20 Years Of Christmas

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

I was awake before anyone else this Christmas, partially from the images of the dead girl that we'd found rapped and murdered less than a week ago whose case we'd solved early yesterday morning, but also because I felt like a thousand butterflies had a death grip on my stomach, almost choking me every time I tried to relax. Jane and I had been together for a year and a half, through thick and thin, ups and downs, fights and the best make up sex I had ever had. It was amazing and surprising how much we had done in such a short time but what surprised me more was how long it had lasted, and how much I wanted it to last for the rest of our lives. That was why I was so nervous! It had been brought to my attention almost a month ago that we needed to celebrate us, that we needed to make us official and I needed Jane forever so when I went to Angela a couple of days ago to ask her permission to marry Jane Angela squealed and gave me her blessing. I planned on doing it today because I knew that this was Jane's favourite holiday and since I'd been let into the Rizzoli family traditions I was beginning to love this holiday as well.

I was watching the pot boil and listening to the coffee pot brew as I waited for the others to wake, before I heard the tell tale sign of Jane making her way downstairs, as she entered the kitchen I smiled, I loved the sight of Jane when she's just woken up her curly hair sticking up in odd directions and without make up, a precaffinated Jane was adorable and a sight that I still wasn't used to.

"Morning sleepy head" I said wrapping my arms around her waist and she chuckled

"Morning Maur" she said leaning down and nipping the skin between my neck and collar bone, causing me to moan. We stayed like that until we heard the noise of footsteps in the court yard between the guest house and the door to the lounge. Jane turned to grab the mugs out of the cupboard and I poured the drinks of steaming hot liquid.

"Morning Angela" I said as she walked in the door

"Good Morning Maura, Jane" Angela said, her focus on me as she tried to judge how nervous I was. I smiled weakily as Jane had her attention on the door, since she'd just heard a knock. When Jane was over letting her family into the room, Angela made her way over to me and smiled,

"Its alright Maur, it will be perfect" she whispered and I nodded, it was going to be perfect. Jane headed upstairs after quick hugs with TJ so whilst she was doing that, I told everyone about my plan.

When Jane came back downstairs we were all outside, TJ, Tommy and Lydia standing to the left and Angela, Frankie and Delilah on the right both Frankie and Delilah poised and ready with cameras to capture the moment on camera. It had snowed over night and the light dusting of snow coupled with the fairy lights and the bush of roses that had lasted the snow fall made for the perfect setting. I smiled as Tommy and TJ walked over to her and handed her the little bunch of light red roses, she smiled kissing both of their cheeks before taking a sniff and smiling at the delicious scent that emitted from them

"Thank you" she said and I smiled. Angela stood next asking Jane to stand still as she placed a necklace that I had made especially for Jane so that she could wear it at work around her neck. Jane looked down at it confused seeing the mini rings that had been delicately entwined and hanging beneath the words "forever", when she looked from my mother to me, I grabbed her hands and got down on one knee and heard her gasp in surprise.

"Jane Clementine Rizzoli; you have been my best friend for over ten years and no matter what has happened we stuck together through thick and thin. Before I meet you I could barely hold a conversation with anyone, and now as I kneel in front of you I smile with pride because you've turned me into the person I am today. You've showed me love and support through everything you do, you make me smile and laugh and listen to me no matter how infuriating I can be, accepted me into your family and let me experience the craziness that comes with it. I love you with every bit of who I am and don't want to spend another day without you in my life. Jane would you do me the tremendous honour of becoming my wife?" I asked and saw the tears rolling down her face and the smile that was plastered on her face, I pulled out the box with the ring inside it, a four and a half carat diamond surrounded by rubies, at seeing the ring she gasped and she let out a squeal of yes' and I smiled getting up and wrapping her in an embrace, kissing her passionately. When I pulled back and put the ring on her finger she smiled and looked at me

"I love you too Maur" she said and I smiled

"I know Jane" I left a quick kiss on her lips before she went and hugged Angela who was sobbing and showering her in kisses. Jane turned round and was pulled in for a hug with Frankie and then Tommy before her Lydia and Delilah all gathered together and squealed over the ring. It was a sight that I never wanted to get out of my head. Angela stood next to me and smiled

"She's good for you" she whispered and I nodded

"She is" I answered and she pulled me in for a hug,

"Your good for her too Maura, I couldn't of asked for anyone else to make my daughter as happy as she is" she said and I smiled

"Thank you" I said

"I always thought of you as a part of the family but I guess this makes it official. Welcome to the family Maura" she said pulling me in for another hug.

"Thank you Angela" I said, returning the hug.

After the proposal and a couple of pictures that were taken, we all headed inside and as we did so the doorbell rang. I made my way over and opened the door, to find both Korsak and Shaun outside the door with bunches of flowers and a pile of presents.

"We're sorry we're late, the snow on the road made it pretty hectic" Korsak apologised and I smiled

"Its alright Vince, come in" I said standing back as they both entered the house. Jane who had followed me over to the door, wrapped her arms around my waist and both men handed us a bunch of flowers before Shaun headed over to Angela and gave her a kiss and handed her the last bunch of flowers he had in his hands.

"We were just about to open the presents" I said and Korsak nodded

"Alright lets go" Korsak said and I smiled as Jane stopped me for a couple of seconds

"Thank you Maur" she said and I titled my head

"For what?" I asked and she smiled

"For making me the happiest I have ever been and for proposing" she said and I smiled

"I love you" I said and she leant down for a quick kiss before saying

"I love you too Maur, always" she said and I smiled, wrapping my arm around her shoulders as we made our way over to the lounge.

Everyone enjoyed their presents but as we sat down for Christmas dinner Jane helping Angela and I set the table, Korsak spotted the ring, turning to Shaun he said

"Oh my god, we missed the proposal" Jane and I looked at one another and smirked

"And you call yourselves detectives" Jane said sarcastically causing the rest of us to laugh

"Congratulations Maura and Jane, that is amazing" Korsak said getting up and hugging us before he sat back down and we dug into the meal. This was going to be a Christmas that I was going to treasure for the rest of my life.

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