20 Years Of Christmas

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

I woke to a poke in the stomach, opening my eyes and staring into the chocolate brown eyes that I had loved for so very long before we'd even started dating just over six months ago. However I was exhausted and just wanted to curl up in bed with my girlfriend and sleep for the next three years, especially since we'd closed a case that had lasted longer than I would care to remember, the 74 hours it had taken us to find three kidnapped girls, who had all been taken at various times on the first day after finishing a shopping trip. Apparently during that time they had been raped and tortured, beaten to unconsciousness but we'd been told that all three of them had made it through surgery and were awake, apparently they had passed out due to fear and none of them remembered too much of what had happened. The good thing was that they were back with their families and could spend the festive season with their families.

"Oh my god its Christmas" I sighed rolling out of bed and sending a playful glare Jane's way when she laughed at my actions. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my lips

"I could never get sick of this" she whispered before leaning in to nip at my neck, just when she'd reached the pressure point that she had learned always got the best response she pulled away and said

"Ma and Frankie are up and Lydia, Tommy and TJ won't be here until after lunch" she said and I nodded. I wasn't expecting as big a turn out as last year, especially since I knew that Korsak was visiting a couple of his old buddies in New York and had left straight after we'd closed the case, my parents had visited a week early and Jane and I had had an early Christmas with them as they were headed to see a women I didn't particularly like and had shunned me from her life after the last time I had seen her, Sean wasn't even coming as he was spending the holidays with his daughter and grandson, who had refused to invite Angela and didn't want anything to do with her. So it just left Jane and I and Frankie and Angela whom had shared the guest house. After dressing and showering I made my way downstairs and was greeted by a sight that I had come to love over the years. Angela in the kitchen, with Frankie and Jane on the couch, both looking equally as tired as the other and yet still managing to keep their spirits alive all because of a holiday tradition.

Gathering around the Christmas tree, once I had a cup of coffee made and one for Jane as well, I snuggled into her side as Angela handed out the presents. Frankie's presents were first and as he unwrapped his first gift Angela was sitting with her fingers crossed and Jane and I looked at each other confused as to what she had gotten him. When Frankie let out a gasp of surprise and rushed over to hug his mum I leant across as did Jane and we saw what she'd had done. There encased in the frame was a copy of his detective certificate for when he'd made it to the drug unit and now there was a copy of the certificate of his promotion to part time homicide detective a big achievement especially since he had been doubting this moment would ever come. I smiled as did Jane it was a very monumental moment for him and it was something he could hang in his apartment and still be proud of. His next gift was a joint one from Jane and I, something that we'd had organised for him since we'd meet his girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. I was to open my presents next, from Angela I received a years subscription to a new magazine she'd gotten me into over her stay with me and I smiled thanking her before opening the present from Frankie, to find a new perfume bottle, smiling as I was told that it was very pleasant scent and that he even had it checked out to see if it had been tested on animals and that all the scents and chemicals were as natural as they could be, I smiled thanking him as he blushed a little. When I was given my present from Jane I smiled and she whispered quietly in my ear

"This is only half of your present" she said and I smiled nodding. Unwrapping the gift I uncovered three different sized photo frames, one was of the two of us with Joe Friday at the park, the next was a picture of the two of us sitting in the snow a couple of days after last Christmas and I'd told Jane that Jack and I had broken up and she was telling jokes to cheer me up, the last photo was one of the two of us on our first date, slightly nervous but all smiles as we enjoyed each others company in a more romantic setting than what we were used to. I smiled and placed them down gently before turning and hugging her as she placed a kiss to my forehead

"I take it you like them?" she asked and I nodded

"I love them, thank you Jane" I said placing a chaste kiss on her lips before Angela started unwrapping her presents, from Frankie she got a voucher to indulge herself at the spa that she'd been hinting at for about a month now, I got her a signed copy of the latest book by her favourite author and she kissed my cheek, she let out a squeal however when she opened Jane's and when I turned to look at her with a confused look she smiled and pointed to Angela who was showing it off. It was first edition copy of Elton John's first record and even tickets to a private concert that he was hosting.

"How'd you manage it Janey?" Angela asked and she smiled

"I had a friend of mine that works in the music business pull a couple of strings and thought that if you had the CD you might be able to get him to sign it when you go back stage and meet him" she said with a shrug and Angela gasped getting up and showering Jane in a ton of kisses, eventually though she let her go and returned to handing out the gifts. The first was from Angela and Jane smiled when she saw what it was and when I raised an eyebrow she showed me, it was a whole series of Dr Seuss books, I smiled knowing how much Jane loved his books, the next gift she opened was one from Frankie and when I saw what it was I giggled, it was a hint as to what the next stages of our relationship was and Jane joined in after she got over the shock of the gift. When she opened the gift from me she looked at me and said

"You better not have spent a ridiculous amount of money on me Maur" I smiled and shook my head knowing that she probably thought that I had. I watched as her jaw dropped and she read what I had gotten her,

"Maura are you kidding me right now?" she asked and I shook my head

"You mean you actually managed to get me into a practice session with the Red Sox. How?" she asked and I smiled

"I know a couple of guys" I told her and she pulled me close again, kissing me passionately not pulling away until Frankie cleared his throat awkwardly.

"That's not all" I said and she looked at me confused, as did everyone else, before I nodded my head to the box that had been hidden at he bottom of the Christmas tree, it was another present for Jane but this was more a present for the both of us. When Jane opened it and saw what it was she smiled, getting up and putting the delicate glass ornament in the centre of the tree smiling at what was written on it. 'Jane and Maura, love as perfect as this is worth fighting for'. With Angela and Frankie heading into the kitchen to cook the Christmas feast I looked at the spot where Angela had placed a sprig of mistletoe, and headed over to stand under it, calling Jane over, she smiled and made her way over. Wrapping my arms around her waist and placing a tender kiss on her lips she started running her fingers through my hair, deepening the kiss. When she pulled back a little out of breath she looked at me and asked

"What was that for?" I smirked

"Mistletoe" and walked off to help Angela and Frankie in the kitchen.

Eventually the others turned up and what shocked us was that Frankie's new girlfriend Delilah was there as well, joining us for dinner since her family had left early to visit her brother and his wife, whom she didn't really want to spend time with. So after introductions and a rather long winded conversation about what we all did for a living we gathered around the table and dug into the Christmas feast. I smiled as I felt the reassuring squeeze that came from Jane as she saw the look on my face, I looked toward her and she mouthed

"What's wrong?" and I shook my head, she looked at me for a couple of seconds before returning to her meal. Honestly there was nothing wrong, it was just that everything that had happened in the last couple of months all felt right and I was so glad that I had my best friend and girlfriend here to share the holidays with.

After dinner and a couple of drinks were had, our guests headed back to their respective houses and Jane and I headed upstairs to bed, it had been a long and enjoyable day. Jane who had showered before me was probably now curled up in bed ready to go to sleep or at least thats what I thought, until I made my way out of the bathroom and found Jane lying rather seductively across the bed

"This is the last part of your present" she said and I smiled, she looked delicious. Running to the bed I collapsed next to her and within a couple of seconds we were tangled in each others embrace, finishing off the day with a bang!

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