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A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I love all of your reviews so much! I've had writer's block, again! I seriously, need ideas! Now, since I don't want to have one of the characters do the disclaimer, I will. Cassie Clare owns it all. I don't.

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Golden_Glory: Clary, run! I got Sebastian, now go!

Golden_Glory is shooting at Sebastian

Dark_Master: Clary's with me, you idiotic moron! I'm going to beat you!

Little_Redhead: Get him, Jonathan! Get him!

Isabelle_Lightwood: I'm going to get you, Clarissa! I'm better at fighting than you!

Little_Redhead has flipped Isabelle_Lightwood over

Little_Redhead: I beg to differ.


Maureen_Vampire has just tried to stab Ocean_Eyes

Ocean_Eyes: LOSER!

Ocean_Eyes has just stabbed Maureen_Vampire in the heart with a stake

Maureen_Vampire: I'm not dead, yet! HAHAHA!

Ocean_Eyes has thrown a lit match at Maureen_Vampire

Maureen_Vampire has been reduced to ashes

An_Evil_Shadowhunter: You're going down Vampire!

Simon_Lewis: I will defeat you!

An_Evil_Shadowhunter has thrown a lit match at Simon_Lewis

Simon_Lewis feels a headache

Magnus_Bane: He warned you.

An_Evil_Shadowhunter: What do you-

An_Evil_Shadowhunter has turned in salt

Golden_Glory has punched Dark_Master

Dark_Master has punched back

Little_Redhead: Wait... why are we standing in Simon and Jordan's living room playing video games and chatting?

Everyone: Don't question it, just play the games!

Little_Redhead: In that case, run Jonathan! Jace has two more lives than you! Go, go, go! I got Isabelle!

Dark_Master: I'm taking him down! I am not running away!

Isabelle_Lightwood: I got you now!

Magnus_Bane has snapped his fingers

Magnus_Bane: I got you all now.

Everyone except Magnus_Bane has died

Magnus_Bane: I win!

Everyone wants to kill Magnus_Bane

Magnus_Bane: Uh oh.

Ocean_Eyes: Anyone up for checkers?

Everyone: Each person plays against Magnus!

Dark_Master: AND NO MAGIC!

Magnus_Bane has his fingers crossed

Magnus_Bane: I promise.

20 minutes later...


Everyone has slapped Magnus_Bane

Magnus_Bane: Best two out of three? And magic free?

Everyone: YES!

Dark_Master: I GET CLARY!

Golden_Glory: NO! I DO!

Dark_Master: I'll rock, paper, scissor you for her!

Golden_Glory: Fine!

Little_Redhead: Rock, paper, scissors!

Golden_Glory has lost

Golden_Glory: Best two out of three!

Little_Redhead: Rock, paper, scissors!

Golden_Glory has lost again

Little_Redhead: Jace loses.

Golden_Glory: Eighteen out of nineteen!

Dark_Master: No.

Golden_Glory: You're scared you'll lose!

Dark_Master: Fine. Rock, paper, scissors.

Golden_Glory has lost... again

40 minutes later...

Golden_Glory: FINE! I GIVE! YOU WIN!

Dark_Master: YES I GET CLARY!

Isabelle_Lightwood: You dumbasses have been playing Rock, Paper, Scissors for 40 minutes! I already have Clary on my team! You 2 became a team and you've both already died!

Dark_Master: I hate you people.

Golden_Glory: For once I'm in agreement with this bastard.

Dark_Master and Golden_Glory are pouting and eating mangoes and cold tomato soup

A/N: Sooo... I decided that I will put one of you in here if you can give me an idea that I really like. You review or PM me your idea and I will choose the one I like the most. Whichever I like the most will be in the story. If you win, I'll tell you. Review!

~Lila Belle

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