Found Dead


(Second person) (Fast forward to a month)

You hate again you, Musical but you hate me for some reason so... Wondering what’s up with the song? You’re about to find out. You want to see Tae and Jimin but you can’t open my eyes and the closest you have is memories. At least, they visit you every day after and before school. You’re in a coma too. Musical, why? Just why? You hear heels. The only person you know who wears heels is the horrible excuse of a stepmother. She’s evil. You remember when you was 7, she duct taped you to the middle of the road so you would get ran over you believe her aim was to kill you though.... Aish you hate her and you can’t blame yourself and that’s not the only horrible thing she did to you but those are stories for someone else to tell. A few seconds later after evil stepmother walked in...

Beep beep beeeeeep

Finally! You don’t have to deal with that spiteful witch.... Wait a minute.... She wants you dead still... Despite all you’ve been through; you need to wake up. So that witch doesn’t have the pleasure of you being dead but you c-can’t... You.. Have... Officially.... Lost....

Tae has gotten a bad vibe from the witch so he told Jimin to stay while he goes to get a doctor. Honestly, if both would leave she would make sure you stay dead by doing ‘stuff’.

After a few hours of trying to revive you, they .....


I bet you still hate me.... “So what, So what, So what” Sorry I had to song reference. Honestly, I feel bad doing this to your character still... Yes still. I don’t exactly like making stuff like this happen to characters but I had to. BYE!

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