Found Dead

Chapter 12: A Song

(Third person)

“Serious, the song reference wasn’t necessary and I’m not lying.” Jin argued.

“Uhm, sure. I completely believe that.” Tae said.

“Even if we did believe you, how would we be able to ensure Y/n is safe and well-protected?” Chim Chim asked.

“Good point.” Jin aggred.

“How about we discuss this later today since Y/n is still in there waiting for our return besides Jin’s?” Tater tot asked.

Jin and Chim Chim nod agreement and they all walked back into Y/n’s room.

(2nd person)

They walked in and saw listening and singing along 4 “O’clock” with the Mind Speaker.

Jin, Chim Chim, Tater tot looked at each other and shrugged.

“Well, someone is a fan of my song.” Tae said with a smile and started singing with you.

“You have a lovely, Tae.” You complemented.

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