Found Dead

Chapter 11: What?!

(Third person)

“Y/n’s stepmother has been bailed out.” The doctor explained.

Tae and Jimin filled with rage and concern.

“Who’s house is Y/n staying in so it’s harder for her to be harder for her stepmother and for protection?” Asked the doctor.

After 2 minutes of Tae and Jimin arguing who’s house, they heard a third voice and it can’t be Y/n. It wasn’t the doctor, they knew by the voice. They knew exactly whose voice it was and narrowed their eyes in the direction of the voice.

“Y/n will be at my house.” Spoke Jin.

“She’ll definitely not, especially after beating her up on her first day for no reason.” Jimin argued.

“Look, I come in peace like last time. I promise I won’t hurt her in any way, I have no plans let alone intentions to.” Jin said apologetically.

“Caught in A LIE,” Jimin sang.


Sorry I had to... How is this gonna play out? Stay tuned to find out.

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