20 Years Of Christmas

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas this year was being held at my parents Boston home, the house I grew up in. Charles the butler who had been working for my family since I was ten had greeted us the night before with cups of hot coco and marshmallows before taking our bags upstairs to my bedroom. The other Rizzoli's were arriving from now on wards and as Jane and I made our way downstairs we heard the doorbell ring. Charles opened the door, mother behind him greeting Angela and Shaun who had been living together for just over a couple of weeks now, an early Christmas present for Jane and I and also our wedding gift according to Shaun who had meant it as a joke. This year had been one of many surprises for us, as well as Shaun and Angela moving in together Frankie had proposed to Delilah on her birthday and Tommy and Lydia had finally tied the knot back in March going for a beautiful spring ceremony. We'd all been involved in the small ceremony, Jane was Lydia's maid of honour and Delilah and I were her bridesmaids, Tommy had Frankie as his best man and Rondo and his best friend from school as his grooms men, TJ was the ring bearer and Lydia's friends daughter was the flower girl.

As the others entered the house we gathered in the lounge around the Christmas tree, mother and father both happily chatting amongst the group and I smiled looking around at everyone, it was hard to believe that it was because of the job that we were all here together more than ten years later, growing as a group and becoming closer as a family.

"Hey Maur, you alright?" Jane asked nudging my shoulder

"Yeah I'm fine" I said and she smiled nodding her head

"Can you believe that this is our family?" she asked and I nodded, I had spent so much time when I was younger imaging what it would be like to have a true family Christmas, not globe trotting or experiencing different cultures, not that I had any problem with that but just wondering what it would be like to spend it with the ones I loved, and ever since meeting the Rizzoli's I had, but this year was the first that my parents had been involved in the whole thing and it made me so happy for them to be here. I smiled as I heard TJ squeal with delight at seeing mother and father and who he'd meet a couple of times and ran up to them giving them both big hugs,

"Constance, Alexander I missed you" he said at almost five years old TJ was growing every day and looked adorable with his blonde hair, blue eyes and toothy grin.

"We missed you too TJ" mother said lifting him up and giving him kisses before handing him over to father who took him easily and made sure that TJ was secure before turning him up the wrong way, causing TJ to laugh hysterically.

After gathering in the lounge and having quick exchanges of conversation and the opening of presents, Lydia stood up holding Tommy's hand in her own and smiling happily. We all looked at her with interest and she smiled nervously

"Uh Tommy and I have some news that we would like to share with you all" she said before turning to Tommy who smiled happily

"Lydia and I are expecting another baby, in June" he said excitedly causing Angela to jump to her feet and pull both Tommy and Lydia into her arms before kissing both of their cheeks.

"Oh my babies, congratulations" she said happily and we all congratulated them and gave both of them a hug before Angela looked between, Jane, Frankie, Delilah and myself and said

"Please give me more grandchildren" she was about to continue but luckily Shaun stopped her and managed to calm her down. I felt Jane squeeze my hand and knew that it had been something we had been talking about for at least the last six months. We knew that we couldn't do it the easy way like most couples could, and because of my experiences growing up we didn't really want to adopt if we could help it. So that didn't leave very much options apart from doing it through a fertility clinic and it had been something that we'd both been looking into since we started discussing children, especially knowing that both Jane and I were getting older and that we probably wouldn't be able to support the surgery for much longer, and knowing how long these processes tend to take. However no one knew of our plan just yet and we didn't really want them in on it just yet, especially since so much of it could go wrong.

After Lydia had announced her pregnancy, TJ, Tommy, Frankie, Shaun, father, Jane and Delilah had all headed out to the back yard to play soccer, and mother, Angela, Lydia and myself all stayed in side talking about different things like work and what we wanted for the new year. And then the conversation turned to when Jane and I were getting married, what we were planning and wanting for our wedding, who was going to be who and for Jane and I it had been something we had been discussing for just as long our possible child. I smiled as I thought back to the conversation we'd had almost a month ago about our wedding and when we wanted it to be.


We were curled up, Jane with her arms wrapped around my waist as we sat on the couch, my head leaning on her shoulder as we watched a movie. The conversation had come out of nowhere but it needed to be discussed.

"Maur, I think we should discuss our wedding" Jane suggested and I nodded turning to her giving her my full attention and I knew that she needed to get this off her chest

"I don't want our ceremony to be a large one, something intimate and one that would involve our friends and family no more, no less" she said and I nodded, I didn't want a big wedding either just a small event with our closest friends.

"I agree" I said and she looked at me slightly shocked

"What?" she asked and I smiled

"I said I agree, I don't want some over the top event that our mothers will put together I want something that resembles both of us as individuals and as a whole" I told her and she nodded, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me in for a deep kiss

"How did I manage to find someone who understands me better than I understand myself?" she asked and I smiled, kissing her nose again

"Fate" I said and she smiled. After that conversation we'd discussed who would be invited, where it would be held, when and a trying subject for Jane wither or not her father would be invited to the wedding or not. That was decided about a week ago after the slight abuse we got when he had found out through Frankie and Tommy. She said that as much as she loved her father she didn't want him there knowing what he would try and do, so she had decided that as she thought of Shaun as the closest thing to a father figure then she would ask if he would be the one to give her away.


"So have you decided?" both Angela and Constance asked and I was about to answer when I felt the supportive arms of my fiancé wrap around my waist

"Decided on what?" she asked and I looked at her shaking my head trying to warn her that she didn't want to start this conversation.

"On the details for your wedding day" Mother said and Jane sighed

"Yes we have, alright might as well get everyone in here and we'll tell everyone" Jane said and I looked at her raising an eyebrow at her and she nodded.

With everyone gathered in the lounge, Jane and I stood in front of her family and my mother and father, all of them looking at us with raised eyebrows and waiting for an explanation as to why they had been called inside. Feeling the squeeze that came from Jane I knew that I was going to be starting this conversation.

"Jane and I would like to tell you our arrangements for our wedding, now please do not judge and hear us out. We are set on our plans and have already talked this through with Father Crowley" I said and as I did so I watched as Mother and Angela sat forward on the couch.

"Now he has been kind enough to allow us the day of our choosing and understands that with our jobs that the day we have picked means that we will more than likely be off rotation" Jane said and she looked at me I squeezed her hand before continuing

"We have already booked in the time and the day" she finished and Angela looked at both of us like hurry up tell us. I smiled and leant up to whisper in her ear

"Jane just tell them and then it will stop the looks your getting from your mother and mine" she turned to me and placed a quick kiss to my cheek

"Alright, well the day we are talking about is next Christmas. We wanted it to be a special day to us and since that was the day that we got engaged we wanted it to be that day, also because we get that day off because of work" Jane told them and Angela squealed

"Oh my god this is going to be absolutely gorgeous" she gushed and we smiled as the others all congratulated us and then Jane and I were whisked away by mother and Angela to discuss all the details. Sometime during the discussion Jane had managed to sneak away to ask Shaun if he would be the one to give her away and he'd said that he would be honoured. Father had also managed to pull me aside and after I'd asked if he would give me away he gushed and said that of course he would give his baby away.

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