Monster (BTS Jungkook )


Romance / Drama
Lillianna Marie
Work in progress
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I step out of the airport, my taupe suitcase dragging behind me. I let out the air I didn't know I was holding and pause for a moment. Seoul is beautiful. As I look around me nothing is still. People are walking, talking on the phones in a language I can just barely understand, cars are at a stand-still whilst beeping their horns at the car in front of them for not going fast enough, and signs are lighting up with commercials and ads. The beautiful chaos of the city is so archaic yet fluent. I take a deep breath and look down at my phone, trying to memorize the address of the dorms I would be living in for the next 12 months.

Why I decided to study my second year of college in Korea, I have no idea. Something about this place drew me here, I felt like I just had to come here. The pull was so strong I had managed to mostly learn the language in a little over a year due to the determination to one day come here.

The sound of my suitcase wheels rolling on the sidewalk is almost deafening as I try to pass by the native people unnoticed. Nonetheless, I was not spared of the weird looks that I got, nor the whispers. I keep my head down and pick up my pace a bit.

After a few minutes of walking down the street towards the dorms I feel a tingling feeling in my heart. I slow down and place my hand on my chest, looking around. This feeling isn't an unfamiliar one. Suddenly my eyes come in contact with a small cafe across the street. I quickly weave through the stopped traffic to go inside.

The cafe was suddenly swarmed with flashes of cameras and screaming girls. I continue to move closer to the cafe, trying to discover the cause of this commotion that is blocking my way into the cafe. I stay about ten feet away from the mob, trying to keep all my limbs intact while still seeing what the ruckus was about.

The screams of the girls suddenly get even louder, if that were possible, as the door opens. Seven men in hoods and masks come out of the cafe as three bodyguards try to push a pathway through the crowd of crazy teenage fangirls. The stress on the boys face was evident.

One of the boy's masks was accidentally pulled down, revealing a familiar face. His eyes are moving frantically, searching for a way out. An opening in the crowd forms and the boys push through, the maskless one in front.

I feel my heart tug less to the cafe and more to him. My brow furrows slightly at the realization, letting out a little huff.

Then his eyes meet mine.

This first little chapter is like a teaser, kind of. The chapters will get longer as we go for the first couple. I hope you guys enjoy!

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