Found Dead

Chapter 10: When It Comes To You

(Second person)

“I’m so not looking forward to dealing with my vile stepmother.” You said.

“Well, she’s in jail right now. While you were absent not only she tried to bribe a doctor to put poison in your fluid tube, but they caught her red-handed and in the act of trying to kill you with a knife.” Jimin explained.

“No wonder Musical calls her vile, spiteful, evil, ect.” Tae pointed out.

“It’s about time she’s in jail.” You hissed.

Tae and Jimin looked at each other with confusion then they narrowed their eyes.

“What. Did. She. Also. Do.” Tae asked with hatred.

“I’ll just list a few things she did. Duct tape me to the middle of the road, and abuse me occasionally but I healed my bruises from the last time before I switched schools which is why you found none. Also, neglected me but it’s not like I want(ed) to spend time with her and it would be a waste of time as well. Not to mention, make me starve for a week each month. She wouldn’t make me anything nor let me make anything for myself and along with other things she did. Well, now you know why I’m so skinny, yes I know people can gain a lot of weight in weeks but I physically can’t eat big amounts at all. My appetite is so small.” You explained.

Your two friend’s expressions went from confused to cold and angry.

“Well, at least I don’t have to worry about dying from obesity let alone having obesity and don’t have to worry about heart diseases and all that involve the cause of be obese,” you pointed out.

Their facial expression soften to you being optimistic about it, look at each other and nod.

“We’ll protect with our lives, “...when it comes to you...” and we’ll put our own lives in danger “...when it comes to you...” We’ll be your personal Anpanmans” Tae and Jimin admitted in unison.

I think they like me...... Like? More like love unless they’re just that good of a friend and would do it for all of their friends.

The doctor walks in and asks to speak to Tae and Jimin alone.

“Is she okay?” Jimin asked to confirm.

“Yes, she okay but Y/n isn’t really why I asked to speak to you two. It’s about her stepmother.” The doctor explained.


Thank you for reading this far and I hope you’re enjoying my boring yet bad story. What do you think is going on with your stepmother? I’m sorry if you didn’t like the song references but I had to plus I was trying to make the chapter more fun. Until next time (if there is), bye.

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