Ordinary Loneliness

Having Wonderful Time

Lindsey woke up to a delicious feeling: someone was kissing her cheek, her neck and nibbling on her ears. Was there a better way to wake up than to Damon Salvatore planting kisses all over you? Lindsey couldn't think of one. The light peeking through the drapes was still dim and gray, so she knew it was very early.

"Morning, sunshine," he said softly into her ear, and his native Southern accent broke through and drawled out the "shine," making her toes curl. If there was a sexier man on the planet...

"Morning," she murmured. Lindsey was a confirmed night owl, but Damon could make her like mornings. That was an achievement, all by itself.

She felt his hand in her hair – her thin, baby-fine hair. "Mmm," he said. "Your hair is like little silk filaments."

"It's like baby hair," she said.

"Could be, but so soft." He continued stroking her hair and lightly scratching her scalp. She hummed in pleasure. "You like that?" he asked.

"Mmmm-hmm. But you know what I really like?"

"What's that, gorgeous?"

"I love having my back rubbed. Not massaged – although that's good. Just rubbed."

"Turn over then," he purred into her ear. She complied and felt his hand slip under her top and caress the skin on her back. "Like that?"

"Just like that. And I'll give you all day to quit it," she said, and her toes curled again as he gave a sexy snicker in reply.

She was nearly asleep again when he said, "You know what you are?"

"What's that?" she mumbled.

"A sensualist. You love to touch and be touched. And you've got some serious skin hunger going on."

"Skin hunger?"

"Yeah. You've got goosebumps on every square inch of your back. That wouldn't happen if you had more skin on skin contact. You love this. Your heartbeat is as slow as I've ever heard it, your skin is warming under my hands. You're totally relaxed."

"Yep," she managed.

"And you know what?"

"What's that?"

Damon put his mouth next to her ear. "I'm gonna feed that skin hunger."

His words made Lindsey shiver and he laughed again and lay there for the longest time, stroking her back and listening to her breathing. Again, the trust she placed in him humbled him – which was not easy to do. She simply expected him to behave himself and he couldn't bring himself not to. He normally had no interest in living up to anyone's expectations, but with Lindsey, he didn't mind. He couldn't compel her – and he had a suspicion she was strong-minded enough that it wouldn't work very well, anyway – and she just insisted he behave. She wouldn't accept less.

He could feel himself harden against her leg. He wondered if she was ready again. He kissed her neck and wondered once more if her blood tasted as delicious as it smelled. He whispered in her ear. "Lindsey, I want you."

She turned to face him. "Really? What do you want to do about it?"

He put his mouth to her ear again. "I want to feel my cock inside your heat. I want to lose myself in your soft body and feel you come apart just for me."

Heat flooded every cell in her body when he said that. She pulled his head to hers and kissed him. His tongue touched hers and she ran her fingers through his hair and arched her body to his. He rolled her to her back and was on top of her, and Lindsey welcomed his weight. It was what she wanted and needed. She could fully explore his body later, and she would. But right now, all she wanted was Damon inside her, working whatever magic he had on her body. He was touching her, stroking her, and she shimmied out of her underwear, and he immediately slipped a finger inside her, touching her, making her so hot and needy for him. "Please, Damon," she panted. "Please."

"I've got you, babe," he assured her, removing his fingers and licking them. Seeing that nearly sent Lindsey into cardiac arrest and she was pretty sure her eyes rolled back in her head. That made him chuckle deeply and he licked up her neck and to her ear. "But you taste so good, I have to lick my fingers." He was diabolical. He had to know what that did to her pulse. He could hear it. So she just brought her mouth to his in a hungry, wet kiss. She could feel him guiding himself very gently inside her body, and even though she was sore, it was the kind of sore that still felt good. She heard him rumble with satisfaction deep in his chest, and she arched against him again. "You're so wet and hot, and it's so good, Lindsey. I knew it would be this good." He moved in and out, stroking her, and saying the most deliciously X-rated things to her that made her squirm underneath him.

As he quickened his pace, Damon looked at Lindsey. Her eyes were closed, her head was thrown back and she was clawing his back, which didn't bother him in the least. She opened her eyes to see that fabulous blue gaze on her, and then his face changed and his mouth dropped open a little. She could see his fangs and the vessels underneath his eyes bulge. But she wasn't afraid.

"Is that -- that what I do to you?" she panted.

He nodded. It happened during sex, but Damon usually had more control over it. But something about the way Lindsey gave herself to him... He nuzzled in her neck and she braced herself for a bite, but it didn't come. "I told you I'd never bite you unless you wanted me to. But if you'll let me, I can make it feel good. It won't hurt, or very little anyway. And I'll only take a little."

She thought about it. "O.K. But promise you'll stop before you take too much."

"I promise. I swear." Lindsey nodded slowly and turned her head. Damon could see the veins and arteries, almost as if her skin weren't there. He knew her blood would be rich and sweet. He licked her neck, nibbled and then blew on the moist skin, raising the goosebumps, and a good vein in the process. His angle was intended to cause the least pain and the most pleasure. He bit, but then swiftly retracted his fangs so he only caused the briefest pinch of pain. And now, the pleasure. He took the first mouthful and had to pull back. Her blood was like pure honey. He knew it would be, but damn, when he actually tasted it...

Lindsey couldn't believe it didn't hurt. And the feeling of his mouth pulling on her skin was intoxicating. He was still inside her, still moving slowly and she was aching for release. Damon bit his lip and kissed his blood over the wounds, so they would heal. Then, he kissed her and she tasted his blood again, and somehow, felt his desire for her in her mind, and that, plus him touching her sent her over the edge and she screamed her orgasm for him, and dimly, felt his release inside her. He relaxed and Lindsey barely opened her eyes to see his face mostly back to normal – just a stray dark vein under his eyes to remind her of what he was.

Damon gathered her into his arms, which felt appropriate, since Lindsey felt like pieces of herself were scattered all over the room, but in the best possible way. "Thank you," he whispered to her. Imagine that. He had just provided mind-melting sex for her and he was thanking her. Sometimes, life was too good. "Thank you, sweetheart," she whispered right before she fell asleep again.

Finally, they were on their way to the beach. Damon decided to trade the Jaguar in, just in case the Augustines had located it. Their new ride was a black Infiniti M convertible. Lindsey had laughed when saw it. Nothing but top shelf stuff for this guy. After another hour or so of sleep after their delightful, very early morning interlude, Damon left to get to the car dealership early and Lindsey packed. She was feeling a little like she was dreaming. She couldn't be, but she still felt like it. Everything she had endured in Nashville made it possible for her to have Damon in her arms and in her bed. She sighed happily. Nothing in her very ordinary life had prepared her for Damon Salvatore, but she'd take him, anyway. Even if it wasn't permanent, or even very long-term, she'd take him while she had him.

As Lindsey packed, she ran across the black T-shirt Damon wore the day before, and since he wasn't there to see, she slipped it into her luggage. It smelled like him and would go home with her. Otherwise, his stuff went into his bags, in black, naturally. "How does one man need so many clothes?" she said as she folded his new purchases and neatly stowed them in the duffels. He liked boxer briefs, as far as underwear went. Lindsey didn't really care what he wore, but she did recall a funny conversation they had in Nashville when they saw some reality show about guys and one mentioned going commando. Lindsey had looked enquiringly at Damon, who caught her drift immediately and rolled his eyes.

"No," he said. "Tried it a couple of times."

"And?" she asked.

He looked disgusted. "I wear jeans. Two words: hair, zipper. And that's all you're gonna get on the subject."

Lindsey had nearly rolled off the sofa, laughing at the idea, as Damon glowered at her. He could glower so well, but it didn't bother her anymore.

She heard the door open and he came inside. "Give me about five minutes and we'll be ready to go," she said.

He came into the bedroom and looked at the bags sitting on the bed. "Seriously. You're nearly ready?"

"I don't waste time. We needed to get packed, so I packed. I just need to get my stuff from the bathroom and put it in this cute little matching tote that found its way into one of the duffels. Strange how that just appeared when I unzipped the bag." She went to him and kissed him. He put his arms around her and returned the kiss fully, wishing they had enough time to get naked again, but they really didn't.

Regretfully, he raised his head. "Guess we need to roll."

"Yep," Lindsey agreed. "We do." She stroked his cheek. "We can pick up where we left off this morning when we get to wherever we're staying. Have you found a place?"

"I think so. I looked through all those brochures in the lobby and got some ideas."

"It might not be too easy to find something, though. Still high season down there."

"Not a problem," Damon assured her.

"Oh yeah. Money and compulsion. Takes care of every difficulty."

"Pretty much," he answered and then smiled at her.

She shook her head and went to get her things from the bathroom. When they were stowed away, she said, "Well, nothing keeping me here. Let's go."

He had settled the bill and as they left, Damon scanned the parking lot, but didn't see anything that pulled his focus. So far, they were still a step ahead of the bad guys, apparently. He wanted to keep it that way.

As they drove the long, less inhabited stretch of Interstate south, Lindsey looked at Damon's elbow, resting comfortably on the console while his left hand was on the wheel. She casually reached over and snuck her hand under his. He glanced at her with a smile and squeezed her hand. She dozed off and Damon settled into the long drive. He didn't mind longer drives. They gave him a chance to clear his head and think. He looked over at Lindsey. She was sound asleep. She picked up a travel pillow at the "travel center" where they stopped for gas and it was comfortably around her neck.

Although he had plenty of blood with him, and had fed, he still was thinking about Lindsey. He never thought she would ever let him taste her blood, but she did, and it was incredible. He had told her the truth when he said she was soft and warm and sexy. She was. Just not perhaps in the popular sense. But she gave all of herself, and he truly appreciated it. He was still a little overwhelmed about that. He couldn't believe this was the same woman who had looked at him with wary, frightened eyes just a few weeks ago, who tried not to get within arm's reach of him if she could help it. Damon tried to feel proud of how he hadn't lost his mojo with the ladies, but all he could come up with was gratitude. There was no reason Lindsey Hargrove should regard him as anything but a monster, but that's not how she saw him. He turned on the radio. The car had one of the new satellite radios and Damon was liking it. You never ran out of the range of a station and there were no commercials. He put it on a channel that played 70s music.

It was mid-afternoon when they reached Gulf Shores, and Damon looked for the realty company he had called the day before. When he found the office, he strolled inside, as if he owned the business himself. A little charm, some cash, and just a smidgen of compulsion and he had the key and rental contract in hand. He went back to the car and tossed the envelope to Lindsey. "Know where this is?"

She looked at the address. "Kind of. It's on West Beach, past the condos."

"Good. I asked for something a little out of the way."


"So how do we get there?"

Lindsey grinned. "Just get back on the highway and take it all the way until it dead ends and then turn right. This place is a couple of miles down, at least." She looked at the paperwork again. "Says its on the left a half mile past the Pier 33 Grocery Store. I know where the store is." She looked around. "Gosh. It gets more built up every time I come down here. Before long, you won't know there's even a beach. Yeah. Turn here. And watch your speed. The Gulf Shores police are really, really thrilled to see out of town tags and they love to pull people over."

He laughed. "I'll keep that in mind."

The rental information had a photo of the house and Lindsey spotted it. "Right there by the mailbox with the dolphin on it. It's the yellow house."

A sign on the door said, "Welcome Guests. Come in."

Damon grinned. "I'll take that as an invitation," and he unlocked the door and walked inside.

Lindsey looked around and smiled. "What a nice little place! So pretty! You did good, Damon."

"Thanks." He looked outside. "Right on the beach."

"I see that. Unless you thought to get some sunscreen, I'll have to have some. I'll burn to a crisp, otherwise. And a cap. I'll have to get a baseball cap."

"Baseball cap?" he said, puzzled.

She tugged his hair playfully. "You are blessed with hair thick as a briar patch. I have to protect my scalp. A sunburned scalp is no fun at all. Been there, done that."

He grimaced and rubbed the top of his head absently. "That sounds painful."

"It is. Once was enough. So I'll definitely have to get to a real store."

"What about all those beach shops we passed?"

"Seriously? They'll charge $25 for a cap and $12 for a bottle of sunscreen. We'll go to Wal-Mart or somewhere they won't cheat us out of our last dime. I can probably pick up something I can wear on the beach there, too."

"You didn't get a suit in Birmingham?"

"I didn't even think about it. But I'll find something." She had glanced at the swimsuits then, but there was no way she was modeling one for him, and he would have insisted, just to be annoying. She had her pride.

"I'll go with you and help you look," he said cheerfully. Just what she didn't want.

She shrugged. "Then I'll wear shorts and a T-shirt. I'll just get the sunscreen."

"But this is the beach."

"Yep. And I can wear shorts and a T-shirt."

"Why are you making such a big deal out of a swimsuit?" he was genuinely puzzled.

Because he was actually confused and not just being an ass, Lindsey bit back an acidic reply and chose honesty. "Because I still have more body image issues than Life magazine, and the very idea of going with a guy – any guy – to buy a bathing suit is more than my very fragile self-esteem can stand, O.K.? It's not you. You can go look at hardware or deep sea fishing tackle, or whatever, but this is something I have to do by myself, all right?"

She had been hiding it so well, Damon sometimes forgot she was damaged, too. "I understand," he said.

She went to him and kissed him. "Thank you. I appreciate it."

True to his word, Damon disappeared when Lindsey started looking at swimwear. She finally settled on black swim shorts, a black tankini with neon pink vertical racing stripes down the sides and a black pareo to wrap around her waist. That combination would keep her covered, but still qualified as some variant on a swimsuit. She located some beach sandals, which she could wear on the sand, or in the water, to keep her from cutting her foot on a shell. She did snicker at the thought that if the wound bled, Damon would be more than happy to kiss it and make it better.

Lindsey wandered over to the sunscreen aisle and looked for whatever had the highest SPF. She located a large bottle of SPF 70 and added that to the shopping cart. She also got a bottle of after-sun lotion. She picked up a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic oil and took the top off so she could smell it. It always reminded her of summer. Thanks to Damon, this would be a summer she would never forget. She wasn't sure if she was just inexperienced, but she was pretty certain he had to be in an elite class of sex gods. What must it be like not to age, or get sick? Until he finally died, Damon would always look just as hot as he did now. Wow.

"You're thinking about me," a silky voice inserted itself into her reverie.

Lindsey looked to see Damon standing in the aisle, hands in his pockets, looking impossibly smug.

"What makes you think you're that important?" she shot back.

The smugness turned into a sexy grin. "Because I'm the only man who can put that look on a woman's face."

Busted. Still, Lindsey took refuge in snark. "I really don't know how you and your ego made it in through the door together. Do you have any trunks?" She didn't remember packing any.

His eyes sparkled devilishly. "I swim naked."

She shrugged. "O.K. But if you get arrested for indecent exposure, I'm not bailing you out of jail. I'll leave you there until your court date while I drive that hot car around." She started pushing the cart to the magazine aisle.

"Think they'd allow conjugal visits?" he said in that black velvet voice that sent shivers to her toes.

"Not with your record."

Damon shook his head. He just wasn't going to win this one. Not right now, anyway. "I'll see what I can find."

"I know they don't carry Armani. How sad," Lindsey said, twisting the knife just a little.

"I don't like Armani swimwear," Damon growled.

"Ooooops. My bad," she replied, grinning. She nudged him with her shoulder and he smiled back at her and put a very possessive arm around her shoulders. "I wanted to ask you," she said. "Considering who might be chasing us, how do you feel about having a firearm around – in case of an Augustine emergency?"

He wrinkled his brow. "I'm not against the idea. Can you get a pistol permit?"

"I have one." At Damon's stunned look, she chuckled. It was tough to shock him, and she'd done it. "When I worked in Birmingham, our editor said every reporter needed one, and that we should probably carry a weapon in our cars, just because of some of the neighborhoods where we worked, even though we rarely went alone. I took marksmanship and safety classes. I'm a decent shot. Not great, but decent."

Damon grinned widely at her. "Oooh. Kitten with a Glock. I like the concept."

"You would."

"But seriously, it's not a bad idea. Really. I'd hate to run into those shitheads completely unprepared. I know I could blow them away, but could you?"

It was a legitimate question, but Lindsey looked into Damon's eyes. "If they were hurting you, or if I felt my life was in danger, then yes. Without hesitation."

He grinned at her. She was clearly from the old time stock of Southern women who shot Yankee deserters and anyone else who threatened their families, homes or livelihoods. He had known many of them when he was human, and after. "We'll check a couple of pawn shops when we get out of here. You can get more for your money."

"All right."

Even though Lindsey well knew Damon could wear the tiniest trunks possible and make them look impossibly sexy, he played it a little safe with mid-thigh shorts. She was glad. It was going to be tough enough to keep her hands off him in those. He wouldn't stand a chance in Speedos. She had plans for him, anyway, if he would just hold still long enough.

"You're thinking about me again," he said.

"Shut up."

"Nothing wrong with that. I think about you, too." He tugged playfully on her ponytail.

"Let's get out of here. I've been thinking about Doc's gumbo all day."

"Where's Doc's?"

"Orange Beach. Complete dive, fantastic seafood. You want to see me eat? I can consume an obscene amount of seafood."

He laughed. "Sounds good. And it's about that time."

"Did you feed before we left the house?"

He nodded. "I'm good." She always made sure he fed. At first, he thought it was fear he would put her on the menu, but now, he knew it was actually concern for his well-being. He watched her as she thumbed through a magazine in the checkout line. How could he have ever thought she was anything but beautiful? Now that he knew her, had made love to her, tasted her blood, Damon thought Lindsey was a gorgeous woman. She glanced up at him and saw the softness in his eyes.

"You're thinking about me now," she said and gave him a toothy grin.

"Busted," he said with a return grin.

When they finally got back to the house, pistol stowed safely in the car, Lindsey wanted a nap. She flaked out on the sofa, but woke up in the bedroom with Damon curled around her.

"Here all day and haven't even been to the beach," he teased. "And now it's dark."

"We can still go walking. I like the beach at night," she replied. "Not safe to get in the water, but walking is still good." She got up. "I'll just slip my sandals on. Let's go."

Damon stretched and said, "O.K."

As they walked, Lindsey looked at the water. "Look how bright the moon is. It makes the beach look silver and the surf, too," she said. "It turns it into a different world."

Damon hugged her close. "I love looking at the world through your eyes," he said, and kissed her. He pulled back. "I'd stopped noticing things like the moon and beaches, but you see it all." He kissed her again, with a sweet tenderness that left her breathless. The beach was deserted, and Damon picked her up and sped them back to the house. When they were inside, he was kissing her hungrily, and attempting to get rid of their clothing.

Lindsey pushed him back. "After I have my shower. Alone. Then, it's my turn."

Damon was still hazy-eyed with lust. "Your turn for what?"

"With you, silly man. You were in charge last night and this morning. Now, it's my turn."

He licked his lips. He couldn't believe what she was saying, but he was absolutely willing to give it a shot. "All right. But don't take too long in the shower. I'll come in and get you."

She just laughed at him. She strolled into the bedroom and locked the door.

"What are you doing?" he yelled from the other side. He didn't want to break down the door or break the lock.

"Be patient, for heaven's sake!" she called. "It's just for a couple of minutes." She was digging something out of her luggage and didn't want him to see it. She had smuggled it into the clothes she bought in Birmingham. He might have spied it, but she didn't think so. Once it was safely in the bathroom, she unlocked the bedroom door and went into the bathroom.

"What were you doing in here?" Damon said irritably.

Lindsey looked out from around the bathroom door. "Putting itching powder in your shorts. Stop being so darn suspicious." She shut the door again.

He rubbed his face and sat down on the bed. Normally, he knew exactly where he was in any relationship. He was in charge, knew what he wanted, knew the end game, all the time. He picked women who were compliant, or could be influenced in that direction, or women who just wanted sex and no relationship. But Lindsey was quicksilver, and this relationship was like the sand shifting under his feet in the surf. But he liked it. He liked the challenge. Getting into the spirit of things, he undressed and lay on the bed, waiting for her to emerge from the bathroom.

It was worth the wait. And where had she managed to hide that? "That" was a satin charmeuse chemise with spaghetti straps. It was black with a pattern of red and gold Chinese fans on it. Her hair was brushed softly and she wore that pricey red lipstick. She grinned at him and turned slowly. "What do you think?"

"That I am one damn lucky vampire," he said.

"Probably," she agreed. She got on the bed and his eyes followed her.

"You look incredible," he said.

"Thank you." She looked him over. "It's like where do I even get started?"

"Lady's choice, although I could offer a suggestion or two," he said, the black velvet back in his voice.

"I'm sure you could," she answered, and ran one hand down his chest, scraping his skin very lightly with her short fingernails. He twitched a little. He was already half hard and Lindsey knew it wouldn't take much to get him all the way there, so she grasped him and started moving her hand on him. "Tell me what feels good," she said.

"Tighter grip," he said, "You won't hurt me."

Lindsey did as he instructed and watched his expression change to pleasure. But she wanted bliss on his face, so she leaned over and took him in her mouth. He arched his back. "Oh god. What are you doing?"

She paused. "It's not obvious? I must not be doing it right, then."

"It's right. It's so right. Please don't stop," he panted, and thrust into her mouth. She jerked back.

"None of that. I have a very sensitive gag reflex. Let me do this my way, Damon, all right?"

He nodded and whispered, "O.K."

She returned to her work and Damon had to admit, for a woman with no experience, she knew what she was doing. Lips, tongue, teeth, fingers – she used them all and gauged her actions by his responses. "Tell me what feels good," she said again, and as he guided her, he looked at her, with his erection in her mouth with those blood red lips around it, and she was acting like it was her favorite thing ever. He thought his eyes were going to cross in pleasure.

Lindsey looked at Damon's face. Now, he was getting into bliss territory. She could tell he was close. His breathing was erratic and he was grasping the sheets. He climaxed as hard as he had in a long time. Her mouth was just that good. He felt something else and half opened his eyes. Lindsey was cleaning him off with a warm, damp washcloth. It felt wonderful. She kissed the tip and looked up at him to see him gazing at her, and then she grinned at him and winked.

"Holy shit," he said, dropping his head back. "You may have been a virgin, but you are no innocent," he opined.

"I can read. And I do."

"Keep reading," he said.

"I intend to," she answered, as she kissed her way back up his body, leaving red smears of lipstick all over him.

"Give me about one minute," he said.

She nipped his neck. "And then what?"

"And then, this," he said, and flipped her to her back, as he hovered over her. He kissed her, filling her mouth with his tongue and then nuzzled all over her neck and breasts. "I like this lingerie," he said. "It's slippery and your body feels so good in it. In fact, you're leaving it on for this."

"All right," she agreed, and Damon proceeded to drive her crazy. He nipped at her nipples through the fabric and slid his hands all over it. He pushed it up just enough to access her center and as his mouth touched her, it was her turn to lose herself in the feeling. As before, he knew exactly how to touch her and lick her warmth and she screamed her release. Damon grinned and licked the rest of her essence from his lips, then kissed his way up her body.

"Everybody gets a two-fer tonight," he growled into her ear, and entered her easily. He was thrusting rhythmically, and Lindsey was lifting her hips to meet every one. He reached down to brush his thumb against her button and she cried out. "You are so hot and delicious," he whispered, nuzzling in her neck. "Can I, please?" he murmured against her skin.

"Yes," she said, knowing what he wanted, and arching again at the feel of his fangs piercing her skin.

As before, he drank just for a minute, then brought his own blood to heal the wounds and kissed Lindsey so she could taste the blood from the cut on his bottom lip. She did kiss him, and then he said, "Suck on my lip. It will be so good." She did as Damon stroked across her button again and the sensations overwhelmed her and she screamed again, chanting his name and holding him with her hands locked to his shoulders as her body shuddered and he released inside her.

They were both shaking as they held each other and Damon was stroking Lindsey's hair and her back and the skin on her arms, loving her, cuddling her. "You are one talented woman," he said.

"Glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to make you feel good for a change," she answered.

"And it was a wild success," he said, and she felt a chuckle rumble in his chest.

Lindsey curled against his side. "I love you, Damon. Good night, sweetheart."

"You're wonderful, Lindsey," he answered. "Good night, sugar."

Having Damon Salvatore call you "sugar" had to be one of life's most wonderful pleasures, Lindsey thought as she drifted off to sleep.

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