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Stranger & Stranger

A/N: Thank you everyone for your reviews! I love reviews, good or bad. Now, I need to get someone to do the disclaimer...

Magnus: I got this, darling.

Me: Ok.

Magnus: *snaps fingers and there is a sparkly sign next to him* LilliabellaMichelle does not own the characters. Cassandra Clare does.

Me: Thank you, Magnus.

Magnus: No problem. Now, let's let these wonderful people read the story.

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Freckled_Dork: They did it to me too!

Egotistical_Jackass: This is just rude.

Simon_Lewis: How can they be rude to you, Jace, when they're correct?

Freewheeling_Bisexual: He has u there. But I dont get this.

Quiet_Shadowhunter: Who did this? I was at Taki's. Jace & the bloodsuc- Simon, were there too. Magnus, Iz, and Clary were at some concert.

Ugly_Troll: Don't ever call a One Direction concert 'some concert'. It was THE CONCERT! They are sexy and to die for! AND WE MET THEM!

Freckled_Dork: In your face!

Egotistical_Jackass: Not as sexy as me.

Freewheeling_Bisexual: And you call them rude.

Egotistical_Jackass: *pouting* Clary will take pity on me, won't you, Clary?

Freckled_Dork: No.

Queit_Shadowhunter: *laughs*

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Digging_For_A_Bone: What the hell? Why is my damn name changed?!

Pretty_Girl: And I'm not Jace so why is mine like this?!

Ugly_Troll: Maia?

Pretty_Girl: Yeah, who are you?

Ugly_Troll: Isabelle. Why is your name nice?! Only yours, Alec's, Magnus', and Simon's is nice. Sort of.

Freewheeling_Bisexual: Wait a minute. Only 3 of u ever heard me say this phrase... Alec wouldn't do this to everybody cuz he has no reason 2. Isabelle doesn't hate everyone this much. She'd be more creative. I wouldn't do this.

Freckled_Dork & Ugly_Troll: SIMON LEWIS!

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Ugly_Troll: I'm way more prettier than Maia! No offense Maia. You're still smoking but yeah.

Pretty_Girl: None taken. Finish your rant.

Ugly_Troll: And I'm his GIRLFRIEND! By the Angel, I am so breaking up with him!

Ugly_Troll has gone to break up with Simon_Lewis

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Freckled_Dork: At least he wasn't too mean to me. But I hate my freckles. There's too many of them. *sigh*

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Quiet_Shadowhunter: I guess he was nice enough to me... I am pretty quiet.

Freewheeling_Bisexual: Not from what I've heard. ;)

Quiet_Shadowhunter: MAGNUS!

Freewheeling_Bisexual: What? *feigning innocence*

Quiet_Shadowhunter: Don't you have to feed your cat or something?

Freewheeling_Bisexual: No. He's fine.

Quiet_Shadowhunter: He doesn't seem fine. He's eating rainbow glitter.

Freewheeling_Bisexual: NO! NOT MY PRECIOUS GLITTER!

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Quiet_Shadowhunter: That always gets him offline.

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Zombified_Master: Son, you on?

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Dark_Master: Yes, Father. What is it?

Zombified_Master: Did you do it?

Dark_Master: Yes.

Zombified_Master: Did it work?

Dark_Master: Yes. But I had to run for my life.

Zombified_Master: They chased you?

Dark_Master: Yes. I will never understand them. They're so stupid.

Zombified_Master: I understand your point.

Dark_Master: May I ask a question? Aside from this one, of course.

Zombified_Master: Yes.

Dark_Master: Why did you have me go into Starbucks, tell people to give me my coffee under the name Jonathan Styles, and get everyone's attention and tell the cashier I was Harry Styles' secret brother?

Zombified_Master: I don't really know... Was the coffee any good.

Dark_Master: Yes.

Zombified_Master: Why did the girls chase you?

Dark_Master: You failed to inform me that Harry Styles is one of the most famous people in the world.

Zombified_Master: He is?

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Zombified_Master: Why did I make him do that?

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Digging_For_A_Bone: Why do I always see the weird conversations? Why isn't there ever a normal conversation? *sighs* And why am I always alone?

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A/N: So, tell me what you thought. And if anyone has any ideas, PM me. I am starting to run out of ideas. HELP!

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