Home Is A Long Forgotten Concept

Chapter 14

Dean gasped and bolted upright. He hadn't dreamt of the night of the fire in years. The events that took place that night still made him feel sick to his stomach at the thought of just how much their lives changed that night. Still trying to get his breathing back to normal, Dean wiped a hand across his forehead and shook his sweat drenched pyjama top to try and cool himself down.

"De..." Came a soft tone from the edge of the bed.

Turning, Dean spotted Sam stood beside the beside, blanket clutched tightly to his chest in one hand with a worried expression on his face.

"What's wrong?" Dean asked gently.

Sam silence told Dean everything.

"Did you have a nightmare too?"

Sam slowly nodded, tears prickling at his eyes.

"Come here." Dean lifted up the covers motioning for him brother to climb in.

Sam clambered up onto the bed and crawled across so that he was sat next to his older brother, resting his head against Dean's chest as they leaned back against the wall.

Dean tucked the covers around his little brother and wrapped an around him protectively before casting a hand through his light brown curls. "You wanna' talk about it?"

Sam shook his head.

"You sure? It might make it better." He encouraged.

"It was about Graham." Sam finally admitted in a weak tone.

Dean sighed. "He can't hurt us anymore. He's dead, Sam."

"But everytime I go to sleep I always see him and I remember what he did to us..." Sam's little voice trailed off as he got worked up.

"Sammy..." Dean's heart wrenched as he witnessed once again just how petrified his little brother still was of Graham. Pulling him even closer against him, Dean rested his head on top of Sam's. "We're safe here. John, Mary and Bobby wouldn't let anything happen to us." He paused. "I wouldn't let anything happen to you. He would have to come through me first and I'm tougher than I look." He joked.

"Yeah right, you're a big softie. Like a big teddy." Sam laughed cheekily.

Dean pretended to be offended as he gasped. "Like a big teddy?!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah." Sam nodded with a giggle.

The sound of his little brother giggling was the best sound in the world, and no one could tell Dean otherwise. Smiling, he shook his head. "Dude, I'm Batman not some teddy, and you're my sidekick."

"I'm Robin!" Sam grinned.

"Yeah, you're the boy wonder, and I'm Batman because I look out for you. Fighting all the bad buys, kicking the Joker's ass."

"I don't like the Joker." Sam stated. "He's scary. I don't like clowns, clowns are creepy."

"I know you don't, buddy." Dean smiled reassuringly. "That's why I'm Batman, the Joker would never get to you when I'm around."

Batman and Robin had been a game they used to play when they were in the group home. Back then they would use blanket of anything they could find to make capes and then run around the corridors pretending to be the Dynamic Duo. Those memories were some of the good ones from when they were younger.

Knowing that his little brother had calmed down now, Dean looked down at him. "You wanna' sleep in my bed tonight, boy wonder?"

Sam nodded and lay down on the bed.

Dean lay down too, maintaining the contact with his brother to comfort him. "It's gonna' be okay, Sammy. We'll get through this, it's just gonna' take time." He stroked a hand through his brother's curls once again.

"Promise?" Came Sam's childlike tone as he rested against his brother's chest.

"Promise." Dean nodded.

Sam smiled. "Goodnight, De..."

"Goodnight, Sam..."


Witnessing the whole thing through the crack in the door, Bobby smiled. The sight of the two boys really opening up to each other about just how broken they are made his heart break in sympathy for the young brothers. The care that the elder had for the younger was just so pure and true as he watched Sam clamber into his older brother's bed knowing that he was protected and safe as soon as he did. This showed Bobby just how much they had had to go through on their own where they had gotten to this stage of seeking comfort in each other because no one else was going to supply it. Both boys were asleep now, the oldest's arms still wrapped around the younger, and the younger fisting a handful of his older brother's pyjama top as he slept close to him. Knowing that they were safe, Bobby slowly closed the door and walked off down the corridor to bed.

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