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Children Of The Moon

A/N: Thank you for your reviews! You people bring me joy with your reviews! :) Now, Luke, please do the disclaimer.

Luke: Alright, LilliabellaMichelle does not own the characters. Was that good?

Me: Wonderful. Hey, I have a question.

Luke: Ok.

Me: Well, if you are a werewolf, does that mean you crave chocolate once a month like all girls do?

Luke: ... Are you calling me a girl?

Me: And now for the story!

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Maia_Wolf: Oh, cool. This is like a chat just for werewolves!

Freaky_Pete: Anyone want a drink?!

Bat_Not_The_Object_Or_Creature: I'll take some scotch.

Freaky_Pete: Coming right up!

Freaky_Pete is making Bat_Not_The_Object_Or_The_Creature a glass of scotch

Woosley_Scott: I think I only know three of you.

Helpful_Gretel: Sir, do you need any help? Any wounds bleeding again?

Graymark_Lycanthrope: No, thank you, Gretel. But I appreciate your concern.

Wolfie_Alaric: Gretel, maybe you should take a break. I can see you from the corner of the bar and you look dead.

Helpful_Gretel: Well, thanks so much!

Helpful_Gretel is marching over to Wolfie_Alaric and slapping him

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Wolfie_Alaric: Damn! Wolf chics slap hard!

Graymark_Lycanthrope: *laughs*

Wolfie_Alaric: I have to go. I just got a message from a lady friend. Later.

Woosley_Scott: Oooohhh! A lady friend. He's going to have some without us, Lucian! That is so not fair!

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Jordan_No_Other_Name_Kyle: But Luke's already married.

Maia_Wolf: Yeah, to Jocelyn.

Woosley_Scott: I have never met wolves as dull as you. I prefer the fun lifestyle.

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Maia_Wolf: Jordan, you sure that's your Praetor Leader?

Jordan_No_Other_Name_Kyle: I believe so. He's crazy enough to be.

Bat_Not_The_Object_Or_Creature: Wow.

Freaky_Pete: You could say that again.

Bat_Not_The_Object_Or_Creature: Wow.

Freaky_Pete & Graymark_Lycanthrope: *facepalm*

Maia_Wolf: I'm stealing his phone.

Maia_Wolf is battling Bat_Not_The_Object_Or_Creature for his phone

Maia_Wolf: I GOT IT!

Jordan_No_Other_Name_Kyle: WOO! Go Maia!

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Freaky_Pete: Anyone else want to get wasted? I got some good vodka and rum. It is super strong when you mix it but should be good enough.

Maia_Wolf: I'm in!

Jordan_No_Other_Name_Kyle: Same!

Graymark_Lycanthrope: I may end up on the couch or out of the house for a week but go ahead and give me some.

Everyone is getting drunk

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A/N: I admit. This wasn't my best. But I wanted one with the Children Of The Moon in it so I made it. Tell me what you think. And please send me ideas so I don't get writer's block!

~Lila Belle

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