Found Dead

Chapter 5: Back

(Second person)

How did Musical end Chapter 4 again? Oh, right. The doctors were trying to revive me. After hours of trying to revive you they have succeeded. The fight is back on, evil witch.

“She’s alive but into a coma and you can go in 20 minutes.” The doctor confirmed.

“Thank you.” Jimin and Tae said in unison and with urgency.

“Doctor, may I speak with you in private?” My evil stepmother asked and the doctor nod in agreement.

(Third person)

The vile stepmother and doctor walked off.

“Put poison in her tubes.” She demanded.

“I can’t do that to my patient, I can’t do that to any of my patients ma’am.” The doctor augmented.

“Fine. I’ll pay a large amount of money,” the vile stepmother bribed.

“Ma’am, bribery won’t work. If you don’t stop, I’ll call the police on you.” The doctor threatened.

“You’re empty threats don’t scare me.” She admitted with anger.

The doctor pulled out a phone and dialled the police.

“Fine, I’ll kill her myself,” she confessed.

The crazy stepmother walked back to her stepdaughter’s room.

“Good thing i brought a knife with me in case.” The stepmother thought.

As the stepmother was about to stab her stepdaughter, the police came in caught red-handed in the act.

“Freeze in the law’s name!” Marty yelled at the demented stepmother. Two other police officers speed walked over to her and pull her hands behind her back after removing the knife.

Tae and Jimin ran into the room and yelled “What happened?!“. “This person tried to kill Y/n with a knife. We caught her red-handed in the act and tried to bribe a doctor to put poison in her fluid tube.

Y/n’s two friend’s eyes went from wide with confusion and worry to narrowed to hatred.


Hi! I’m sorry that this chapter was more boring than usual but ..... Aye! I found a BTS song that kinda corresponds. Looks like “Not Today” that you’re gonna get killed. Sorry I had to.

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