Found Dead

Chapter 17: Don't

(2nd person)

Tae rolled his gorgeous dark brown eyes.

“Y/n was bullied in the bathroom.” Tae told Jimin.

“Don’t worry about me. They shouldn’t bother me again if they know what’s best for them.” You told them.

“Y/n, I am so sorry we failed you and neither of us was there. Now on, one of us will always be with you even in the bathroom.” Jimin promised with a sad and disappointed expression.

“No thanks.” you rejected.

“You’re not gonna convince us not to, so might as well give up.” Tae argued.

“Fine.” You accepted as you let out an irritated sigh.

“Good.” Tae and Jimin said in unison.

(time skip)

It’s lunch time, and you’re sitting at a table with Jimin and Tae. You’re staring at Tae somehow beautifully eat soup and give you a confused look. (You and Tae still uses the Mind Speakers.)

“What? Is there something on my face?” Tae asked and you shook your head.

How in the world can someone fricken eat soup beautifully? Wait a minute.... People can’t “eat” soup. Soup is liquid so you can’t eat it, unless of course solids have been added. where they making it in the air? Because, soup is literally so up with no spaces. Haha.

After Tae asks you, he asks Jimin just to make sure. Since, you would let him go around in public with something actually being there.

Someone walks to behind you and your friends scoot closer to you.

“Hey, horrid yet hideous whore.” She greeted you and you turn around to face her.

“Lily, I see you’re greeting yourself.” You respond with smile.

Lily tries to slap you, but Tae catches her wrist.

“Didn’t I tell you to keep your filthy, weak, yet ugly hands off of my? Yes? I see you didn’t listen to me. I suggest to stay away from me and my friends if you know better.” You argued.

Lily tried to punch across the face, but this time Jimin catches her.

“Like Y/n said, stay away from her if you know better.” Jimin retorted.

“Don’t you even think about touching her again.” Tae warned Lily.

Lily tried to punch Tae, but he caught it and made Lily fall by pulling it far and hard enough. To be clear, Tae just pulled it straight down. You and Tae noticed Lily’s eyes started to fill with tears, but the tears didn’t fall.

“So you can feel things or least physically.” Jimin sneered.

“Jimin, even though we hate her especially me, but that was bit too far. Same thing with you, Tae.” You pleaded.

“But, she bullied you and tried to harm you twice just now.” Jimin pointed out.

“1. She’s still human though somehow and 2. Karma, let karma do it’s work.” You explained.

Tae and Jimin reluctantly nod their heads.

“Lily, Taehyung, Y/n, and Jimin, in my office now.” The principal madly demanded.

The four of you obediently followed him.

“Y/n, you’re fine, since you didn’t do anything. But, since you were involved I dragged you here.” the principal point out.

You nod and just stood there.

“B-but, she threaten me.” Lily argued.

“To defend herself. If you didn’t try to hurt her let alone walk up to her, she wouldn’t have threaten you.” The principal defended. Lily kept quiet to avoid further punishment and her head hanged low yet huffed.

“Tae and Jimin, your punishment isn’t as bad, since you were protecting Y/n. Your punishment is to attend one detention,” the principal added.

Tae and Jimin nod in acceptance of their forever destiny.

“Lily, you have a month in-school suspension,” the principal spoke and Lily rolled her eyes.

“Plus, one detention now. For eye rolling at me.” The principal added.

Lily let another huff.

“Y/n, Tae, and Jimin, you’re free to leave now.” The principal dismissed.

The three of you walked out.

“Y/n, I’m sorry you had to go through all that even though you weren’t punished.” Jimin apologised with his smooth yet alluring voice.

“Y/n, wanna hang out after I get out of prison?” Tae offered adorably.

“Sure.” You accepted.


So.... Tae and Jimin has detention yet Tae wants to hangout. Why does Tae want to hangout? Will he have a reason in particular or does just want want to enjoy your presence? What will happen while hanging out? Until next chapter, bye.

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