true; look Sheppard the fact is you made it to the short list back then. You didn't get the command because I was sure you would try to go after Dr. Weir and the IOA was under the same impression."

"So you recommended Sam"

"No, I didn't; the IOA found that Alex had the most impressive ATA lectures and decided she should be brought here"


"Yes, and the only way of that happening was…"

"Order Sam to take command"

"Pretty much… you know what bothers me? She gave everything for not only the country or the planet because she even saved the Ida galaxy; she came here under orders to let her child play with ancient stuff to see if we manage to learn something and she once again is giving everything… and she still has to hear bullshit from her crew"

"What do you mean, General?"

"If in my first day here I managed to hear that she is a cold hearted bitch who made her way up by sleeping with who knows whom; you don't think she manages to hear it too?"

"She hears that?"

"Of course she does; she wouldn't be a good commander officer if she couldn't hear the things that went on base. She knows everything from who is coming or going to what is the latest placed bet; she even knows what they said about you"

"They don't say anything about me, if they do and I found out I'll kick their asses"

"And that's why she is the CO and not you. She knows what is being said, but she chooses not to confront it because it will mean that she is giving the rumors an importance they don't have. She doesn't mind being called heartless, cold blooded bitch because she knows who she is and what is at stake here and that's something you need to learn and then, you will have your chance as CO"


"That month came and went to fast so I kind of talked Vala into piss enough people to make a Christmas party at Atlantis and did the same with Keller on Atlantis. By December; I was back at Atlantis for my youngest kid first Christmas"

"Didn't that bring more suspicions?"

"No, actually; since the whole gang was there it passed as a SG-1 occurrence"

"Well, they did believe that SG-1 was the soft spot of the President and that kind of was true and I didn't complain about it since I was really grateful that my kids didn't have to spend a Christmas without their dad"


"Dr. Jackson it's great to have you on-board"

"On-board? John you know that we just came for the Christmas Party; don't you?"

"Yeah; about that…"

"Don't tell me she cancelled it… it took a lot of convincing to be able to come to Atlantis, you have any idea of all the time invested in convincing General Landry and the Joint Chiefs; not to mention the IOA! Teal'c actually spoke to them!"

"No. She didn't cancel it, I was just…"

"What is it John?"

"Nothing… I bet you are hungry; Colonel Carter and the kids are already at the mess"

"What about General O'Neill?" Mitchell asked

"He went to his quarters and said that he would meet us there"

"Aww, so the almighty SG-1 is here," Came a voice from behind.

"Rodney" Daniel said

"And who exactly are you?" Vala asked

"I am the foremost expert in Stargate and ancient technology"

"Really?" Vala said enthusiastically "And here I thought that Sam Carter was a woman; Oh wait! She's a woman. My best friend even"

"Rodney; this is my wife Vala; Vala, this is Dr Rodney McKay he is the R&D chief at Atlantis"

"I see; so Rodney… the ego came with the position or existed even before?"

"We are here" John said, interrupting the discussion.

They all turned but no one dared to go in; they didn't want to interrupt the moment they knew didn't happen often enough. The mess was crowded with high ranking officers, but the noise that came with the amount of people in the room didn't do anything to the view.

Every table was crowded with officers and as if they really didn't dare to go near; there was a crowded side, then a bunch of empty tables and at the back there was an occupied one. At that table, there were two adults; a kid and a baby seat; they didn't hear what it was being said by them.

They walked slowly into the view of what could have been for their friends and it never was; they once again were shocked by the deep love that was shielded behind enough walls; the way it felt right watching them together and then it was over…

"Daniel! Teal'c! You made it!" She stood grinning brightly and he stood at the same time

"Vala, Mitchell" he said politely shaking their hands while she hugged their two oldest friends and then they exchanged friends to greet.

"I can believe I finally get to meet my godson!" Vala exclaimed

John retreated, not because it was his commanding officer table, but because it was his commanding officer family time.


"I really don't know what happened that night. What I did know was that something changed. Somehow I was part of Atlantis crew and not the cold hearted bitch that I was starting to get used to be"

"I didn't do anything!"

"I know, Jack…. Probably something happened after we left."

"Well, if someone followed us; they would be very disappointed. Since you went to your room and I went to mine; of course they had adjoined doors, but that's none of the matter" he smiled cheekily.


A couple of hours later; Sam and Jack with Alex and Terran had left the table when John came to sit with SG-1; followed close by his team. Sg-1 smiled at them; they knew it was imperative being accepted by Sheppard's team in order to avoid being treated as the pariahs of the ship. Much of that was true at the SGC with SG-1 acceptance. Daniel smiled at them

"So we are in?" Vala asked anxiously

"You are in... in what exactly?" McKay asked

"You know all this tribal crap, you need to accept us so everybody else accepts us... It didn't help Sam tough"

"What? What are you talking about?" Keller said

"You did approve her? Didn't you? And even then she is not considered part of your crew; she is a pariah"

"Why would you say that?"

"I've been the pariah enough times to know a fellow. She isn't here to replace your Doctor; you should know that by now"

"Yeah, anyways... What's up with those two?" Sheppard asked

"General O'Neill and Colonel Carter?"

"Yes, we all heard the rumors of their undying love; even thought I knew that Sam has lust for me since she met me" McKay answered

"Their undying love?" Mitchell asked incredulously "Geez! I don't think that the General's wife will like that; come to think about the Colonel husband wouldn't like to hear it either"

"See! That's the thing that doesn't add to me… they both don't look like the kind of people who settle," Sheppard intervened

"They didn't have any choice left," Vala said and the whole table turned to her

"Why would you say something like that, honey?"

"When I got to SGC I hacked the database; you know so I could learn more about my teammates." She justified herself "I got to Sam's file and I couldn't believe that I was dealing with a coward. The definition of coward doesn't go with her and then again her file was full of resignation and retirement letters."


"You didn't know that? She was trying to get out of the Air Force for years; she still is… she told me she filed yet another resignation letter before she was ordered here. Anyways, back then I did a count to know who else had more than one resignation or retirement letter"

"That would be Jack… he retired twice before" Daniel said

"So you don't know that either"


"By the time that I did the search "Mayor Carter" had the largest amount of attempts to resign and "Colonel O'Neill" held the largest amount of attempts to retire. She had presented around 50 resignation letters and 45 retirement ones; he had 50 retirement letters and 45 resignation ones. It's safe to say that I don't need to tell you what the answer to their letters was"

"You are telling us that the Air Force didn't allow them to quit?"

"Pretty much… Yes; I asked Sam about it, she told me the rumors of them being in love were indeed true, but they wouldn't do anything if that meant to harm each other. Therefore, they were out of limits for the other. Then, the only solution they got left was to settle because they didn't have a chance together and by being free they were too much a temptation for the other"

"So they do love each other? I don't know you, but I would jump the bones of the one I love; regulations or not" Keller said

"So you never were in love Jennifer. I'm not talking about the I'll love you forever and broke up six months later because you found out he had a habit that didn't suit you. I mean the kind of love for which you would kill or die for; the kind of love that never grows old," Daniel said finally understanding their friend's position. He couldn't believe he didn't see that before!

"I don't think I got that kind of love"

"Well; that's the kind of love they have. We knew they loved each other before they even admitted to themselves. We saw them fight against it. We saw the moment in which they accepted they loved each other and we saw the moment in which they let the other know about that love; we saw that love grow every day and being sheltered and we saw every one of the bricks that made the walls around them. So make no mistakes; they will love each other forever, but they would do everything to keep each other out of harm's way. What we never understood was why they just didn't give up and resigned; you know? Just for a few months and then came back married. Or why they didn't escape to another planet to never come back. But that's who they are. They are capable of putting aside everything to protect the world; the galaxy even if it meant to die a little every day being apart and apparently, even if it meant that they would have to settle." Daniel said… then he kissed his wife's cheek, "Thanks honey for let us know that they tried; that only put them higher up in my scale of bravery"



"After that, I went back to Earth for my yearly checkup and found out I was being transferred out of SGA. I didn't have a new commission yet. They were still deciding what to do with me, I was allowed to return to the SGA two days later; to bring back my stuff and pick up the kids."

"How come?"

"I was to prepared to be just a 2IC and not fully prepared to be promoted again," Sam supplied.

"That's when the need of another base was brought up and they decided Sam was the one perfect to take charge of that. To my utmost happiness I wouldn't have my wife on Earth… again" Jack said sarcastically

"Site Gamma was designed to be a Scientific Base. With the science and engineering teams Gamma Site was designed to become completely sustainable; as it had a Naquadah mine, it was an extremely special place to have R&D working 28/7. Days are longer at Gamma." She smiled

"I went to do an inspection there after the first year. It's a really nice place; completely different of the rest of the sites. If someone offers you a chance to visit it, take it. The two years she was out of the world. It was awful we didn't have weekly meetings as we had with Atlantis instead we only had bimestrial ones. Then General Landry finally retired and the brass decided that Sam was already fit to be SGC CO. She was back on Earth and I really couldn't be happier"

"Sasha and Allistair were born on my first year back on Earth. Dr Lam was still at the SGC so there weren't many issues; this time around Jack was able to come to the birth on time thanks to an issue at the SGC training facility. We were still living in different parts of the country, but at least we were a flight away and not a galaxy apart"

"Before the twins was that mess with General Jumper's daughter, remember?"

"Oh yes… that was awful"

"What happened?"

"I guess it will be tomorrows topic"

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