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Chapter 1: Bullied Already yet Again

(Second person)

I finally switched schools. Why? I finally switched because I was getting bullied for so long and I couldn’t take it anymore. So anyway, it’s my first day at a new school. Hopefully, I can finally make a friend.... A real friend... A true friend... I walk in and stop door frame and I spot two people having a conversation around 5 meters away from the entry. Do they seriously think people will just walk around them? Rude airheads. One of them notices me and narrow his eyes at me. Oh, no..... I hope he didn’t read my mind. Wait, people can’t read minds like that. Oh, fudge no.... Did I accidently mouth the words and he can read lips? Oh, I definitely hope not.

“Stop looking at me, loser.” Jin greeted me.

Gee thanks, man for the AMAZING welcome and greeting. I roll my eyes and continue on with my day. I’m looking for my locker and I feel like as someone or something was following me. I turn around and there’s the guy who gave a fantastic greeting. I give a small smile along with a small wave. Oh, what do you want, ignorant airhead?

“How dare you ignore me and roll your eyes at me!” The Jin bastard yelled at me.

Oh, if only I could be able to speak... If only..... Oh my bad... Sorry. You must be wondering why I can’t speak. We’ll get to that eventually but for now buckle in your seat belt and wait. Anyway... If only..... I would go off on him... People like him not only need meds for their craziness but also their anger control problems along with control freakness but they also need to put their head on straight. I gave him a look saying ‘what do you want’ and man it ticked him off. Oh, hi locker. OUCH! OUCH! OWIE! What is this about? Oh, you know... Just me getting bullied. Nothing new but to be precise, he’s slamming me against the lockers. I tried to push him away. Boy! That was a bad idea. Now he’s punching me in my gut and my face while still slamming me. Well, at least it says he would touch me. What an AWESOME first day let alone morning. Am I right? Or am I right? No? I’m not well I was being sarcastic anyway.


Salut, Musical here. I hope you enjoyed chapter 1 and stick around. Until next time, salut (if there’s a next time which I hope there is).

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