Found Dead

Chapter 2: Bicker

(Second person)

Well, how did Musical end the chapter 1? Oh right, I was getting slammed hard against lockers while getting punched in my gut and face. Did either Musical and/or I mention the punches were very painful? No? Of course not. Well, I’m letting you know now then. The punches were NOT FUN AT ALL! Thanks very much, Musical. Although..... She has put me through A LOT ills but can’t turn back time. Oh and thanks, Musical for those more miserable times. Let’s get back to what’s happening at the second, shall we?

He’s been hurting me for I’d say almost ten minutes now. So not only I’m harmed but I’m late for class. Yey for me! Please excuse my sarcasm. I see someone running towards us. He has reached us and tries to stop this handsome bastard. Handsome?!?!?!? WHY, Musical?! WHY?!

“Jin, STOP.” Jimin commanded.

Ooooohhhh.... So that’s what this bastard airhead’s name. Oh great, Musical is making me think every boy I see now is handsome.... Isn’t that just great? At least, this one is trying to save me while the other is harming me.

“Go away. I’m busy, bastard.” Jin told Jimin.

“1. You’re the bastard especially for bullying the new kid for most likely no reason. 2. I’m trying to save not harm unlike you.” Jimin argued.

They ended up bickering, enough to distract Jin with his brown alluring eyes but I managed to escaped unnoticed. I’m speed walking to class and with materials... Hopefully, they’ll give me a pass since I new. Maybe if Musical will make me lucky again, she’ll let me walk in without creepy eyes on me. I walked in hoping I won’t get noticed. I shouldn’t raise my hopes with Musical as my creator/author.

“Nice to see you came to class, Y/N.” The teacher greeted with annoyance in her voice. I nod as a response and walk to an empty seat. Which whom ended up being next seat over was another handsome boy..... At least, not all the boys in this class is handsome or at least cute in my opinion. I see the boy next seat over is writing something and hands it to me.

The paper reads:

“Hi, I’m Taehyung. What’s your name?”

I respond on the paper and hand it back.


I’m glad to see you stayed this long even though it hasn’t been that long. I hope you stay with us and I genuinely hope you enjoy this story or at least a chapter. I’m sorry about the song not really matching the chapter as much but at least it little bit corresponds. Bye for now, if we do meet again which I hope will happen. Sorry, I realize that sounds creepy.

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