20 Years Of Christmas

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

We had a family get together to open Christmas presents the night before Christmas, since mother and Angela had been insistent that we not see each other before walking down the aisle, something that kind of annoyed us but if it would keep our parents of our back then I didn't have a problem with it. I sat in my childhood bedroom that mother had converted into my changing room, I sat in my dressing gown as the hair stylist did the final details on my hair and the make up women finished with my make up. Lydia and Delilah were both getting dressed as I was being worked on and father was playing with Jasmine, Lydia and Tommy's five month old who was absolutely gorgeous and also our little flower girl, who was going to be walked down the aisle by Korsak who had jumped at the chance to be involved in the wedding ceremony in a way that wasn't just a guest. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and felt a surge of pride knowing that this was the most beautiful I had ever felt before and I wasn't even in my gown yet. Mother walked in just in time to help me get into my gown and as she did so I smiled

"I've come to help you get into your gown, I hope you don't mind?" she stated and I smiled

"Of course not Mother" I said and she smiled as she helped me into my gown buttoning the buttons. As I turned around and gave a twirl in my dress I saw mother gasp and smiled.

"I can't believe that I get to witness your wedding day and that you and Jane want us to be here after everything we've done to you" mother said and I reached out for her hands grabbing them in mine

"You are my mother and there is no one else that I would want to be at my side today other than you and father. You've given me so much, you gave me independence and encouraged me in your own ways, accepted Jane and I and loved me since the moment you held me in your arms. We may not be related by blood but you are the best mother that I could've wished for and I am forever grateful" I said and watched as mother tried to hold back the tears that were so close to falling over the edge.

"How did I become blessed with such an amazing daughter?" she asked and I smiled

"Fate" I said and she nodded pulling me into her arms for a hug and kissing my forehead as I felt all the nerves that I'd had leave my body. There was a knock on the door that made us jump apart and when I called out enter in walked my father wearing a dark grey suit.

"Hello father" I said as he made his way over to me

"Maura you look breathtaking" he said and I felt the blush rise on my cheeks not used to the compliments that were coming from my parents. Father looked over at mother and asked gently

"Constance do you mind giving me and Maura a couple of minutes?" when mother exited the room father pulled me into my arms and gave me a hug

"I meant what I said, you look absolutely breathtaking. Jane is a lucky girl" he said and I nodded a smile on my face.

"I didn't intend to come in here and get all sappy but I really feel honoured that you want me to walk you down the aisle today" he told me and I smiled kissing his cheek

"Of course I want you to walk me down the aisle father" I said and he nodded a smiled on his his face

"Well" he paused clearing his throat "I have something for you, and only the first born has worn this item I just hope you like it" he said handing me a small jewellery box. Opening the lid I gasped at seeing the sapphires that were placed on a delicate flower the chain and flower both real silver and quite old. Throwing myself into my fathers arms I whispered in his ear

"Thank you father its gorgeous" kissing his cheek I pulled back and asked

"Will you help me put it on father?" he nodded and grabbing the necklace out of the box helped clasp it around my neck. As it fell into place just above my heart I touched the sapphires and smiled, it truly completed my dress.


Ma and I were in the guest house at our place getting ready for the big day Frankie and Tommy were inside the main house getting ready themselves. I stood looking at myself in the mirror seeing my reflection and smiling, my hands shaking slightly because of the nerves. I had on a feminine white tux that made me smile. It had been my idea for me to wear a tux much to my mothers disappointment but I don't know somehow I actually felt pretty good about this and wearing what I was wearing. Ma smiled throughout the whole thing, which might have been because of the photographer that was capturing every minute of action but I highly doubted it.

"I'm so happy for you Janey, you and Maura make each other so happy and I'm glad the two of you finally worked it out" she said pulling me in for a hug and I tried to squirm away but she wasn't having a bar of it

"I'm happy too Ma. I never thought that I would be this happy with anyone, but with Maura its like I don't have to pretend to be somebody different I just have to be me and do the best that I can with what I have to offer her and somehow that's what she wants too" I said and she nodded. There was a light knock on the door and I called out

"Come in" I smiled when I saw Frankie and Tommy walk in with Shaun behind them.

"Are you ready to leave Jane?" Tommy asked and I nodded

"Yep lets get this show on the road" I said and they all laughed at my eagerness.

Arriving at the church I saw Father Crowley waiting for us and he smiled as I got out of the car

"Hello dearest Jane" he said as I made my way over to him

"Hello Father" I said a smile on my face

"May I just say how incredibly blessed I am that you have chosen me to be the one to do the ceremony" he said and I felt my cheeks turn bright red

"I wouldn't have it any other way Father" I said before saying under my breathe "Besides I would probably be murdered if I used anyone else" Tommy and Frankie who were standing next to me heard and started laughing, Shaun and Ma looked on confused.

Our guests already seated Ma went in to sit down, on one side of the entrance hall I was told to wait as Maura and her bridesmaids, parents came in through a side hall. Frankie rushed down to ask the bridesmaids and party to hurry so that they could walk down the aisle together and as he rushed back, Korsak carrying Jasmine in her baby pink flower girl dress and TJ following behind in his grey tux

"Aunty Janey, look" he said and I smiled

"You look very handsome TJ, have you got both the rings bud?" I asked and he nodded looking down at the pillow to double check giving a quick nod before Korsak called him over. Frankie leaned over to whisper in my ear before getting organised

"Maura looks breathtaking" as he left he kissed my cheek and went to stand next to Tommy. Delilah and Lydia were looking beautiful in full length baby pink strapless gowns. As my best man was Frankie and Lydia was Maura's matron of honour they linked arms as did Delilah and Tommy, which was slightly funny because both Frankie and Tommy were telling each other to keep their hands to themselves when it came to their respective partners, both Lydia and Delilah becoming slightly flustered when it came to this. Having to shush them so they could walk down the aisle I smiled as I watched them.

"You ready Jane?" Shaun asked and I turned to him nodding.

"You look beautiful by the way" he said and I smiled

"Thank you Shaun" I said leaning in to kiss his cheek which caused to look a little taken a back

"Thank you for making my Ma happy again, thank you for being the person you are and thank you for being here today to walk me down the aisle" I said and he smiled

"Your welcome Jane" he said kissing my cheek as well before he pulled out a box and handed it to me

"What is it?" I asked and he smiled

"Open it" and I did gasping when I saw what was inside

"Its beautiful Shaun. Why are you giving it to me?" I asked and he smiled

"I know that you said you wanted Maura to be the traditional bride but I couldn't have you missing out on this part of the tradition so I know that your suit is new and I wanted to give you something blue and old. My daughter never accepted this from me but I thought that you may really like it" he said and I nodded, throwing my arms around him and kissing his cheek

"I really love it Shaun can you help me put it on?" I asked and he nodded helping me put on the necklace, it was a simple dragon with sapphires for the eyes and I loved it so much. With it firmly clasped around my neck he held out his arm and I took it walking down the aisle to the end of the song that the rest of the bridal party had walked in to. Reaching the end of the aisle, he stopped and let go of my arms to squeeze my hands and then placed a kiss on my cheek before letting me go and sitting down next to ma.

That's when the wedding march started playing and I turned around to see Maura and her father walking down the aisle towards me. And I was lost and in awe of the beautiful women that was soon to become my wife. I felt my cheeks stretch as the biggest grin spread across my face as Maura's father kissed her cheek and her hands were placed in mine. Father Crowley started the nuptials and as we exchanged rings and vows I realised how happy I was for this moment to be here. Eventually though he announced that I could kiss the bride and we were gone, kissing each other passionately as the crowd looked on before making our way back down the aisle and out to talk to our guests and have photos taken.

After an hour of photos with the bridal party we headed back to our house for the reception which had been decorated and organised the way we had wanted it to be done whilst we were gone. The back yard looked absolutely gorgeous, with the canopy and the fairy lights and dance floor in the middle. As Maura and I took the floor for our first dance I was lost in her embrace smiling like an idiot because today I felt like the luckiest person alive.

"Hello Mrs Rizzoli-Isles" Maura whispered and I smiled, kissing her quickly before saying

"Hello Mrs Rizzoli-Isles" and she smiled

"I don't think I will ever tire of hearing that" she whispered and I nodded in agreement.

As the dance drew to a close we started dancing lazily around the stage before the last notes sounded and there was a loud clutter that came from the far side of the canopy. There stood my father a bottle of scotch in his hand and barely stood up right.

"Janey how dare you defy me" he belched and I looked to Maura before squeezing her hand and pulling her along with me.

"How dare you ruin my wedding day?" I questioned and he swore

"Fucking lesbo's like you Janey don't deserve to be married" he said and I felt the anger rise in my body, if it weren't for the fact that Maura was squeezing my hand to try and calm me I would have been attacking him for bad mouthing Maura. I could take my fathers shit about me but when he brought Maura into it that just really pissed me off.

"Pop why don't you leave before you do something you'll regret?" Frankie suggested and he pushed him backwards causing Delilah to squeal in fear

"Pop that wasn't a suggestion, before I get one of the cops to arrest you for unlawful behaviour I want you to leave" I said ice in my tone

"You can not force me Jane" he said and I looked at him the ice in my tone seeping into my voice

"Try me pop" I warned and he took a step closer, Frankie and a couple of the new cops who we'd invited out of common courtesy were on him like a lead balloon, hand cuffs on and being escorted from the place before I could even blink. Feeling the reassuring squeeze and kiss to the cheek I looked at Maura who smiled and whispered

"He's gone now Janey everything will be alright" I smiled and kissed her forehead

"I know Maur, I just wish that he didn't have to ruin our day" I whispered and she smiled

"No matter how badly your father messed up, I have loved this day Jane and I believe I will love this day for a long time to come" she said before kissing me to show me that she meant every word she said. And she was right the rest of the day was incredible it was defiantly going to be a night I would never forget.

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