Interview with the Past

The Mess

"That night, we came out as a couple to a military ball for the first time since we got married."


The trip to the White House wasn't that long from their house, but Saturday night traffic was a big issue in D.C and that was a huge reason why the O'Neill's hated D.C and were pretty happy with using the designated driver and car.

Oh! And the look of surprise of his driver when he saw General O'Neill getting out of the house with one baby seat and one booster seat was priceless. Both men strapped the seats in the car and then General O'Neill walked once more inside of his house. This time went out with a black baby bag which looked quite similar to a standard issue backpack.

"Uh, Richards… come on in.. You will freeze to death before the kids are ready" Jack said to the driver.


"The kids aren't ready yet. Come on in... Do I need to make it an order?"

"No, Sir… Thank you, sir"

Looking at the young Captain he had to smile a little, if a three star General asked him to come over to his house when he was a Captain he would probably wet himself. Before he could try to calm the poor guy, Terran ran downstairs. Followed closely by Alex

"Daddy! Daddy! Mommy said if we are lucky we'll meet the President! Not only one…" T stopped himself, seeing someone else in the room "Goodnight Sir"

"Good Night Sir! You are air force ... like! Like!" she looked at her daddy and stopped

"Yes, sweetheart… do you know what rank he is?" Jack asked to his little girl and she nodded

"I think so daddy; but I can't see his …" he picked her up and she frowned thinking "he's a Captain"

"Well done, Alex!" she said and he looked up; he saw her all dressed before but seeing her coming down took his breath away. He looked at the Captain and he had to control his anger when her voice called him "So General; are you ready for tonight?" she asked huskily

"Captain Richards, I believe you hadn't met my wife," The guy went white in a second and then completely red which caused the kids a giggling fit; while both grownups tried to contain their smiles.

"Pleasure to meet you, ma'am; if you are ready, Sir?"

Jack came out of his reverie just when the car pulled in front of the entrance. Someone came to open the back door and he stepped out from the front seat. Between the seats they didn't fit all in the back. To the surprise of the helpers, both returned to the car and while he unstrapped Terran, she unstrapped Alex and quickly both kids were out.

"Sir, ma'am… kid's aren't allowed tonight," One of the guys had the courage to say, but the foursome just smiled at him and carried on. The guard followed them until they reached the door; but when he thought they would be rejected; they were all signaled to follow one Lady; they were promptly escorted to the East Room.

"You go to the ball, I catch up when I finish here, " she said to her husband taking some things out of the bag.

"You sure?"

"Yes and you might want some time to talk with your fan club"

"Yup! That's exactly what I am dying to do!"

"Don't worry General, you know you can always count on me to save your six, " she said, giving him a kiss much to their kids delight.


"But since we still had to make security improvements to the room; I sent him to the ball first"

"She actually threw me out of that room straight to the lion's den"

"I did not!"

"Yes; you did!"


"Oh, you liar! I don't see him with a wife"

"She is probably putting the kids to bed, honey," Jack looked to Henry and started to walk towards the Presidential couple with a smile on his face.

"Mr. President, sir. Ma'am… I came to thank you for letting us use the East room for the kids"

"I take your beautiful wife is putting the children to bed?"

"Yes and ensuring security levels; you know how a mother hen she can be"

"Well, hopefully she will be here soon. I haven't seen her for a month now"

"Well, if you two excuse me, I need to go talk to General Jumper"

"General O'Neill, you know that today is not for work"

"And yet my Commander in Chief is working at its own party. If you see my wife before I do, sent her over; she knows all about my conversation with General Jumper"

"It has to do with her new status?"

"Yes, I have to thank you for that too; sir"

"Why? Is not like you will live together"

"Well, at least, will be at the same country, sir… I am really happy about it and so does she"

He left to talk with Jumper but was stopped halfway by his most famous stalker Amber Jumper.

"General Jack O'Neill. I went to visit today and you weren't there," she said, pouting a little and caressing his chest with one finger. "An ugly woman was there with her kids… she is probably a gold digger looking for a daddy for her children. She told us she is your friend" she snorted at that "Yeah, sure like we can't recognize a gold digger when we see one" Jack was clenching his jaw really hard.

At the other side of the room a blond haired woman was looking disbelievingly at that scene. She even got scared when a brunette nudged her a little while passing by; when the brunette turned to say 'I'm sorry' the blonde raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you weren't coming" the blonde said

"I never said I wasn't" Sam answered

"You told us the General was coming and then that it was a closed event"

"Yes, the General is here and it is a closed event"

"You lied to us! You are fooling around with the General, so he brought you to pay for your services," Sam clenched her jaw tightly 'oh the nerve of this woman!'

"Look, Amy Lynn… I was invited today by the President of the United States. That's why I am here; my husband was invited by the President of United States too. So, maybe you could try to use that little brain of yours for closing your mouth while I attempt to find my husband that is dressed with his dress blues in a sea of dress blues," Before she could go into the party much; she was stopped by one of the Marine Chief of Staff.

He saw the deep blue of her gown and the movement of her brown hair with the corner of his eyes, she was talking to the Marine Chief of Staff General something… he looked at her and she looked at him and both smiled. Amber knew the exact moment when she lost his attention so she followed his gaze to find out who could be taking his attention. Sam said something to the General and started to walk towards him.

"Excuse me, Amber," he didn't want to offend her, she was after all General Jumper's daughters. So he simply moved out of her way and walked to talk with her father.

"Henry, do you know that brunette over there?"

"Yes, honey; that's the General's wife"

"Jumper got married again?"

"Of course not! " Said brunette was making her way towards the object of her affections and one of the only people that supported them.

"Come on. Honey, I'll introduce you"

On the other side of the room; Sam; Jack and General Jumper met half way. Apparently they were all looking for each other.

"General Jumper, sir!" Sam said; Jack nodded his head and Jumper smiled at them

"Samantha O'Neill; nice to see you finally here, " she smiled at the salutation that he gave her and laced a gloved arm with her husband's.

"Well, when I added her to the guest list I wasn't sure she would make it though" The President said to the group

"Mr. President, ma'am, " she said politely being the only one that hadn't exchanged pleasantries with them before.

"Honey, let me introduce you to Samantha O'Neill, General O'Neill's wife. She is joining us for a short period. I take you know my wife, Miranda"

"Your reputation precedes you, ma'am; it's a real pleasure to meet you. I was about to thank General Jumper for helping with the last development; I understand I should thank you too, Mr President"

"Well, I think that Jack mentioned to both of us how pleased he is by having you back"

"I'm pleased to be back, sir. It's not the same house, but at least is the same… country; nothing that a flight can't solve"

"So, Samantha. I know Jack has that ring on his finger for 5 years now?"

"Almost 7 actually," Jack added and Sam smiled

"So; I'll take you know each other long?" Miranda asked intrigued by this development

"We go way back, ma'am, " she said, quoting her husband.

"And Henry mentioned you have children?"

"Yes, that we do. Two little devils; Alexia is almost 6 and Terran is 3" Jack answered proudly.

"Terran? What an unusual name. What does it mean?"

"It means "from Earth, "" Sam provided

"Why would you put a name with such a meaning to your child?" Miranda asked; Jumper and Hayes shared a look and Jack and Sam just smiled used to those kinds of comments

"Believe us, ma'am; it's a long and complicated story. Not to mention quite boring," Sam said gracefully

"And if we tell you; then I will have to shoot you, " Jack added; Henry glared at him "Sorry, Mr. President; ma'am; but most of it is classified"

"So where did you keep your family hiding all these years?"

"I was stationed abroad, ma'am"

"Honey; there is the french's… care to help me out there?"

"Oh, Henry. Now? I am having a nice conversation with the General's wife"

"No, Hun.. You are questioning them. Let them be; they haven't seen each other in over a year!"


"Apparently; Amy Lynn or other of the O'Neill fan club; managed to overhear that I was a General Carter too. Somehow they got people's attention on our relationship"

"And everything got screwed up… they accused me of helping Sam up the ladder; they accused Sam of sleeping her way through the ladder"

"And all that happened while I was on vacations. When I went to the office for my first day; Shit was reaching the ceiling"


Brigadier General in charge of the SGC was staring up nothing while contemplating the pandemonium that life was at the moment. It was unbelievable to known the universe was mighty calm in comparison to what Earth had thrown at the General's way. After all, the years and the sacrifices all came crumbling down thanks to one Amber Jumper and Amy Lynn Hayes and their issues with getting no for an answer.

"General Carter, ma'am" Walter stood there looking at the General; he was pleased to have her back after all these years and like most of the SGC personnel was disappointed about her lack of romantic life. They knew about the kids and that her file was marked as married, but they never saw a husband and everybody thought she and General O'Neill would get together at some point. It was sad to say that that bet was yet to be collected.

"Please, Walter, tell me it's not another journalist or boss calling for me, " she said, looking at the Chief she knew for so long now. He grimaced,

"Worse than a boss, I guess?" She sighed

"It's General O'Neill on line two, ma'am… he is on a secure line" She nodded and dismissed him, but not before he was surprised to see that General O'Neill still could make her eyes shine brightly and make her smile.

"General, what can I do for you?" was the last thing that Walter heard before closing the door of his new boss.

"I just wanted to let you know that they are reviewing the whole thing"

"The whole thing?"

"Yup, right from day 1 until now. They are not very happy with us; they said someone showed a distinct favoritism towards us"

"Favoritism? You are kidding, right?"

"I wish..." they both went silent for a while

"You know that no matter what they won't break us"

"I know"

"How are the kids?"

"They are learning Russian with SG-9"

"Cool… good thing they are so special in the universe, isn't it?"

"Yeah… if only Thor was alive"

"How are you holding up?"

"I'm good, you?"

"Good. Listen, Sam…"

"Sorry, General, this might be a secure line, but it doesn't prevent eavesdropping"

"True…. Hold the fort General."

"Will do, General"


"It took around 8 months to finally get all sorted out"

"8 months?"

"Yes; around 8 months and two teams of fully authorized people. Meaning that the Chief of Staff had a full understanding of everything we did; except for those things everybody failed to put on the reports"

"So you did stuff that could bring you down?"

"Well; there is stuff that never gets to reports. Stuff like I don't know the amount of times we exchanged glances; or the way we always communicated without uttering a word; or how in most of the cultures we visited we were paired together as 'mates'."

"But there are stuff written to show that our relationship didn't affect our work. Like a couple times where I had to choose save someone else above Sam or when she had to follow through the orders that normally your spouse wouldn't want to follow. We both have pretty heavy stuff in our files"


Not only Sam was feeling stressful about the results that would be out today. This pregnancy was shaking her pretty badly; nothing was sitting well on her stomach and things she used to use were giving her allergy. It was awful.

And know she was supposed to sit for hours to no end listening to people shattering her life's work because of some bimbo and not even the existence of papers rejecting the hundreds of letters that she wrote did anything to calm the situation. The good thing was this time her knight in shining armor was there, right next to her, just a whisper away. The bad thing; his life's work was on the same cutting table than hers.

"At least we are doing this together, " he said, looking at his fatigued wife. She nodded.

They heard how the Generals and Admirals fought about the decisions they made; it seemed so easy to say their decision was wrong now there wasn't a pressing matter and everyone was having a cold heart. Yes; there were many things they could have thought or made differently, they knew that. But at the end of the day; they also knew they would do it all over again. They had come to terms with the simple fact that they were on the line every time they had to make a decision out there and they had come to terms to the simple fact that their friends had come to terms with their positions and decisions.

And for this… it was simple really; they knew they were good. They knew they were honorable and most important; they knew they didn't do anything wrong.

"According to this record provided by the NID; you two acknowledged being in love with each other and still worked together"

"Yes," they both said

"And there's a Tok'ra analysis which states that you were conscious of the situation by affirming and I am quoting from the report, "I care about her… a lot more than I suppose to" which shows that you knew your relationship was compromised and it should be removed from the same command line"

"But after that, they worked together for quite a while before their resignations were approved and cancelled in less than a week"

"And we all know what happen when they both resigned!" another General exclaimed. Sam was hyperventilating at that point; trying to fight the nausea that came to her. Jack desperately screamed

"GENERALS! STOP!" the room went silent "Thank you. First; l would like you to please dismiss General Carter for a while. She is not feeling well. I don't think you are supposed to put pregnant ladies on this level of bull... I mean, stress"

"General Carter. Considering you state; feel free to come and go whenever you need" General Jumper said with a soft smile. Carter nodded and went out as calmly as she could without throwing up the breakfast she thought didn't have left anymore.

"Now; seconds. We did take the steps to be out of the same command line. It was rejected. I don't know who was in charge of doing it or why, but every time we asked for a change of commission it was denied. Every time we sent resignation letters, they came back denied. Every time we were eligible for retirement; we were forced to stay"

"And the only time I was out of his chain; he was promoted and I was back to his chain of command once again," Sam completed from the back of the room looking slightly better known after drinking lots of water. "We both did what we could fix the situation. Until we were left no more choices"

"We couldn't believe it when we got our resignations approved, but they were approved and we decided long before that if such day came; we would get married as soon as possible before the odds changed again"

"And that's what we did. Our papers from the marriage came to the proper channels on the same day we got married. We personally delivered them. They got processed two days before we were called back"

"Therefore; we don't see the reason behind this. You read our files; we did nothing but our job. The best we could. We were out there; putting ourselves in the line; saving the earth; this galaxy and others. We never asked more than simple things and that was I asking more than her. We made our kids grow between gate travels; female warriors, different galaxies and even a couple vessels. We put everything you asked out there and now you want to jail us for it?"

"General O'Neill; General Carter; both of you are pushing your limits here"

"But they are right; Carson! They did do everything and more and not once, CO's or Subordinates, complained about them; what's even better… every CO and Subordinated interviewed was under the impression they we in love but they weren't together. I don't know how the hell they managed to make everyone believe that. But they did."

"That's right, I interviewed Dr. Daniel Jackson and he was completely sure they were married to other people. Most of SG-1 is under that impression and if SG-1; the team who knows them better than anyone else around here things like that. Then why on Earth are we criticizing those two?"

"Let's take a break for today and we will return tomorrow after thinking this trough"


"Then the final day came and we were free of charges. It was amazing! They told us that we would be on probation again and any screwing up could generate another of those"

"By the end of that year, we were free again and Sasha and Allistair joined the family"

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