Found Dead

Chapter 7: For you

(Jimin’s pov)

I miss Y/n. It’s been four months. Four months... Let’s forget the fact I basically only knew you for less than a day. I dearly miss your personality. Your eyes, your beautiful eyes. Your personality is what I miss most about you. I suppose I little bit miss your physical attributes as well. Haha. I guess your absence has helped found a piece of myself I didn’t know about. The piece was poetry. I’m little bit of a poet, but I don’t think I’m a good poet though... You would probably deny it too haha. Even though I may not be good as a poet, I wrote a poem. For you.

Come Back, Please:

I could tell you can be sassy and stubborn

I don’t see how not everyone likes you

Amazing indeed

Should be in every boy’s dream

Thinks weak while actually strong

Thinks horrible when really amazing

Thinks ugly in reality beautiful

Thinks dull while fun

Know a facade when look and I see through yours

We’re here for you unlike your vile yet spiteful stepmother

I’m here for you

I miss you so much, please come back to us... to me

I think I got fond of you with in the little time I knew you while you were awake


I wrote that poem just for this chapter..... Yes, I’m an actual poet (not professional). Most say I’m good while I disagree. I think I’m an absolute poet... Joking haha. I actually think average to worse even though I’ve been called talented straight to my face..... If you actually want to read more poems of mine, I have a story thing on my profile called Poems on Wattpad. It consist of poems... Random poems and I admit..... This poem wasn’t my best let alone one of my masterpieces but at least it’s decent and thanks for reading this far in Found Dead and sorry the chapter is short.

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