Home Is A Long Forgotten Concept

Chapter 10

John walked through the door.

Dean turned to Sam quickly. "Go upstairs, now. Don't come down, I'll come and meet you."

"Dean..." Sam began but I cut him off.

"Now, Sam!"

He ran off upstairs.

I knew that John was gonna' be angry, but like hell was I gonna' let him take it out on Sam.

"Where have you been, we've been worried?" John asked as he walked over.

Dean looked at John.

"I shouldn't have told you to get out. I purely meant for you to go back to the house. But seriously, Dean, why did you run away...from us?"

Dean didn't answer.


"Cause' I don't trust you. For all I know, you could be just another Graham." Dean stated.


"How am I supposed to know whether you're just another him or not?"

"Don't compare me with that asshole!"

"Well you've hit me before." Dean followed up. He could see John's temper rising. "How do I know that there's not going to be more to come?"

"You really think I'm capable of that?" John asked through gritted teeth.

"I think anyone's capable of anything." Dean paused. "Like Graham, he wasn't always abusing us. The first week that he fostered us, he treated us nicely, fed us, never laid a finger on us. Until the CPS were happy with him and he passed their checks. Then after that, he changed into this...monster. Beating on us everyday, starving us, whipping us until there was no skin left on our backs, locking us in the wardrobe for days on end."

He noticed John's expression.

"What's wrong...John?" Dean spoke in a mocking tone. "Bit too graphic for you?"

"Don't use that tone with me, Dean." He shook his head.

"Why, what you gonna' do...hit me again?"

"That's enough." John grabbed him by the collar and slammed him back against he wall, holding him in place.

"You stupid shit!" Graham shouted as he held him against the wall, a hand wrapped around his throat, blocking his airway causing him to gasp for breath.

"I'm gonna kill you, nice and slow..." Graham stated with a meaning smile. "And then I'm gonna' kill you brother..." He smirked. "Your darling little Sammy. Imagine his screams." Graham's tone made Dean feel nauseous as he knew Graham meant every word he was saying. "Screaming your name as the light goes out in his eyes."

A tear trickled down his cheek. "Do whatever you want to me, but please don't hurt my brother." He spoke in a saddened tone.

"You're weak, Dean. Your little brother's gonna' die, and there's nothing you can do to stop it! What kind of a big brother are you if you can't even protect your little brother?!" Graham asked. "Pathetic!" He spat.

"John, please." Dean spoke in a sad tone as he tried to squirm out of his hold. Dean felt almost claustrophobic as he was held against the wall by John. "Please." A tear trickled down his cheek.

"You can't blame this on me, Dean. You're weak!" He stated with a sigh. "Unlike you, Dean, I can actually protect the people I care about!"

Dean flipped. Growling, he landed a punch across John's face knocking him to the ground. "You bastard!" He landed another punch. "I've always protected my brother , from everything!" Dean shouted before landing another. "I would do anything for him! I would have died for him in an instant. I still would!" And another. "How dare you call me weak! You have no idea what I have been through! None! You don't know what it's like to be abused, you don't know what it's like to be in a foster home and know that your parents don't love you cause' they've never come to find you, you don't know what it's like to have your brother snatched away from you!" And another. Tears were streaming down his cheeks now. "I hate you..." He said in a quiet tone.

Bobby came running in and gasped at what he saw. "Dean!" He rushed over and grabbed hold of Dean pulling him up and off John.

Dean kicked and squirmed, fighting to free himself of Bobby's hold. "I hate you!" He screamed at John with so much emotion in his voice.

"Dean! Dean!" Bobby shouted, trying to get through to the kid as attempted to pull him through into the other room.

Dean looked at John with a vicious expression.

"Dean! Calm down!" Bobby shouted.

Dean was still kicking and squirming trying to free himself of Bobby's hold.

"He's not worth it. Look what this is doing to you, he's not worth it. Think of Sam..."

That calmed Dean down slightly.

"What would he think if he saw you like this?"

"Get off me!" Dean shouted.

"Not until you've calmed down.

"Get off me!"

"You've already done something you're gonna' regret, you don't want to make it worse." Bobby stated softly.

"I hate him..." Dean's anger dissolved as he spoke.

Bobby sighed.

"I hate him..." Dean was sobbing now. His knees buckled beneath him as he dropped to the floor.

Bobby caught him and lowered him down. He then wrapped his arms tightly around him before beginning to gently stroke his back comfortingly.

Dean sobs were loud and filled with pain, as if every emotion he'd ever held back was coming out. Graham, living on the streets, seeing Sammy hurt, his parents, living at the group home, being separated from Sam, being abandoned. Any emotion he'd ever hidden, all came crashing down on him at once.

"It's okay, Dean." Bobby cood. "It's okay."

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