Found Dead

Chapter 9: Who?

(Second person)

Who are they? And how do they know who you am?

I saw a doctor walk in then asked me a question.

“Do you remember or know these two boys?”

You nod my head no and the two unknown guys face expression went gloom.

“All right, I got my real answer. She’s suffering from ’Short social memory loss.” The doctor explained.

“So does that mean that she’ll soon remember us?” Tae said with hope.

“Unfortunately, no. The “short” in ‘Short Social Memory loss’ is the person who the person had met more recently as in within 2 months will forget.” The doctor explained. (’Short Social Memory Loss isn’t real that I’m aware of.)

Tae’s face went back to gloom. Earlier, a nurse gave me a Mind Speaker. It speaks what’s on my mind while I get to choose what it says.

“Wh- who are you two?” You asked the two very attractive guys.

“I’m Tae.” Tae introduced.

“I’m Jimin, who technically saved you from Jin when you switched schools. So I’m your Anpanman.” Jimin exclaimed.

“Thank you even though I don’t exactly know what happened.” You thanked.

“When you get discharged, you’ll be going with me and coming to school with me for a day so you’ll know what school and all.” Jimin explained.

You nod my head.

“Tae, if you don’t mind me asking and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to but why do you have a Mind Speaker?” You asked in curiosity.

“Just like you, I can’t physically speak.” Tae pointed out.

“Well at least she doesn’t remember Jin on the bright side,” Jimin whispered to Tae.


Thanks for reading this far even though my story is bad yet boring but at least I’m trying. I hope you stay with me and keep on reading.

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