Interview with the Past

The Drink of Youth

"The Council isn't made of the 5 races? I don't get it"

"Well, we will be talking about that later on, if you don't mind."

"Why? You already brought up the subject"

"Just… chronology" Jack smirked

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"We didn't figure that one out until we actually joined the Council and that didn't happen until 2036, Earth time"

"Ok… back to 2013 then?" Both Jack and Sam nodded…

"What was the so interesting thing which happened back then?"

"We went to the Furlings world and we disappeared for 10 Earth days"


"What do you mean with, you can't dial to the Furlings?"

"I've tried, Sir… I've been trying but it won't engage. We've tried everything from a regular checkup to the classic reboot and even the desperate whole power down"

"Then try harder! It's been nine days since they left!"


"Yes, when we returned they informed us they had tried to contact the world, but it wouldn't engage and the Teams on Furlona; yes, that's the name of the Furling's planet. Well, the teams were 'transported by light' so getting out of the city only would mean they could get lost in the world with a chance of never find the Stargate"

"And you?"


The bright light made him remember the many times he woke up on a sarcophagus. He didn't like that. Scratch that; he absolutely hated sarcophagus. Or not, his (many) visits to the sarcophagus actually had improved his knees for at least a good year or two. But even that couldn't take the feeling of dread which only waking up with bright lights going straight to your brain could bring to his memory; so as soon as he opened his eyes he closed them again.

She tried to move around, but found she hadn't enough strength to do so; she could barely keep her eyes open and it didn't have anything to do with the blinding white purplish lights in front of her eyes. No, it didn't have anything to do with the situation at all, making her remember the couple of times she got to take a trip down sarcophagus lane and yet; and then, she couldn't fight the urge to close her eyes anymore.

It was later when he opened his eyes, he moved his head to the side and blonde hair reached his vision. "Sam," he whispered and moved closer; even if it wasn't as much as an inch or two closer to her he felt exhausted and soon his eyes were closed again.

She opened her eyes slowly when she heard him calling her name, she tilted her head to the place where she thought he was and tried to scoot a little closer; she felt her body move a little and even if it wasn't much; she felt drained and had to stop.

At the observation room; eight figures exchanged glances. They weren't worried; they knew what was happening, but they were really surprised. After transporting them to this part of the city; Keegan and Teegan being the strongest of the group had moved the sedated bodies of Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter to lie together on each size of the Furling's version of a King size bed.

They've watched them for a couple hours; being conscious it would take at least a day for those two to opened their eyes for the first time. It was really surprising when it took only four hours. They heard all the stories about those two, but know 8 hours after the drink they were amazed by watching them fight the strongest sedatives just to move a little bit closer to the other. They were amazed by how in sync those two really were.

"That's unexpected," Ryrie said and got 7 nods in response.

"But we heard all about them; we should have figured this one out," Said Adalsteinn from the Asgards.

"You are right; love. Their dumb ideas never passed as dumb to me, " responded Brynja

"I suppose we wait. However; given that their first eyes opening took place earlier than we expected we should try and get a rough calculation of the final date"


"And we… well; apparently we spent 8 days sleeping"

"Somehow, I can't seem to put you like sleepers; I mean, I know for sure you are up way earlier than I and according to Aila; by the time I wake up you already been to town and did your ten miles"


As soon as the purple vanished and they figured out they had lost both Generals, all teams ran to the table wishing that somehow they would be there. Of course, it didn't happen.

"They were transported to a facility; they are in good hands, " said a blue skinned and black eyed person. All the humans turned and looked disbelievingly; the nerve of the person!. "The Council Members will look after them; worry not. They'll be good once they finish"

"Once they finish? What's that supposed to mean?"

"You'll see on its due time"

"What the hell!"

"Please, enjoy the party. Once you are ready you will be transported to a facility; you'll be free to roam around the city and you will be on your way once they finish"


"Well, it wasn't exactly because we wanted to… but yeah; sleep is what we did"

"And what about the rest of people who went with you?"

"They were properly taken care of"


Day 2

"Listen, Britta! We need to get back to the Stargate and let our planet know what's going on?"

"You pretend we let you go so then you will return with more people and do who knows what to my people" she affirmed.

"We won't do anything if you return our Generals!" she shifted her head slightly to one side

"Even if I take you to the Stargate as you call it; you wouldn't find it there"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It won't be there until its time"


"Did they get to see you?"

"Daniel confessed later on that he managed to see us; but he couldn't remember what he saw. He only remembered he knew we were alright"


Day 4

"I don't care! You keep saying they are alright; I just want some proof they are… I'm not asking much!"

"I already told you enough times Daniel Jackson; I can't take you to the facility"

"However, I can, " said Jessamy appearing in a cloud of purple. "I will take you Daniel Jackson…"


"Whatever you see is for your eyes only. You can only confirm what we tell you is the truth"

"That sounds like complete bullshit" said Mitchell

"Well, it is the only thing they are giving us and I am taking it"

"Please, " said Jessamy extending one hand; Daniel took it and as soon the purple smoke was enveloping them, it was disappearing around them. Daniel found himself in a dark room; another 7 people were there a couple of them standing near what it looked like a window.

The Asgards nodded with their heads and he neared to the ones standing; and then he saw it… them. He gasped at the view; almost in the middle of a bed Jack lay on the right side and Sam on the left, both with their bodies turned to each other. Their arms were barely extended allowing Sam's right hand to be covered with Jack's left and Jack's right to be covered with Sam left's. They seemed to be sleeping.

The other people moved farther and Jessamy walked to Daniel; she touched his shoulder.

"They are well, Daniel Jackson; they have to deal with the aftermath of the toast; it's safer for them to stay here; since we can check on the levels of pain they can endure and sedate them so they won't feel it," before Daniel could come with something to say, purple smoke was around him and left him. "Remember the deal" Jessamy said before disappearing on her cloud once more.


"And what you do remember?"

"I remember a purple cloud"

"And feeling so tired that even opening the eyes was an exhausting feature"

"And I remember, Jack"


He felt her; more than saw her; he felt her hands in his. He didn't know how or when had they managed to touch each other but they were. It felt so good

'Yes, it really does'

'Wait? What? Now, I can think with Sam's voice?'

'What do you mean to think with my voice?"

They both managed somehow to open their eyes

"You know, my brain normally talks to me in my own voice; not in yours"

"Uh, Jack… we are talking"

"No, we aren't"

"Yes. We are"

"Then how come you don't move your lips"

"Oh crap!"

"Does this means I get to hear what you are thinking?"

"This can't be right!"

"Calm down; please Samantha Carter, Jack O'Neill. If our calculations are correct you are starting to establish the link. Which means you now can hear each other; we will teach you how to control it"

"Oh shit"

"Like that makes it easier"

"Think something dumb, think something dumb! I know! What about that dog who was sleeping in the tub while its owner cleaned him"

"Please stop thinking Jack… and please do get your head out of the gutter; it's not like we can actually move to do that"


"Well, I do agree on that"


"Ok, so what exactly happened there?"

"They explained to us that they knew we wouldn't take the drink by our own means so they had to come with a plan to force us to do it. That's how they ended up with the toast"

"Those stinky little aliens didn't actually drink of the cup!"


The haze was finally starting to leave his body; he now was able to move closer to Sam and according to her; she too felt stronger. For the first time they both were able to open their eyes and see clearly. Both gasped.



This time they said out loud. They turned and tried to sit founding they actually could do it; and then they proceeded to examine their hands and touch themselves above their clothes and then, they touched their own faces… finally they turned to see the other again.

Jack was presented with the same Sam he met once, back in 1995 without the bruises or the casts, due to Hanson's actions; her face was young and terse and her eyes were brighter, if that could be possible; her lips were redder and she was as stunning as she had always been. He smiled when he saw she no longer carried those eye wrinkles he knew she hated. The woman could take the thousands of scars covering her body... but those pesky little wrinkles could drive her insane.

Sam saw Jack and her heart started to beat faster. She loved the man and his soft silver hair, but she remembered the brown hair from '95 and always wondered how that felt and now; his head was covered with a soft looking brown hair. Somehow he looked thinner and more built at the same time; he looked so darn sexy! She was about to jump his bones when a voice brought them back

"You really did it faster than anyone before. It only took you 8 days of sedatives whereas the shortest process before was about 45 days, " said Keegan or was it Teegan?

"What is this process?"

"It's what will allow you to take your place at the Council, " said the woman from the Asgards; he was pretty sure they never got her name.

"The Council?"

"Yes, you have been approved as members of the Council; I thought we already went through this" said Ryrie

"You have to understand them, my love. This is quite an experience; that we hadn't needed it doesn't mean we can't put ourselves on their footing"

"Jessamy, please.. Can you explain us what happened?" Sam pleaded

"Well, you bodies were returned to full maturity and they will stay like that for long as you live, it can be quite some years and even then you are still just children compared to us. It also provided you with a bond, it will tie you to each other… you will always know where the other is; not necessarily what they are thinking unless you decided to share"

"How long have we been here?"

"Eight of your days; worry not… the people who came with you is safe and well kept; they know you are in good hands; they couldn't contact Earth though"

"Oh my god… they should be really worried by now!"

"When can we leave"

"You can leave this facility as soon as you feel well enough. Leaving Furlona will take another couple days. Until the planet completes its cycle and the stars unhide the Stargate"


"So what was the drink for?"

"Let's put it like this… it was the fountain of youth"

"Then that's why you look… like, uh, this…" they both nodded sheepishly.

"I remember back then when you were the President you looked like this; when I first connected the dots while walking up the hill I thought you were your daughter and son or something; never thought I would find you looking exactly as I remembered"

"Well, it has great advantages"

"And also great disadvantages… mostly things we needed, and still need, to learn how to deal with. We will have a prolonged life… which also means our children will have a prolonged life "


"Not as long as ours," Jack said grimly

"Wow… that… that really sucks…" the room fell quiet for a couple of minutes, Malcolm cleared his throat to dissipate somehow the mood that had settled. "How did the teams reacted to you?"

"Well, they…."

"They went to lunch and returned later, " said Aila, entering the room carrying 3 years old Finn.

"Daddy! It's barbecue! And somehow Terran managed not to burn it," Finn said happily, now jumping up and down in his father's arms.

"Terran's here?" Sam asked excited

"Yes, he got two hours ago. He said something about running from the Earth paparazzi for a while. He believes Alex will be joining us soon too"

"Sounds about time!" Jack said with a smile; happy with the prospect of having most of his family gathered, "So did you said something about barbecue?"

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