Found Dead

Chapter 18: Two In One

(2nd person) (Time skip)

(Ding dong)

You open the door to see Tae.

“Are you ready?” Tae greeted you.

You nod your head and the two of you started walking to a beautiful beach.

For the past 10 minutes, you and Tae have been laying on the sand cloud watching. Tae turns to face you.

“Y/n, I have something to confess.” Tae admitted and you turn to face him.

“Hmm.,” you let out.

“We have so many things we have in common, which is why I like you. Y/n, I like you. Will you please be my girlfriend?” Tae asked. You can see in his eyes you’ll agree and be his.

“Tae, -” You were cut off...

“Hey, what’s going on here?” Jimin came and said out of nowhere then jumps on both of you.

“OWW!” You winced.

“Sorry.” Jimin apologised and got up and sat between you two.

“Why Jimin?” Why did you have interrupt us and at this time?” Tae thought while giving Jimin a glare.

“What?” Jimin asked Tae.

“You know the answer to that.” You answered and Jimin shrugged.

“Y/n, can I ask you something?” Jimin inquized.

“Sure.” You accepted.

“Will you please be my date to the dance?” Jimin proposed with pleading puppy eyes.

Your jaw falls open with wide eyes from Jimin’s proposal.

- - -

Mmmmm. Love triangle alert. Who will you accept? Who will you reject?

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