Interview with the Past


"Where were we?" Jack said, scratching his head, both looked somewhat more tired than days before. Both sported dark circles under their eyes this morning and at least 8 cups of what Malcolm supposed was coffee sat on the table in front of them

"You don't look good today; sure you want to continue?"

"We just didn't sleep last night. We are okay, it's not like we didn't use to go more than a couple of days without sleep"

"Talk about yourself there sleepy head, I am pretty sure I had to order you to get some shut eye. I've never had to order me to have a decent sleep" He said smugly.

"Yes, about that… you know they are several studies to point that smarter people tend to sleep later than just average people"

"Touche!" He said "Anyways; did we finish the episode of the daughter from hell?"

"I think so. I do have a question about it tough"

"Fire away"

"That was back at 2011, you mentioned before that your friends didn't know about you being married to each other until 2020. How was that possible with the ongoing investigation?"

"Well; the investigation committee actually thought about the approach they needed to use in the case, since most of our files were marked as classified and our marriage certificate was under an even deeper classification level"

"We don't actually know what went on those exchanges since whoever was being contacted couldn't talk to us once they got the interview notification, and they were under oath they wouldn't reproduce the contents of the meetings"

"I guess sometimes it actually sucked to be you"

"Pretty much, yeah… Well; until the 2013 incident, that was awesome! We are still enjoying the results of that"


It was just another regular boring day at Stargate Command, and General Carter was deeply in thought, trying to decide if they needed extra potatoes for that month or if a good extra ration of veggies would do. No, that issue was now part of Walter's job; the guy actually went to her and told her he used to do those things for both Hammond and O'Neill; so he wouldn't' mind having to pick between potatoes and veggies and she wouldn't mind not to.

So she was actually quite engrossed in a report from R&D about the latest doohickey Dr Lee was trying to convince her to approve. The reading was interesting; the doohickey… well; she still didn't see how useful could be a gun that could work as a zat and as a paintball gun, which would throw those paints that glow under black light; and she was imaging shooting that to the enemy and the guy going "WTF? Now I glow like that vampire guy on that movie". Sometimes being married to Jack made her brain work those kinds of phrases out of nowhere.

The klaxons went crazy; no teams were expected. So she ran to the room and Walter just looked at her.

"What happened?"

"Nothing actually… the Stargate engaged we didn't get any IDC nor we hear anything thumping the iris."

"When did we do the last maintenance of the gate?"

"This morning, we ran all the regular processes starting yesterday and today all the crystals where exchanged just in case. There, we are receiving something," a shrill sounded, and everyone covered their ears and then an image appeared at the foot of the Stargate; it was a long figure covered in robes.

"Greetings, we are sorry for the disturbance that our message caused. The message you just received can only be heard when both Samantha Carter and Jack O'Neill are present in the room"

"I'm General Carter; might I ask who are you?"

"Samantha Carter; I am Jessamy of the Council of the 4 Races; once you get Jack O'Neill and hear the message; you are expected to contact us"


"Yes. The Furling council is expecting you. It's time" Jessamy said.


"Yes. There's a process that's ready to start now. Hear the message. It's saved on the pink crystal. Contact us" with those last words the figure was no longer there and the gate was disengaged"


"What happened?"

"What do you know about the Council of the 5 Races?"

"Well, it's an Old Council composed of the strongest races of the universe. The Nox, The Asgards, The Alterans, The Furlings and the Humans; that's what is being taught"

"The reality is that the Council of the 5 Races is fairly new. The last race won its place on it on 2013"

"For all those years working at the SGC and moving around the Universe we came in contact with 3 out of 4 Races… until 2013 when the last race came to find us"

"And by us, we mean her and me…"


"Sir, we have a situation" Sam said as soon as she was beamed into his office at The Pentagon.

"What happened?"

"Apparently; The Furlings"

"Our furry friends decided to come out of hiding?"

"Well, it seems so… they weren't exactly.."


"Communicative. Sir"

"Carter; you are not making sense and you are not even technobabbling"

"Well, they came and sent a message, but is encoded to be heard only when we both are in the same room. I don't even begin to comprehend how this would…"

Before she could finish a bright pink light covered the room and now two figures were standing in front of them.

"Greetings Samantha Carter; Greetings Jack O'Neill; you have been approved as the 5th Race. You have been expected for a long while now. Now you are ready, find us at the coordinate's embedded on this crystal. It's imperative for you to come"

"We won't convince the bosses to go, Sam, " Jack whispered to her.

"Worry not; you can replay this message to whomever you need by touching it again"

"We know about your travel policies; we are expecting you to come. We don't mind if there are more than you, but are you whom we need. It is you whom we expect"

"Come and you will know more. We can offer technology if that's what we need to do to get access to the two of you"

Then the people were gone.

"That was weird"

"So, sir… what do you feel about a gate trip?"

"I think it is about damn time… don't you agree?" She nodded smiling brightly. "Now; come along General; we have a room full of Generals to convince"


"Ok, but why had to be specifically you?"

"Well, the truth is that the Human race isn't the 5th Race"


"Good Luck Generals" another voice sounded and they turned around with huge grins on their faces; they saluted the guy and then they walked head first into the Gate.

"Why I have a feeling that they liked that too much?" The general said to Walter watching the rest of the two teams following the couple of Generals.

"Because they were; that's SG-1 at its finest" answered Walter; Mitchell turned around and saluted to the temporary SGC Commander before disappearing into the blue and then…

Light; they were on a really bright place. Even though the sky was dark and covered with starts and at least two full moons were rotating around the planet orbit, the place was shining as it was the most beautiful morning sun. They all had to put sunglasses on and then they discovered the light actually came from the plants of the planet.

"Okay kids… listen up. SG-6 you get to gate-sitting. SG-11 you secure the area to the left. SG-1" Jack grinned at this "we go that way"

"Yes; sir!"

They didn't have to walk long before getting to a place that looked just like a glowing not a green version of Oz castle. Half way to it; two figures stood guarding the entrance to the path. They surveyed silently to the group of newcomers.

"Samantha Carter; Jack O'Neill" they said and bowed to their knees.

"Uh, yes?"

"Councilors Jessamy and Ryrie are expecting you. We; the Furling's rejoice on your visit"

"Thanks… lead the way, " Jack said

With that they were engulfed in a pink light and reappeared on a room full of people in a banquet fashion. Two figures ran to them.

"What's up with all the pink?" Jack asked

"Samantha Carter! Jack O'Neill!" They recognized the two of them as the ones from the message.

"Jessamy.. I think it was?"

"Sorry by my rudeness! I am Councilor Jessamy and my partner Councilor Ryrie. We've been waiting for you for a long time. We were starting to lose hope in finding you"

"Worry not, this party is for you. We understand is customary for you not to consume food of other planets. But a banquet was required to show your presence after long!"

"I have no idea of what are you talking about" Jack stated.

"Please, join us. We analyzed your food structure and we have synthesized food similar as yours, but hopefully as tasty as ours and worry not Generals… poisoning is not something we are looking after. Protect you is what we pursue"

"Councilors; why are you looking for them… wouldn't you rather have anyone else? They are just humans?"

"They aren't just humans Doctor Jackson; I thought you knew that after all those years expend by their side."

"Or why do you think they never died?"

"Luck?" provided Mitchell

"If that's the name you want to give to it Cameron Mitchell; then yes and thank you for helping her; she could have bled out on that place. We couldn't go there; we are grateful you managed to protect her"

"Uh.. Thanks, I guess."

"Now go… enjoy! The rest of your friends will be traveling by light as soon as they stay still." Ryrie looked straight into Jessamy's big black eyes. She smiled and nodded and once again they were surrounded by pink light and after the light disappeared, they were standing dressing in a similar fashion than the rest of the humanoid forms that moved around.

"Now you are ready," Ryrie said.

"What the hell?!"

"You won't need your weaponry; this planet is not on the stargate list on any cartouche. You can only find this planet if you are given the direction to it and we are not a warrior race"


"It isn't?"

"And the Council isn't made of couples of the 5 races per se"


After the arrival; they were pointed to designated seats; most of the teams mingling on tables full of Furlings divided on pairs. Sam and Jack were pointed to a place and once they sat, they noticed that in their table, four other couples were staring at them; they looked to one couple they thought they might recognize

"Anteaus? Lya?" the couple smiled warmly at them

"They talked much about you. You and your friend Dr. Jackson gave quite the impression on the kids"

"So you, aren't they…"

"We are Karsyn and Braylin; Council Members; Nox fathers"

Across the table, two elongated figures with huge black eyes and gray plastic like skin blinked at them; if it wasn't for the hair that they both had they would assume that those two were Asgards.

"You are right and your assumptions, O'Neill" said the male one

"And then again; you are not" said the woman

"Yes, Sam Carter… our son Thor greatly appreciates you both. He sent his regards"

"Thor! He is… I saw his ship blew up"

"It blew up? Oh yes… but we used one of your 'dumb ideas' before he blew up. We managed to fix the cloning issue with the help of your kids. Thor was supposed to join us today; he was anxious to see you"

"He's alive, " they whispered unbelievingly.

"What's death anyway?" said one of the figures; a red haired human like person.

"It's just a temporary status between your last breath and the next one, " said the blonde next to the red haired.

"I'm Teegan" said the red haired

"I'm Keegan" said the blonde haired

"Alterans" the provided at the same time before being asked

"Okay… so Alterans, Nox, Furlings and Asgards?" they all nodded.

"And not exactly them either"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Silence surrounded the room for the first time since the arrival of all the SG teams that were sent to the Furling planet. Jessamy stood and raised her glass.

"Let's celebrate the joining of the 5th Race!"

"Asgards," people raised their glasses and one of the Asgards took the only cup in the table and drank from it before passing to his companion

"Noxs," again people raised their glasses and this time the cup was passed to Karsyn and Braylin.

"Alterans" again the process was repeated. They took the cup and drank before passing it to Jessamy

"For us… the Furlings" Jessamy raised her glass and drank and then so did it Ryrie

"And finally; for the last race… the youngest one," Jessamy turned around an looked to Sam and Jack. "The humans" she said and winked at them. Teegan gave the cup to Sam.

Sam and Jack exchanged a worried glance and they looked at the couples of the table which in turn were looking at them expectantly. They had wide eyes, noting that the only thing they could do was drink from the glass; they looked to find a way to get out of that and they found Daniel making them a sign to drink. Jack nodded to Sam. Sam sighed, drank and then she passed the cup to him.

Loud cheers surrounded the room; the Furlings clapped loudly and the soft music that was played now sounded strong… The pair looked at each other; they immediately clasp their hands under the table for no one to see and their free hands went to cover their own mouths figuring that something wasn't really right with the drink.

From his vantage point; Daniel saw them cover their mouths; their eyes widening in fear and then… a purple light surrounded the table and all the members were gone.

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