Found Dead

Chapter 3: Crash

(Second person)

“Hi, I’m Y/n.” You responded on the paper. You and Tae got along really well. We wrote back and forth between each other instead of paying attention but oh well. Although, you hope he doesn’t fail his assignment because of me. Lunch time finally came around, you was standing in the cafeteria’s entry. You couldn’t find an empty table nor Tae. Just when you would walk over to a walk and plop down, but then I see Tae walking over. He grabs your wrist and drags me to his table. There’s another person. He looks awfully familiar though. Wait, isn’t he the one who kind of saved you earlier? Then he interrupts your internal conversation you just read.

“Hey, are you okay? I’m sorry Jin hurt you while it wasn’t even halfway through the day let alone your first day here.” Jimin asked

You hold a finger up to say hold on, take out my phone, and typed.

You typed, “1. It’s fine 2. It’s not your fault 3. Nothing new about that plus I’m used to it even though it’s why I switched.” Tae’s eyes widen while his jaw dropped and the other dude gave me a look of pity.

“Please don’t feel sorry for me. Thanks to our creator/author, I’ve been through a lot of ills.” You typed and gave them a small smile.

“Well, on a bright note. I’m Jimin.” Jimin said to try to brighten the mood.

“What’s bright about that?” Tae joked, yet he typed it.

Jimin rolled his eyes.

So that’s what your kind of saviour’s name is.... Hm..... Soon enough the school day was over and you’re walking home. You’re happy the day’s over... Wait a minute... You’re happy.... Something’s up and smells fishy and not just because a sushi food truck is near haha. Oh well. The boys and you exchanged numbers and Jimin created a group chat. You guess that works in a way. While you’re texting in the group chat, oblivious to your surroundings... You suddenly feel pain and not only that, you only see darkness. Wait? AM YOU BLIND NOW?! You shouldn’t be thinking about that... SHOULD YOU?! No? Okay. Oh by the way, a bus hit you..... If you were wondering.


You probably hate me know.... For making your character get hit. It’s not my fault you we’re paying attention to your surroundings. JOKING but I’m actually sorry about writing that.... You’ll probably be more mad at me because of the next chapter(s). Anyway, bye for now.

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