Interview with the Past

O'Neill Fans Club

"We stated yesterday that your return to Earth was three years after the events of Atlantis"


"What about you Jack?"

"Well, while Sam was grabbing the universe in her hands; I was flying a ginormous desk full of political crap. If you pardon the expression; that's why I was always looking ways of getting out of there and visit the wife," He said winking to Sam.

"Once I was back on Earth; he even threatened to move the Home World Security office to the SGC."

"It was a good idea! They let you do it afterwards"

"They ordered me to do it afterwards"

"Let you… ordered… same thing"

"Yeah, sure…"

"You mentioned the daughter of a General?"

"Oh yes… hell on Earth"

"What happened?"

"It was 2011… I was back to Earth and before I took my new post at the SGC. I decided to take two weeks vacation. So I went to Washington to visit my husband"


She stirred in bed with a pleased smile on her face; she touched his spot and just like the past years he wasn't there. Today she sighed because she knew last night was better than nothing and smiled for today was different than any other previous days, and because she could hear the loud approaching footsteps of her kids.

She smiled and went to her daily ritual of pretend being asleep; a couple seconds later she felt the shifting weight on her bed and a silent 'shh'. Then another heavier weight climbed the bed. She counted from 5 in her mind and then the two weights heaped on top of her

"Mommy! Mommy! Wakey Wakey! … Come on mommy! There's a pasture outside!"

"And trees!"

"Ok, ok; mommy is awake… and it's not pasture is a garden… "

"Morning Mommy" the bundle at her right, said

"Yeah, morning mommy"

"Morning Alex, " she said, ruffling the brown hair on top of her and then turning to the little bundle on her right. "Morning Terran. Can mommy get a good morning kiss from her favorite little persons?"

"Mommy, it's time for our morning bath!" Alexia screamed happily jumping a little on the bed. The little girl loved taking a bath as much as her mother.

She finally sat on her bed and nodded; then she headed to the bathroom and turned the water and started to fill the bathtub. In a matter of seconds; girl and boy were inside and talking incessantly about all those things they wanted to do now they were home.

"Mommy, will you join us?" the girl asked sweetly

"Mommy will have a shower after finishing with her to imps" Terran chuckled at that

"I'm not an imp mommy… I am a little warrior princess like that woman on TV" Little Alex stated matter of factly

"What woman on TV?"

"Xena; The Warrior Princess"

"I see, you been watching TV with you uncle T again?" Alexia nodded happily.

She took a mental note to limit the TV time when visiting the uncles. Her kids already used too many 'strange' words for a three years old boy and an almost six years old little girl… they used too many words and they learned too many languages already! Well considering all facts it wasn't as strange.

She took her morning shower and got dressed and retrieved Terran out of her tub; while Alexia stood out by herself. She was in that funny little stage where she wanted to prove how big she was. It was a regular routine now hearing her say 'I'm a big girl now, mommy, I can dress myself'

Almost an hour after she woke up; she was at the kitchen making breakfast and talking with her kids. She was pouring milk on Alexia's cereal when the bell rang. Of course she didn't know who could be; they arrived home for a little vacation time last night and today was a Saturday.

"Mommy someone it's pressing the bell" The little boy said

"Ringing the bell, Terran... here they ring the bell" Alex said to her little brother while rolling her eyes; the little guy watched at his bright sister in awe.

She just laughed at her kids' antics and went to see who could be pressing.. Err ringing the darn bell. Oh well, she was the fresh flesh in the hood in a house that was inhabited only by her husband before. She should expect the neighbors trying to figure out who she was and what she was doing here…

Or maybe not… she concluded when she peered through the side window and saw four really young looking women with several things in her hands. 'Please be cake' she thought and then using her well learned fake smile opened the door. The women were definitively not expecting her because they looked at her with really puzzled expressions.

"Morning Ladies, can I help you?" She said, noticing they weren't in any condition to speak.

"Hi, I am Amber… sorry, isn't this General O'Neill home?" she sighed; of course he couldn't not be chased around by girls that could be his kids… maybe hers too!

"Do you mind to come in ladies? The kids are having breakfast and I really don't want a mess in the General's kitchen"

"We brought him cake," one of the blondes said to her passing a bag

"Of course you did; I guess you know the drill" she said, pointing to their shoes and coats with a smile; when the girls coats were out of the equation; it was even more obvious what they wanted from her General. She patiently waited for the group to finish and finally, after what seemed forever, she led the group to the kitchen where the kids were eating quietly

"Good Morning Ladies, how do you do?" Terran asked with a little smirk; God, he was as charming as his father she thought. Alex turned around and smiled politely when she saw the group

"Greetings; how are things?" Alex added with a nod and she tried really hard not to laugh at her kids; they were impossibly polite and really really strange in a regular place.

"Oh! How cute!" One of the ladies said, approaching at the kids. The blond woman stopped right next to the table and then looked at the kids and at the woman who opened the door. She could see the next question coming, but it was not asked thanks to Alexia intervention

"Mommy, you told us that it is polite to answer every salutation with another salutation, shouldn't they answer us with anything by now?"

"Yes, sweetheart; they are just surprised with your word selection. I explained to both of you that your vocabulary could be surprising, didn't I?"

"Yes, mommy, " both kids say

"These are your kids?" the blond one asked, and there she thought being called mommy was enough to avoid such a question. That one or the fact that her kids looked mostly like her.

"Yes; sorry, I didn't hear your name?"

"Uh, I'm Amy Lynn, Jessica, Mary Kate and of course Amber" she said pointing to the other woman around.

"Are you visiting or something?" Amber asked somewhat bitterly

"We are on holiday retrieval," Terran stated from his seat and the woman around laughed at him. He looked at his sister and then at his mommy with a cute frown.

"It's holiday retreat, T. But you can say vacations… vacations is an easy word"

"I don't like that word, Alex; isn't vaca the word for cows? I'll ask daddy, later, but mommy; I like holiday retrieval better"

"Yes, Alex vaca is cow in Spanish. We are not speaking Spanish now; just plain English, " she said and the kids started to giggle "Yes, I know plain old English just like your daddy likes. Are you finished?" Both kids nodded

"Ok, go play or read or paint, while I talk with the ladies"

"Let's go T. Excuse us ladies, have a good day"

"Have a nice one; girls" He said winking. She looked proudly at her kids and then at the girls standing around the kitchen with a strange expression on her faces.

"They grew surrounded of grown-ups so they picked up the most uncommon words for kids. Anyways; the General isn't here and he will probably be away all morning. Then he has this ball at night so he will be busy and whatever time is in between we will probably use it to catch up a little"

"So you are visiting. What are you? His sister or something?" Amber asked.

She snorted in her head and on the corner of her eyes, she caught her reflection in the mirror. The shade of brown she used for the last four years; was almost the exact match to the kids brown and to her General all mostly gone brown hair. She didn't want to reveal anything; her husband was a very private person; she was a very private person… and of course there was the whole secret situation. Anyways; she decided to answer with the truth.

"I'm... An old friend" Well, it was a truth. The sighs that escaped the other woman were a giveaway of what they were actually looking by coming at a General's house a Saturday morning with lots of make up on and thankfully was winter otherwise she could imagine the large amount of skin she would be seeing had been summer; not that they weren't showing a lot already.

"You are not into him? Aren't you? It won't look good for a General to have a 'friend' with kids fooling around with him… it's not what's expected for a General behavior" Mary Kate started timidly. How could a woman showing half her body in winter be timid? For cryin' out loud!

"We are most definitively not fooling around; I don't think a General behavior includes fooling around while being married, " she retorted and again she heard the sighs

"Oh... So you must know then?" Amy Lynn asked

"I must know… what exactly?" She was ready to get rid of this group.

"About his wife… do you know something about his wife? We know he is married; but no one knows his wife… we think she is dead and he is mourning her. But he had lots of time to mourn a wife that's not here"

"Six years, " she muttered to herself

"What was that?"

"Nothing, if you must know his wife is alive"

"Okay… if you say so… anyways, we should get going we need to buy some gowns for tonight. You said he would be at the ball, didn't you?"

'Oh joy!' she thought she will get to see the gold digger squad again.

"Yes, he will be there tonight. I thought it was a closed event"

"Yes, fortunately our dads have enough medals or influence to be able to get us inside"

"I see... well; I'll see you around then" She said plastering her fake smile again.

After the fakes 'for sure' and 'sounds great' she finally closed the door and thought all the good things of being around again. The gold digger squad wasn't one of them; well, at least she won't have to make cake for dessert!


"In the almost 7 years that he was settled in DC; he was pictured as a wanted single. Then of course he told them he was married"

"I don't know what possessed those girls to come after me; I could be their grandpa or something"

"If you looked like now, you probably didn't look as their grandpa," Malcolm stated and they both laughed.

"Oh, no... it was before this. My hair was almost white by then, I could have been their grandpa"

"An extremely handsome grandpa, " Sam smiled, "Anyway, the bimbo squad didn't see me coming"


"Honey? Do you know why General O'Neill was in such a rush to get back home today?"

Since the General moved to D.C; well to Arlington; they took a Saturday morning once a month to be briefed on whatever was happening at Homeworld Security and they used the meeting to get in touch with all external bases; so normally those meetings took all the morning and at the end O'Neill was invited to have lunch with them. Being alone; he always accepted the invitation. Today was different.

"His family arrived at 0300 today. He was missing the wife" Henry Hayes said smiling to his wife.

"The wife? You are telling me General O'Neill is really married?"

"Of course he is"

"But his wife is never here; I mean; we met him when you assumed as President and she wasn't here and then he retired and you brought him to DC and back to active duty. He moved here, but we never met the wife"

"Well, he has a wife"

"And where is she then? A General's wife shouldn't leave her husband alone. She should be here with him"

"Um… it doesn't matter, you will see her tonight and be sure our girl doesn't try to fool around the General"

"I still can believe he has a wife..."

"So you won't believe if I tell you he has two children too"

"Henry Hayes, you might be the President of United States; but you are a really bad liar"

He had to laugh at his wife… well, maybe today he could convince Jack to show the pictures to his wife… so he could order him or his wife to show them the pictures… yes, that sounds like a plan he thought.


"But I guess the fact they were daughters of the President, Chairman, SecDef and SecNav was something that can cause many issues when you have a relationship so secretly kept as ours"


"Honey, I am home!" He screamed when he opened the door and then he heard footsteps fast approaching him

"Daddy! Daddy!" Two voices called him and then the two bundles of joy came and hugged his legs.

"Oh my God! you are huge now!" He said, kneeling to be at the same level than his kids; he looked up and saw her smiling down. With that look, he knew they had their moment early in the morning and this was the children's one.

"Daddy! I am big now! I can dress myself! And Uncle T says he will teach me how to be a warrior. I'm going to be a little warrior princess like the woman on TV!"

"Daddy? I like real you better than subspace video" Terran said, hugging his dad as strongly as a 3 years old could

"I like your real you too… It's way better than subspace video. I missed you too; my little imps. The last time that I saw the real you, you were still using diapers Terran and you Missy; you wanted to be a singer!" She stood there watching the exchange and at the same time remembering the last time that they were together; it was last December when he came to visit The Gamma site under some obscure excuse, almost a whole year ago! Suddenly they hear a loud noise; Jack went red and the kids started to laugh.

"Come on kids! Go wash your hands! Lunch is ready and Daddy's hungry," the kids ran upstairs and she helped daddy to come up on his feet again

"You know, daddy is hungry for a mommy's kiss, " she laughed at his antics and soon they were kissing. They stopped when they heard the kids coming down and all together went to the kitchen.

"Sweet! There's cake for dessert... Oh no! I know this cake…" he said, looking at her

"Oh yeah, there was a General O'Neill fans club meeting this morning in your kitchen. It was quite interesting; did you know a General shouldn't fool around with a woman with two kids?"


"Yup, it looks bad! So I told them they didn't have a thing to worry about me fooling around with you"

"Nope… we are most definitively not fooling around"

"And then they told me you are still mourning the death of your wife…"

"That's interesting, I didn't know my wife died… do I have to check if you are real?"

"You are silly Jack, " she said with a bright smile and the kids started to giggle

"You are silly, Daddy" Alexia said to his dad in between giggles

"Hey, you know the rules!"

"No giggling!" The threesome said at the same time.

"That's right, no giggling" he said, walking with his wife

"I am most definitely not giggling, General, " she said, laughing when he started to tickle her. She ended up on the floor with her husband and kids tickling her and they were laughing hard

"Uncle! Uncle!" she screamed laughing; she had tears rolling down her face

"Oh, oh, daddy! you kiss mommy; she's crying"

"That's right T, I should kiss mommy better and then we eat!"

"And then we go find me something to wear for tonight"

"Oh boy, so we go shopping?"

"Yup! Don't look so sad, it's the first time T goes shopping. Anyways; are we going to leave them at the Pentagon day care tonight?"

"I'll call Henry and ask if we can take them with us… maybe we can set them in a room so we don't have to stop at the Pentagon to get them before we get home and certainly I don't want you running around all dressed up through the Pentagon!"


"After meeting the O'Neill fans club at my home; we had the day all figured out and in the night we had to assist to a ball"

"I told the President I had a hot date! He was really happy since he loved Sam"


"I hate you can go all fancy and I have to wear my everyday clothes!" he said looking at his wife

"We can trade if you want to, " she said, smiling at him then with a mischievous smile she added, "Anyways, you look hot in your dress blues and I am sure your gold-digger fan club will be pleased to meet you"

"Yeah, I'm so not looking forward to that, " he said, starting to get dressed.

"Oh, if I wasn't already dressed General, I would have my wicked way with you"

"Oh, I am so looking forward to that… do you have the kid's things?"

"Yes, I can't believe you convinced Henry of giving us a room for the kids"

"Hey! He is the one that started all this and you know it and you know half of the men in there are guilty of our situation"

"They rejected your resignation again?"

"Yup… anyways, I am ready… let's put our best faces and show them that whatever they do, they won't split us"

"Sir, yes, Sir!" she smiled

"After you, ma'am. Our chariot awaits!"

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