Found Dead

Chapter 14: A Switch Within

(2nd person) (Fast forward a two months.)

Tae and Jimin eventually agreed to whose house you’re being kept captive at. Tae’s house. Although, you just got out of the house the day before, you got to go to school... Unfortunately.

Tae woke you up and got ready for the day.

“Do I really have to go?” You complained.

“Unfortunately, yes with how much of school you miss even though you just discharged let alone woke up.” Tae sighed.

“But I don’t want to take homework and test let alone deal with a lot of people.” You protested.

“Well, if you don’t start again now you’ll fail then you’ll have longer to graduate.” Tae explained.

You moan as a complaint.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from Jin, and I’m sure Jiminie will too.” Tae claimed.

“If you say so.” You gave in.

“Good. We’re leaving soon.” He stated.

You rolled your eyes.

(Time skip)

You and Tae are walking into the school. Jimin was waiting at the entrance, for you. Then you see Jin speed walking towards you then tries to punch you; Tae caught his punch. What happened to “I don’t want to, nor plan hurt you and I’m sorry about beating you up.” and the sincerity I saw yesterday....

“What happened to “I don’t want to, nor plan to hurt you.“, Jin. Jimin accused.

Jin walked away.

“Maybe he’s having a horrible day already and wanted to take it out of me for some reason.” You suggested.

“Even if he’s actually having a bad day, that doesn’t make it okay to try to beat you up let alone to try to punch you.” Tae explained.

You just shrugged.

“It’s starting feel like his actions towards me are like a switch with in him. Although, there’s a time quite a time gab from when he last visited me between today. ” You pointed out.


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