Missing Moments

Sleep (5x11)


Retaliation – 5x11

"We are such stuff

As dreams are made on, and our little life

Is rounded with a sleep."

-William Shakespeare-

The Tempest (4.1.168-170)

Emily's head had never hurt so badly. She walked through the bullpen of the BAU slowly and cautiously, afraid she might lose her balance since she couldn't see straight from the pain of her concussion as well as her complete lack of sleep - and food for that matter - in the past 48 hours didn't help either. She had just returned from splashing her face with cold water for what seemed like the millionth time that day just to try and stay awake.

Emily had just a few more files to work through after returning from the end of this last case and then she could go home and sleep through the whole weekend. She was almost to her desk when she saw Derek Morgan walking at remarkable speed towards her carrying two bags. He grabbed her hand and spun her around mid-stride, guiding her towards the elevators.

"Morgan… what are you doing? I have to go finish processing those files." Emily stated exasperatedly as she stopped in place, in no mood for games.

"Oh no you're not!" Morgan said in disbelief that Prentiss would even think of working anymore after all she had been through. "You are going straight home and going straight to bed. Those files are going to have to wait until Monday morning."

"No… Morgan, I'll feel better once I get them done. I'll have all weekend to sleep," Emily countered.

Derek looked at her with a persistent stare and Emily had an inkling that she wasn't going to win this fight. "I know you are stubborn but this time I am not taking no for an answer. I'm not done pushing you around Princess." Emily smirked, remembering his words to her in the hospital as he wheeled her out to the car and lifted her into the passenger seat with ease.

She was finally pulled out of her memory as she noticed they were still holding hands and was too late to pull her own back before he realized the effects the approaching dizziness was having on her. "Emily, you're shaking. You're exhausted! That's it. You are going home, taking your medicine, and getting sleep like the doctor said you had to. I already broke my promise to him that you wouldn't be out in the field. I'm not going to make your condition any worse."

Emily just looked at Morgan, knowing he was going to have his way and she didn't mind letting him – even if it killed her to be treated like a baby. Morgan pulled her along in to the elevator as he informed her that, with the help of JJ, he had Reid covering her files and he had already put together all of her personal items from her desk and had them over his shoulder with his own go-bag.

Of course Prentiss wasn't surprised in the least that he had taken care of everything while thinking of her. Morgan was protective of everyone on the team simply by nature, but he was always over protective of her. Though she could never understand why. If anything, she had proven herself in the field better than any other team member but Derek always took the most care of her – sometimes even more than Penelope Garcia herself. After her beating and near death by Cyrus, Emily had never seen a man more overprotective, caring and attentive to her. Morgan had stayed by her side after that case for days. Emily naively just couldn't understand why, even if everyone else could.

They made it to the parking deck and Morgan made an executive decision to leave his car there and he would drive Emily home in her own. He placed the bags in the trunk and moved to help her into the passenger seat, apologizing profusely anytime Emily winced at her broken ribs and bruised limbs. Not only had the car accident taken its toll, but also Joe Muller throwing her up against a car had not helped matters. She remembered with a smile how angry Morgan had become the moment Muller had touched her, and how he threw himself onto him to pull him off of her and tending to her now more bruised ribs because of the incident with great concern and gentleness.

They drove through the darkness of the night. The soft rocking of the car only enhanced Emily's sleepiness but Derek intentionally kept her awake so she could eat and take her pain medicine the doctor had prescribed before, as he put it, she slept as long as she liked.

He stopped at the Chinese restaurant they always ordered take-out from whenever they worked late at the office, watched a movie or just got hungry after workouts together. Derek had already called in their regular order and they were back on the road to Emily's almost instantly.

He parked outside of the apartment building he had helped her find two years previously after she found out about all of his projects and properties. Though she protested, he insisted on helping her all the way to her home upstairs.

Once they were inside, Derek got dinner and her medicine ready as Emily took a quick shower. He laughed at the sight before him as he emerged in the FBI t-shirt he had let her borrow when they were working on one of his houses and a nail had ripped her own. "I am never getting that back, am I?" he asked with a grin.

"Nope. Never," Emily matched his grin as she replied. "Now give me food!" Emily said as she reached out her hands for the plate Derek had made for her. But he didn't give her the plate until she sat on the couch and insisted she was comfortable despite her groans of pain as she adjusted herself.

"Seriously, if this is the kind of treatment I get when I'm injured then I should do it more often!" Emily joked earning only a stern look from Derek in return as he sat down beside her with his own dinner.

They turned on the television and found a movie on Emily's DVR that they both loved. But as they finished their dinner, Derek made Emily take her medicine, which took affect almost instantly. So halfway through the movie, Emily began sinking lower into the couch as her eyes became droopy once more. And as the movie continued into its final scenes, Emily had fallen into a deep sleep and unconsciously maneuvered her way closer to Derek so that her head now rested on his arm.

As the credits began to roll and he looked down, Derek couldn't help but smile at Emily. She was in a deep and peaceful sleep with a soft, contented smile on her own face. He took a moment to just look at his partner so relaxed because he so rarely saw her this way. She was usually so tough, deep in thought and ready for action when they were at work and on cases she never seemed to be able to relax. And he rarely even saw her asleep. He could count on one hand the times he had seen Emily sleep on the plane. He never understood why – little did he know that in a few years, he would finally find out the truth of why sleep terrified his mysterious friend.

It was getting late and Derek didn't want Emily's injuries getting any worse by sleeping on a couch so he gently maneuvered his way out from under Emily and got off the couch. He knew he could wake her, but her medicine had finally kicked in and he knew she desperately needed sleep. As he reached down and scooped her up in his arms like a child, he thought back to their time in the hospital the night before.

"Morgan, I'm fine!" Emily exclaimed for what felt like the thousandth time, frustrated at his over protective treatment of her ever since he had found her at the scene of the accident. Derek had stayed by her side the whole time, yelling at paramedics to come assess her injuries despite Emily's constant protests.

He rode by her side in the back of the ambulance to the hospital as well. The paramedics didn't seem to mind seeing as how Morgan was the only one she would actually listen to when she was given instructions. She would argue that she didn't need medical attention but Morgan would give her one look as he said her name and she would huff and instantly obey the paramedics' orders.

They finally reached the hospital and she argued with him the whole way to the examination room, in the examination room and also with the doctors. But he argued right back, always winning because he reminded her that her health was more important than any case they had – the team was taking care of it.

He unwillingly left her side during her examination, but only for the shortest amount of time possible, in order to speak with Schrader's daughter and ex-wife. He also called JJ to keep her informed on Emily's situation and also the case but he returned to a still feisty and irritated Emily only moments later.

The doctor informed him – after telling Morgan he was lucky Emily survived at all - that she did indeed have a concussion and she would not be permitted to sleep for the next four to six hours, due to the possibility of a coma. But he told Morgan that Emily would soon need rest and the medications he prescribed after she was released and also minimal field time for a while. Derek could see Emily's not-so-subtle eye roll as the doctor said this and began formulating a plan to make sure she didn't risk her health anymore.

Emily had to stay in the hospital for two hours for evaluation and then she would be released. A nurse – who, like many others at the hospital, mistook them for a couple, came into the room to give her the first dose of medication and soon her fighting spirit wavered, and sleepiness kicked in.

Finally, Derek and Emily were alone in the hospital room and Emily was finally calming down. He had pulled up a chair by her bed watching her intently for any signs of a coma the doctor warned could come with such an intense accident like Emily had been in.

"Morgan, I'm fine! Can't we just go now?" Emily exclaimed again, finally getting his attention. But her energy was wearing thin. Derek just looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Emily you were just flipped in a car multiple times. You have bruised and broken ribs, a black eye, a concussion, and stitches in your arm – just to name a few things. You are not going until you are cleared by Dr. Shore."

"But Schrader is still out there…" Emily protested. However, Morgan cut her off too quickly.

"The team is handling it. It's ok. You just need to feel better and rest."

Emily simply huffed in response as she snuggled further into her hospital bed. Her droopy eyes began making heavy blinks and finally closing. "Emily you have to stay awake." Derek continued. "You can't go to sleep for a few more hours now because of your concussion."

"I told you I'm fine, Derek. I'm tired, that's normal. You said I needed rest. Sleeping won't hurt me. Then I'll be ready to help on the case when I get released." Emily stated as she rolled over to face him, eyes still closed.

"Emily!" Derek said in a frustrated tone that caused Emily's eyes to pop open instantly. "You cannot go to sleep! You could go into a coma. You were already hurt enough in an accident that I should have been in instead of you. And I am not going to let anything else happen to you – especially not a coma! You're lucky to be alive and I plan to keep it that way if I have anything to do about it. So you are staying awake."

Emily simply looked at Derek with wide eyes in her state of surprise but her guilt began to kick in. She knew she had a close call; she'd had so many in her life. But she didn't like to think about them and would simply compartmentalize – something she did extremely well. But as she listened to Derek's concern and thought of his response when Cyrus had hurt her, Emily began to understand. "I'm sorry…" she started. "I'll try to stay awake. Really, I will." Emily looked at him sincerely as she reached for his hand and continued. "I didn't mean to be difficult… it's just that I hate not being useful. I'm just slowing everybody down."

"Hey…" Derek said softly. "We're just happy you're alive. I don't know what I would have done if I would have found that car accident too late. I don't think I'd be able to live with myself losing the best partner I've ever had." Emily just smiled at the compliment he paid her. "Promise me you won't scare me like that again. Because I'm sick of you getting hurt!"

Emily just laughed. "You think you're sick of it!"

They both smiled as they began to talk about past mishaps, cases, and then onto things not at all related to work. Derek was making sure Emily stayed awake - as she would let her eyes close he would whisper her name and reach for her hand to keep her awake even though her medicine was fighting her. So despite her exhaustion, Emily let him keep her awake – she would open her eyes with a look of annoyance but accompanied by a smile and not argue.

The two hours passed quickly enough and Dr. Shore finally came to evaluate Emily for release. When he cleared her, Morgan insisted on going to get the car to pull it out front while Emily filled out her paperwork.

Even once he had put her in the car and they drove to pharmacy and then to the BAU, he made sure she stayed awake – he would talk to her, make her laugh just because he was thankful he got another chance to see her smile, and when the car would rock her into a peaceful, he would gently squeeze her hand to keep her with him until they could get coffee in their systems at the BAU.

Derek smiled at the memory as he carried a sleeping and finally non-argumentative Emily to her bedroom and placed her in the bed. He was as gentle as possible so he wouldn't hurt her bruised frame anymore. But just before he was about to leave her, Emily stirred slightly and mumbled his name.

"Hey…" he whispered as he grabbed her hand that had reached out in the darkness, "It's okay. Go to sleep.

"So now I can sleep?" Emily questioned mockingly.

"Yes… now you can sleep." Derek laughed softly. "I'll be right out there if you need anything."

"You always take care of me…" Emily whispered groggily as she looked up at Derek with a lazy but appreciative smile.

"And I always will. You're my partner… and my friend." Derek responded without missing a beat, a smile accompanying every word he spoke finished off with a wink in her direction. Emily's eyes closed but her smile remained. "Goodnight Princess…"

Though she was almost asleep and losing awareness of her surroundings rapidly, she knew she felt Derek's lips sweep her forehead as his hands swept through her hair.

Emily's smile stayed on her face all night and into the morning. Even when she woke up with her body aching even worse than the day before, because she found Derek sleeping on her couch curled up in a rather uncomfortable looking position, and she couldn't hide the smile of gratitude and adoration that illuminated her face in the joy of having Derek Morgan in her life.

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