Chapter 3

Scott set about stripping Alan of his boots and sash and then carefully peeled his brother's uniform off him, leaving the young blonde Tracy clad in his undershirt and boxers. He tucked the covers around Alan and gently rubbed his back as he talked Tin-Tin through the traumatic events from earlier that day.

When he had finished explaining everything, Scott offered to sit with Alan but Tin-Tin pointed out that it was her that Alan needed so she sent him away. She remained on the bed for more than an hour before deciding that she might as well get comfortable and extracted her hand from Alan long enough to strip off her tear-stained blouse which she replaced with one of Alan's t-shirts. She then took off her shorts, wriggled out of her bra and slipped into the bed where she gathered Alan into her arms and waited for the nightmares to begin.


Tin-Tin clung to Alan as he cried out for her in his sleep. Several times she managed to calm him by stroking his hair or face and speaking gently to him. This seemed to soothe him long enough for him to settle back to sleep but shortly after midnight a particularly vicious set of nightmares began to plague the young man and nothing that Tin-Tin tried would soothe him.

Without warning Alan's eyes flew open. He howled, threw himself against Tin-Tin's chest and hugged her so tightly that she could barely breathe. She wrapped her arms around his blonde head, kissed his hair and whispered nonsense to him as he sobbed against her.

"I thought you were dead. I thought you were dead," he cried, repeating the same thing over and over again.

"It wasn't me, Alan," Tin-Tin replied softly. "Scott told me what happened and it wasn't me. I'm here and that's exactly where I'm staying. It wasn't me. She wasn't me."

Alan sniffled loudly. "Not dead?"

"Not dead," she confirmed and leant down to kiss his sweaty forehead. "Not me," she continued and kissed him again. "I'm here." This kiss was diverted when, at the last moment, Alan lifted his face and brushed Tin-Tin's lips with a gentle kiss of his own. Tin-Tin made to move her face away but Alan followed and captured her lips with a longer, firmer kiss.

Gradually and almost seeming to be working on automatic, Alan raised himself up on his right elbow. Tin-Tin was unsure of exactly when he managed to move her but she soon found herself lying flat on her back with Alan leaning over her, kissing her passionately.


Alan's movements became less automatic and more fluid as he supported most of his bodyweight on his right arm and buried the fingers of his left hand in Tin-Tin's thick, black hair. He massaged her neck for a short while before Tin-Tin became aware of his kisses changing. They morphed from passionate into something more desperate and primal and Alan soon shifted his weight onto his left arm and allowed his right hand to gently explore Tin-Tin's soft, warm body.

The t-shirt which she had borrowed offered little resistance against the wandering hand and Tin-Tin had a brief moment of panic when Alan reached behind the small of her back and pulled her close against his very aroused and gently thrusting body.

"Alan," she squeaked. "Alan, stop."

Alan, to his credit, froze immediately and raised himself slightly higher above Tin-Tin and gazed into her eyes. "Need you," he whispered. "Need to feel you. Need to know you're alive. Tin, I need…you."

With that he leant forwards and captured Tin-Tin's lips again in a bruising kiss. His hand slipped from the small of her back and moved down to clasp hold of a firm, warm buttock. He kneaded the flesh there for a short while, all the time gently thrusting against Tin-Tin until eventually he could wait no longer. He adjusted his grip on her and gently pulled her panties down. Moments later he was also free of his shorts and Tin-Tin let out a quiet cry as she realised that the final barrier between them was now gone.

Alan pulled back to meet her eyes in the darkened room. "Please," he murmured. "Tin, please…need…need you."

Tin-Tin swallowed deeply and closed her eyes against the burning desire in Alan's wide blue orbs. She took several long, slow breaths and then opened her eyes, reached up to grasp Alan's hair, pulled him towards her and kissed him deeply.

Alan slowly lowered his arms and eased his weight downwards until he was covering Tin-Tin. Her legs automatically parted to grant him access and he gently pressed forwards, only to pause a moment later when Tin-Tin let out a pain-filled whimper. Alan rubbed his cheek gently against her face, lapped up the lone tear which had escaped from her eye and then peppered her face with feather-light kisses until she relaxed.

Almost against his will, Alan slid forwards and sunk deeply into Tin-Tin's body. She let out a pitiful mewl and tried to scramble away from him but Alan caught hold of her hip and gently held her in place as he remained completely motionless inside her.

Long moments passed while Tin-Tin struggled to calm herself down enough to relax again. She toyed with Alan's hair while she mulled through the enormity of what they were doing and several tears made their way down her face to mingle with her hair as she reached out a leg and wrapped it behind one of Alan's knees. She gazed up at him, blinked and then gently nodded her head.

Alan gently pulled himself back and then slid home again. With each pass the movement became easier and more fluid and he was soon pumping hard. The barrage of new sensations proved too much for him though and completion came very shortly afterwards. Once he was spent he collapsed forwards, half on and half off Tin-Tin and wrapped his arms around her.

Tin-Tin was struggling to process just what had happened so passively allowed herself to be bundled into his arms and within minutes the pair had fallen fast asleep.

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