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Alec was reading in the library when his phone buzzed. He checked it and realized he had message from Isabelle. He sighed. This was getting old.

Isabelle_Sophia_Lightwood: Alec, we're in the living room. We're waiting for you to talk to us about whatever it is you wanted to talk to us about.

I've_Seen_The_Light: Alright. I'll be there.

Alec sighed again and put down the book he was reading. He walked down the hall and into the living room and saw everyone sitting around. Everyone looked at him and then their phones expectantly. Hell, even Jonathan was there using a projection and he was looking just as anxious as the others. It had been a year so Jonathan and Jace had turned back into their male selves. By the time the spell had ended, they helped out Clary and Izzy all the time. And they looked better than ever. They had a few more feminine features but that only brought the girls swarming. Alec was tired of hearing the arguing from Jace and Clary about it, though.

He cleared his throat and everyone looked up with shock on their faces. They had all been talking only on that chat room for over a year. Even the adults had been doing it. It was starting to bother Alec. Ever seen Iz had challenged everyone to it, they only used the chat room.

"This has got to stop. You all lose focus, you trip over things, you could possibly lose your voice if you keep this up, and you've fallen back on your training and hunting because everytime you go to say something, you take out your stupid phones!" By the end of his explanation Alec was yelling. "I'm sick and tired of it!"

Everyone just gaped. Magnus looked a little surprised but Alec could only tell because of his wide eyes. Alec had already had this talk with the adults and they said that he had valid reasons and that it was probably for the best.

"You are not leaving this room until you deactivate your accounts. I used to hate all the noise and I liked being the only really quiet one! Now, the silence if deafening! I hate it! Just stop talking on the chat room! It was a stupid challenge! And if I do recall, every single one of you have fallen or tripped over something because you were looking at your phones!"

Jace and Isabelle started blushing. They were really embarassed because the two most graceful Shadowhunter in the building had fallen over the stupidest things and had the worst landings. Jace had tripped over a calf-high coffee table and fell on his back landing on Church. Church ended up ignoring Jace for a week. Isabelle had been practicing 'cooking' again and tripped over some bag of flour she had on the flour. She landed with her arms above her head holding her phone and her head in a thing of whatever it was she was attempting to cook. Safe to say, Izzy hadn't cooked ever since.

Everyone looked a little upset about how stupid they had been. As they thought about what Alec said, they realized how right he was. Everyone immediately went on their accounts and deactivated them. Then Isabelle broke the silence by saying the first thing in a year.

"Thanks, Alec. We all needed the wake-up call." Alec sighed in relief and walked back to the library. Everyone just sat around for a moment in silence after he left. Clary then looked up with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"Have I ever told any of you about Facebook?" She asked. And then the secrecy began...

A/N: *CRYING* That is the end of TMI Chat Room! Tell me how you liked the ending. And I'm going to put a poll on my profile for if I should make a sequel or not. Please review!

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