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Old Friends' Chat & Jealous Spat

A/N: Well, I appreciate the reviews! Thank you everyone! Sorry it took me awhile to update. I started a new story. Inspiration came and pounded on my head. Warning: A few spoilers of CP2 if you haven't read it.

Isabelle: Can I do the disclaimer?

Me: Sure.

Isabelle: LilliabellaMichelle does not own the characters. But she does own some amazing red heels. Can I borrow them?

Me: No, Izzy.

Isabelle: Please, they are like to die for. I mean they could be a little taller but-

Me: On with the story.

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Magnificnet_Magnus_Bane: O.O This is going to be interesting.

Clockwork_Princess: Hello, Magnus. It has been a while.

Spectacular_Blue_Eyes: Who are you? -_-

Clockwork_Princess: Tessa Gray. I am technically a Herondale by marriage. But it makes me miss Will too much. :'(

Spectacular_Blue_Eyes: Oh. Sorry for being rude.

Clockwork_Princess: It's quite alright. I understand the pains of jealousy.

Woosley_Scott: Ms. Gray! You married William did you?! I told you that you made a cute couple! I'm usually right you know.

Clockwork_Princess: Um. Thank you, Woosley. And I did marry him. We had some children. But they've already passed. As have my grandchildren. Now I'm watching over my great grandchild.

Woosley_Scott: Sorry for your losses. But it is wonderful to know you were happy.

Clockwork_Princess: Thank you.

Camille_Belcourt: Hello, Magnus. Alexander.

Spectacular_Blue_Eyes: Piss off.

Clockwork_Princess: Oh dear. Now, I understand what Magnus meant.

Camille_Belcourt: Hmmm... No thank you. Perhaps I should go over to Magnus'. I'm sure he wouldn't mind, would you, Magnus?

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: Sorry, Camille. I'm with Alec and I love him.

Camille_Belcourt: Love can always deceive you and love doesn't always last.

Clockwork_Princess is crying

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Camille_Belcourt: And did I forget to mention that I am right outside your apartment, Magnus? And dear old Alexander is far away at the Institute. Poor, poor Alexander.

Spectacular_Blue_Eyes is heading for the nearest church

Spectacular_Blue_Eyes is going to hunt down Camille_Belcourt and kill her

Spectacular_Blue_Eyes has signed off

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: 0.0 This is not going to end well. I don't know who will end up kiling who. My vote is on Alec. Woosley u up for a bet?!

Woosley_Scott: Course! I bet you $20 Camille wins.

Magnificent_Magnus _Bane: I bet you $50 Alec wins!

Clockwork_Princess has signed on

Clockwork_Princess is reading previous messages

Clockwork_Princess: I bet you both $60 that neither will die/win!

Woosley_Scott: U don't seem like the kind of girl to make bets. Especially bets like this.

Clockwork_Princess: I have been alive for centuries. And I usually win bets.

Camille_Belcourt: Woosley is going to win this bet.

Woosley_Scott: Wooo! Go me!

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: -_-

Woosley_Scott: Whoops.

Camille_Belcourt is fighting Spectacular_Blue_Eyes

Camille_Belcourt has signed off

Everyone has gone over to Magnificent_Magnus_Bane's to watch the fight.

Clockwork_Princess has won the bet.

Woosley_Scott is pissed off

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane is pissed off as well

Clockwork_Princess is extremely happy

Clockwork_Princess: YES! I can go buy me some new books! YAY! NANANAANA! :p

Woosley_Scott: I can't believe a vampire and Shadowhunter were fighting and neither killed each other...

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: I can't believe I lost a bet to TESSA! Of all people!

Clockwork_Princess: 8D

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane & Woosley_Scott: -_-

Clockwork_Princess is looking in a bookstore

Clocwork_Princess sees a book called Clockwork Princess

Clockwork_Princess is in shock

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Magnificent_Magnus_Bane is sleepy and bored

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: Wanna watch a movie?

Woosley_Scott: Magnus... I'm sitting right beside you. And we're already in front of the TV...

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: I know.

Woosley_Scott: *shrugs*

Woosley_Scott is looking through Magnificent_Magnus_Bane's movies

Woosley_Scott: Wanna watch Mean Girls?

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: I was thinking more of The Princess Diaries.

Woosley_Scott: Nah. Too girly. What about... Just My Luck?

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: No...

Woosley_Scott: Parent Trap?

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: What is it with you and Lindsay Lohan movies?

Woosley_Scott: *shrugs* Idk. They're not really girly movies I guess. What about Twilight then?

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: Get that disgraceful thing out of my house!

Woosley_Scott: *throws movie out the window* Then what do you want to watch?

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: What about The Next Best Thing?

Woosley_Scott: Isn't Madonna in that?

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: Now that I think about it, yes.

Woosley_Scott: Didn't u once say she ask backup dancer on her tour?

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane: Yes. Sadly, I had to turn her down. Her wardrobe for the dancers just wasn't bright enough and sparkly enough. *sighs*

Woosley_Scott: I guess we can watch that. At least until Alec is conscious enough to argue.

Magnificent_Magnus_Bane is laughing

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Spectacular_Blue_Eyes is mad

Spectacular_Blue_Eyes is being forced to watch a Madonna movie because Twilight is too much torture

Spectacular_Blue_Eyes has lost consciousness again

Spectacular_Blue_Eyes has signed off

A/N: Not bashing Twilight. Sort of. Magnus made up Alec's name & fixed his. What you think? Also: Please read my new story Reuinted and my other story The Player Gets Played. Reuinted is a Alec/Clary fic and the other is Clace. Thank you! ~Lila Belle

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