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New People & Simon's Name Changing?

A/N: To all my readers, Dark_Master is indeed Sebastian! And No_Sense_Of_Humor is Meliorn! Congrats to my reviewers who got it right! I'm working on two stories at the moment so if I update slowly, I'm sorry. And for Jordan's name it was Howl_at_the_moon but Fanfiction won't let me use the 'at' sign. So I'm just going to use the word 'at.'

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Bewitching_Beauty: Jace? Is that you? Or is it Magnus?

I_Love_Mirrors: No. Neither. It's Zayn.

Bewitching_Beauty: Zayn...?

I_Love_Mirrors: Malik. You know, from One Direction?

Bewitching_Beauty: Nope. Sorry, not ringing any bells.

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Artistic_Red_Angel: Isabelle! One Direction is that boyband that sings What Makes You Beautiful! You know, the song Simon, Alec, Jace, and Magnus were singing along to on the radio when they were drunk?

Bewitching_Beauty: Oh yeah! I remember now! You guys sing good.

I_Love_Mirrors: Thanks. Hey, I got 2 go. Nice talkn 2 ya.

Bewitching_Beauty: No problemo.

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Bewitching_Beauty: He was quiet.

Artistic_Red_Angel: Very.

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Stupid_Blood_Sucker is pissed off

Golden_Glory is pleased

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Magnificent_Glitter_King: I was not drunk! I like that song! Simon, Alec, & Jace were drunk though.


Stupid_Blood_Sucker: Then we have the same problem! But who the hell changed my name!

The_Queen has signed on

The_Queen: That was me.

Stupid_Blood_Sucker: Who are you and why did you do that?!

The_Queen: I simply don't know why I did it, just that I did. Understand?

Stupid_Blood_Sucker: No!

Golden_Glory: Ah, Simon, u hav 2 b nice.

The_Queen: Jonathan Herondale. The one with angel blood. And now you have the heavenly fire in you. Makes things above more interesting.

Golden_Glory: O.o I know who u r. Ur the Seelie Queen!

Artistic_Red_Angel: I thought it was obvious.

Bewitching_Beauty: Seriously. She even has Queen in her name.

Magnificent_Glitter_King: ... I'm changing my name now...

Bewitching_Beauty: Y?...

Artistic_Red_Angel: It suits u perfectly thou

Stupid_Blood_Sucker: Well, I don't like fairies any more. Nevr did.

The_Queen: Frankly, I don't care.

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Golden_Glory: His name suits him. Creative name my Queen.

The_Queen: Flattery will get you no where, Jonathan Herondale.

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Golden_Glory: And Magnus wants to change his name because traditionally Queens and Kings are married. And I think Magnus and the Queen have a past.

Magnificent_Glitter_King: WE DO NOT! I HAVE NEVER NOR WILL I EVER BE WITH THE SEELIE QUEEN! She's a total bitch. And drama queen. And boring.

Artistic_Red_Angel: And ur not?

Golden_Glory: Oh! SHE TOLD YOU!

Bewitching_Beauty: Clary, ur around Jace 2 much.

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Ocean_Eyes: Clary, I will get you. -_- Iz, where do you hide the scotch?

Bewitching_Beauty: In the kitchen in the bottom cabinet. Y?

Ocean_Eyes: I'm going to Magnus' apartment. He's pissed. And needs something to drink. Thanks.

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Golden_Glory: Well, he won't hurt you, Clary. He couldn't hurt a fly. Clary? Clary? Clarissa? HELLLOOOOO?! CLARY?!

Artistic_Red_Angel has signed off

Golden_Glory: I said something wrong I think. Bye Iz. Have 2 go fix whatever mess I made.

Bewitching_Beauty: Bye.

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Howl_at_the_moon: I'm alone.

Dark_Master has signed on

Dark_Master: I am coming.

Howl_at_the_moon: Who r u?

Dark_Master: I will get you all. I will.

Howl_at_the_moon: O.O I have 2 go...

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Maryse_Lightwood is scared

Maryse_Lightwood: I need to speak to Alec & hide that scotch from Isabelle.

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Jocelyn_Fray is having a "heart attack"

Jocelyn Fray is unavailable

Maryse_Lightwood: Jocelyn?

Jocelyn Fray has signed off

Maryse_Lightwood: Alright then.

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Zombified_Master: I'll be back.

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A/N: Who? If I can get 10 reviews I will post another chapter. 10! Please review. (Also, I'm a Directioner so I'm not really slamming 1D. Haters gonna hate.)

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