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How would their origins contribute to everyone's salvation? Namjoon. Seokjin. Yoongi. Hoseok. Jimin. Taehyung. Jungkook. Seven individuals gifted with distinct abilities. Each has their own role to play in keeping the world's peace. But there is even more at stake. Something that was overcame by a whole other world, with a big price. When that price is out to destroy them all, along with a catastrophic event to come, how would they deliver all they have known and loved from destruction? And how would their origins contribute to everyone's salvation?

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:

하나: Creation

In the beginning of time, chaos was the only entity present in the universe. Nothingness spread in all directions, until a dark spark glimmered faintly. The spark aggrandized, a wave of dark energy almost unseen by the naked eye erupting from it. There emerged the figure of a man, his body clothed by a black cloak.

He opened his eyes and was met by the darkness. He stared at his hands, his left hand branded with a symbol. It was black with a white dot, seemingly a halve of something. It had a large base and a tail below, the dot located at its head.

He floated around, his lips turning into a frown. The desolation made him think. "Maybe I can create something. Something to illuminate this emptiness."

He gazed at his hands. He rubbed them together and slowly parted them. A spark, which was bright and white this time, emanated from his hands. The white dot on his hand was glowing. He grinned as bright as the white spark. "Ah, these things are amazing. These---" He thought deeply on what to call the floating balls of light. "Stars," he muttered.

He filled his surroundings with stars. "I must create a larger star," he said, still unsatisfied. He raised his hand, palms out. However, only the same outcome was produced. He let the little star float and sighed, concentrating more and condensing the energy into his palm. He gritted his teeth, exerting too much power only to explode and disappear. He groaned in frustration.

He gave up and hovered around instead, the glow of the spot dimming. He then felt a strong energy from one of the stars. He found its source, the spark growing by the second. It outburst and from the remaining light he saw a hand reaching out to him. He floated back and let it fully emerge, revealing a man in a white cloak, the obverse of himself.

The white-cloaked man stared at him and raised an eyebrow, the latter approaching with curiosity. The former put his hands out in front of his face, as if telling the black-cloaked man to halt in his place. Instead of stopping, their hands met and the energy that flared from it was so strong, the whole space was completely illuminated for a short period of time. The white-cloaked man's right hand had a symbol of something with a white base, a dot on its head and a tail above, the white part glowing along with the other's black part. The two stared at each other with open mouths.

"Who are you?" the black-cloaked man asked the other.

The latter smiled warmly and said, "I am Seokjin. And you? Who might you be?" he returned the question.

The other looked down, unsure of what to call himself. He felt a hand on his chin. Seokjin raised his head to face him. "I shall call you Taehyung. Would that be alright with you?" He nodded in response.

They looked around the darkness surrounding them. "Let's give color to this place, shall we?" Seokjin said. With that they placed their palms together and formed a large sphere with their hands named Earth. It was brown and barren, void of any life. Taehyung landed on its surface with furrowed eyebrows, contemplating on how to make the place lively.

Seokjin, who was still up in the darkness, deemed it too dark for his taste and produced a huge yellow energy ball from his hands, the sun. The light radiating from it illuminated the sky and formed daytime.

Taehyung placed his palms on the ground and the surface surrounding his hands was patched with green. He exerted more force to speed it up. Greens began to spread through the planet's surface, but in a slow pace. "Ugh, can't this go any faster," he grunted.

"Let me help you," Seokjin offered, to which the other sighed. He descended and he too placed his hands on the ground. Upon contact, greens completely filled the planet. Taehyung's eyes widened.

Taehyung was pulled to his feet and the two of them started to explore the place, naming every single thing they come across. They stopped and leaned on a tall plant with rough, brown body and little green flat parts spread from it, a tree as they called it. They rested under the shade of the tree.

"I believe there is something this planet is lacking," said Seokjin.

"I agree. It's filled with too much green," Taehyung coincided. He concentrated and pointed his palms to the ground. A blue substance appeared and stretched across the land sluggishly. He was aiming to fill only half the planet until Seokjin helped him. The substance spread in blistering speeds. Taehyung yelped and slapped his hand away to save a but of the greens. Seokjin only smirked at this. "Whoops."

"Very funny, Seokjin," Taehyung remarked sarcastically. "We must save the land for living creatures."

"The living creatures may also exist amongst this substance," Seokjin replied.

"It's water," Taehyung said. "And yes it may, but I was thinking of saving the land for creatures like us."

"Oh well," Seokjin tilted his head. "This space will do. Let's continue."

The glided across the land and water, creatures of different shapes and sizes materializing all over the land, air and underwater. They spent their time naming each and every creature, and now the only matter left was to create a being in their likeness.

They clasped their hands together, whole symbols on their hands glowing. They closed their eyes and chanted, "Jiseonggwa himeul gajin ttwieonan jonjaedeul uliui tongil doen himeulo nune deuleooda."

Once again, a blinding light flared. Once it subsided a being with a perfect body, beautiful face, and long hair cascading down to the ground came into existence. However, her build was lean and muscular. The woman was wearing a white dress that concealed her toes. She was staring at them.

Taehyung went to her side, Seokjin right behind him. She bowed to them in a formal dance way. "Your name is Eui. I am Taehyung, and this is Seokjin."

She blinked. "Eui," she repeated.

She gazed around and grinned out of joy. "This place is fantastic!" She glanced at a brown, hoofed mammal that passed by. "May I, Creators?" she gestured towards the animal.

The mythical beings looked at each other and communicated with their eyes. Upon their agreement, they nodded to the woman. "Go ahead. The horse is waiting for you," Seokjin permitted.

They watched her as she interacted with the animals, their lips turning into a smile at the sight. She played around until sweat beaded her face and coated her body. Out of breath, she laid down the plants with narrow, green leaves, the grass. Tired from playing, she closed her eyes and drifted into sleep.

"This isn't right. It is too bright for her to rest." Taehyung rose to the sky and focused. The black of his symbol glowing, he separated the light from the darkness with a wave of his hands. The half of Earth the woman was at was dark and peaceful. He filled the sky with stars, like he did when he first emerged. As a final touch, he garnered all his powers and from his palms a celestial body larger than the stars was formed, a moon. Thus, night was formed.

Seokjin flew to where Taehyung was and they eyed the planet. She was on a big land mass surrounded by a vast ocean. Taehyung and Seokjin contemplated on what to name them. Taehyung already came up with an idea but decided to let Seokjin do it. "I say you name them. It was me who named most of the creatures and living things," Taehyung spoke. He was eyeing the other meaningfully, on that the white-cloaked man couldn't make out. Seokjin went silent. Taehyung wondered why it was easy for him to name everything he created but he couldn't do it to himself.

After a few moments, Seokjin nodded to himself and made his decision. "The peaceful, green continent full of life will be Pangaea while the sparkling blue ocean is Panthalassa," he proclaimed. He faced Taehyung and asked for his opinion. "What is your say to this, dear Taehyung?" He nodded at his words and silence ensued.

As if a light bulb flickered on, Seokjin's face lit up with an idea. Taehyung felt this and faced him, eyebrow arched into a questioning stare. "Let's surprise Eui and create a partner for her. A man to satisfy all her desires."

"I love the way you think, Seokjin," Taehyung smirked. Seokjin rolled his eyes at him.

Using the woman as a guide, they created the man, features apart from distinctive parts cloned from her. He came into being and bowed to them as a sign of respect. "Creators."

"You are Il. We are Seokjin and Taehyung." Il looked at himself. He was wearing black slacks and a white polo shirt.

When Eui woke up, her eyes met Il's and a grin even wider than the last was on her lips. They ran towards each other and embraced. Their union marked the beginning of human race. Seokjin watched over the humans at daytime and Taehyung at night.

The humans accumulated Earth. They were living in the paradise made from the overwhelming love and glory of the two magicals. Their heart swelled as they watched the kids riding animals and racing each other, the elderly conversing, the women humming melodies as they did their chores, the men plucking fruits and hunting animals for food. They would show themselves every now and then. They would be greeted with bows and a feast would be prepared to celebrate their coming. However, the peaceful premise was disrupted.

The humans developed different languages, cultures and traditions. They could no longer control them. Their beliefs clashed with the other. Each believed that they were the superior ethnicity. This resulted to disagreements that escalated into a war. Since they all lived in a single continent, it was hard for them to avoid coming across each other.

Seokjin was writhing at the multiple voices in his head, all calling for them. There were ones full of hatred.

"Creators, wipe out those stupid groups who think they have the right to call for you. I believe you know that we are your best people." Seokjin scoffed in disgust. He couldn't believe his creation is capable of such thoughts.

There were ones who beseeched them.

"I beg you, please put an end to this. I know you have the power to. Please, save us from despair." His expression softened at the cry for freedom.

And there where hopeful ones.

"I believe you have plans for the betterment of everyone. I have full trust in your will, Creators." He frowned and turned his attention to the land, Taehyung following his gaze. The sight struck them.

The once colorful and full of life Earth was brown and barren, similar to when they first created it. The paradise crumbled under their watch. There were signs of conflict all over the place. Houses were tattered and burnt, some with holes in their roofs. The ground was stained with crimson blood, rotting corpses scattered all over. The towns were left deserted, almost as if the people had been wiped out off the planet. However, their were evident sounds of weapons clashing with each other, their people screaming battle cries as they fought. Their faces were full of malice and despite those whose hearts remained good and pure, they knew how alarming the situation was.

"We have to do something about this," Taehyung enunciated, his teeth gritted at the sight of the warring groups. Seokjin was unresponsive, still absorbed in all the calls for them in his head. He held his broad shoulders and shook them. No response.

"Seokjin?" Still no response. He clapped his hands as loud as he could, the sound resonating from it snapping Seokjin out of his trance and shaking the ground below them. The humans were thrown out of balance. Knowing this was their doing, the humans immediately bowed their heads, their hands touching the ground and their back arched, mumbling praises to their gods.

"The humans calling for our grace again, are they?" Seokjin nodded. "What should we do with them?" Taehyung asked.

The white magical furrowed his eyebrows and ran a hand through his dark, magnificent hair. He thought it through and his lips turned down into a frown. "This is all our fault," Seokjin whispered under his breath, Taehyung close enough to hear him.

"What do you mean?" Taehyung questioned, tilting his head slightly to the side.

"You know it, Taehyung." Sadness was evident in Seokjin's face. "It was a mistake for us to be around humans. There is only one thing we can do."

They looked in each other's eyes. Taehyung did not fully understand and thought something could still be done to avoid it but he knew it was for the humans' safety. "I guess this will be goodbye?" He glanced at the still bowing humans longingly.

"I know how you feel, but this will be for the best." Without any further ado, Seokjin blew a sweet scent that lulled the humans to sleep whilst Taehyung casted a spell that removed all traces of them from their memories. A weight of longing settled in their hearts, knowing that they may never interact with the humans again. As the last straw, in order to prevent another war, the magicals gripped each other's hand. Power radiated from them. A beam of light mixed with darkness slashed across Pangaea and the ground was separated into uneven patches of land that drifted away from each other, parts of Panthalassa flowing into the space on between cracks. This time, they left the job of naming the lands and everything else to the humans. They left the world for the sake of its peace. They nevermore came down on land and settled themselves into looking after the humans from the sky.


-extremely high offense, extremely high defense
-destructive energy: has the ability to create but with limitations
-draws its power from the night or chaos


-extremely high offense, extremely high defense
-creative energy: builds up and bursts forth with energy that motivates the darkness into action
-has reliable and strong intuition that the user uses in creation

If you found this intriguing, please continue reading until the next chapter. The first four chapters are published on Wattpad including this one, but I might update only when I see that people are actually reading this crap lol

P.S. The Darkness and Light symbols are on Wattpad and since I can't put pictures here I'll just inform that it's the yin-yang.
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