Found Dead

Chapter 15: Gotta Love People

(2nd person) (Time skip)

You were walking out of class with Tae and Jimin, then Jin calls your name.

“What do you want, Jin?” You asked.

“May I speak to you alone?” Jin requested.

Jimin shook his had while Tae was giving a look saying are you serious and I looked at my friends.

“If you have something to say to me, you either say it to two of, all of , or none of us. Since they technically are my bodyguard while they’re still my friends.” You stated.

“Never mind then.” Jin discarded.

“I’ll just do it later.” Jin thought.

(Time skip)

You walked out of the bathroom’s entrance and Jin was there.... Waiting for you.

“Were you waiting for me?” You asked.

“Come with me.” Jin said while dragging you an empty part of the hallway.

You gave him a look of confusion and anger.

“I just want to explain and apologize for earlier by doing this.” Jin stated and start to punch you.

Explain and apologize my butt.

You caught his fourth punch.

“Stay the fudge away from and don’t touch me, but before I leave. I miss the sincere Jin I saw at the hospital, but I see he’s gone...” You trailed off and walked away. Jin’s expression went down to sad.

A few girls push you into the bathroom and beat you.

“What fuck do you want from me?” You asked.

“I want you to stay away from Jin.” The leader of the group said and smacked you across your cheek.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I want nothing to do with him plus when he dragged me I told him to stay away and don’t touch me. So, if you don’t want him near me then tell him not me. I don’t want to even be in the same room as him.” You hissed.

“How dare you insult Jin like that?” She sneered then started beating you.

“Easily, because he treats me badly. He literally tried to beat me up today twice for no reason. So, I clearly have no intentions of being his girlfriend. Even the thought make me gross out and mad.” You admit then walk out like nothing happened while you have visible bruises and a bruise forming on your face. As you walk out, she pulls your hair.

“We’re not fucking done with you, whore.” She calls out.

“Maybe not, but I’m done with you. Along with that, don’t you fucking touch me with your filthy, ugly, weak, and disgusting hands.” You demand, and walk out the doorway of the bathroom. Tae was walking past the bathroom, so he saw you walk of the bathroom. Tae also noticed the bruises and your facial expression for once.


So.... Taehyung was observant towards you, for once. What a surprise. Did he become observant towards you just for you? What’s his reaction? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and keep reading. Until next chapter, bye.

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