Found Dead

Chapter 8: Finally, Yet Forgotten

(Third person)

“We found out who hit Y/n especially since there was no other vehicle on the road of the accident. It was Y/n’s stepmother....” The officer explained to the doctor while Jimin was eavesdropping.

Jimin ran to your room to tell Tae.

“Tae! I got news!” Jimin claimed.

“Is that Y/n will wake up today?!” Tae said excitedly while getting his hopes up.

“I don’t know about that but they found out who hit Y/n though.” Jimin pointed out.

“Who?!” Tae asked.

“First, got any guesses of whom?” Jimin deflected the question.

Tae narrowed his eyes and said with hatred “Her stepmother.”

“Ding ding, you have won,” Jimin congratulated.

(Second person)

What’s with the noise and who won and won what?

You slowly opened your eyes.

The two boys happily yelled “Y/n!” and ran over but who are they?


Oh no.... You don’t remember the boys you knew for less than a day but I can’t blame you though. Thanks for reading this far and bye for now. Oh and sorry the chapter is short again.

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