Home Is A Long Forgotten Concept

Chapter 15

Walking down into the kitchen the next morning, Sam and Dean walked in to see Mary, John and Bobby all sat at the table.

"Morning, boys." John smiled.

"Morning Mr Winchester." Sam smiled back.

"Sam, you can call me John."

Sam ignored this and looked up at Dean who motioned towards the seats at the table before going and sitting down on one of them.

Sam took the other, sitting next to his brother.

Dean glanced at the leaflets on the table before looking up at Mary and John. "School?"

Mary nodded. "Me and John had a call from Miss Kearns a couple of days ago, and she suggested that you boys might be ready to go to school now. Now I know that the whole idea will seem scary, but school is great. You'll get to learn about lots of really interesting stuff, make some friends." She smiled. "But of course the decision lies with you."

"We're not forcing you to do anything. If you boys feel that you're not ready to go to school yet and would like some more time to settle in first, me, Mary and Miss Kearns totally understand. We don't want you to feel like you have to do anything that you don't want to." John explained softly.

Sam had moved closer to his brother on his chair and was now leaning against his side. He seemed the most worried.

Dean on the other hand did not seem as fazed by the whole concept of school. Wrapping an arm around his little brother, Dean began to cast a hand through his little brother's brown curls reassuringly before looking down at Sam.

"I don't want to go..." John and Mary only just heard Sam state in an almost inaudible whisper to his older brother.

"Sammy..." Dean began but was cut off.

"No!..." Sam whimpered in a childlike tone as he buried himself even closer into Dean's side.

"Sammy..." Dean tried again. "We can't not go. If we don't go then we'll get Mary, John and Bobby into a lot of trouble."

"But you won't be there." Came Sam's weak response.

"I will." Dean reassured. "I'll be in the same school as you. The only time we won't be with each other is in lessons. We'll be with each other on the way there and back, in breaks and lunches."

Dean clearly knew the basic structure of what going to school entailed which was obviously more than could be said for Sam's grasp of the whole concept. This led Mary and John to the thought of had either of these boys ever been to school? With Dean being older, they presumed that he must have been to school at least once during his childhood, whereas Sam may not have because of him being younger. He grew up into the bad environment that the boys lived through in there earlier years while Dean had had at least four years of normality.

"Dean's right, Sam." Mary began softly. "No one will split you up. You can spend as much time as you want with Dean outside of lessons."

"Come on, Sammy." Dean smiled. "You're supposed to be Robin. Would Robin cry over going to school, or would he be big and brave?"

Sam pulled away slightly from Dean's side and giggled lightly with a smile. "Be big and brave."

"Exactly." Dean nodded.

"So should we call the school?" Mary asked.

Dean looked down at his little brother.

Sam nodded nervously.

Dean smiled before squeezing his shoulder in reassurance.

"That's great." Mary smiled before she walked off.


The day of them starting school had came around and Sam and Dean were both petrified by the concept of being the new, weird kids. Having been dropped off by Mary and John, the boys were given a quick tour by the receptionist before shown to their first class of the day. For Dean it was math and for Sam it was English.

Sam had been handed a copy of the book that the class had been reading. His teacher had suggested that he read it at home so that he could get caught up with the rest of the class. But for this lesson, she told him that he should just start reading with them from the point in the book they were up to. Handing him the book, open at the page, she pointed him towards a unoccupied desk at the back of the classroom before starting the lesson.

Walking down the aisle towards his desk had been terrifying. Every eye in the class had found him and each followed his path through the desks, already judging him. He knew the thoughts that would be running through their heads.

'Who's he?' 'What's he doing here?' 'Eww...why's he got so many scars?!'

Sam had purposely dressed in a plaid shirt with the sleeves down and his hoodie to cover up as many of the scars as he could. The problem that Sam had though was that when Graham got drunk, he would often forget to hit them in places where people wouldn't see so him and Dean would often end up with scars on their faces and necks from various beatings which were very noticeable. Them and the burns on his hands from where Graham had burnt him with the water from the kettle that time when he had tried to steal food for Dean.

After he had sat down, their eyes had eventually returned to their books. Sam was pleased by this and so felt slightly less self-conscious. That was until about half way into the lesson.

"Sam..." The teacher had began, and Sam was already scared.

He looked up and over at her.

"Sam, can you read the next part." The teacher asked.

Sam's eyes widened as his heart rate increased in panic. He looked down at the book that was in front of him and the words that was printed on the pages. Nothing made sense. Looking around, everyone in the class had now turned in their seats to look at him, all carrying expressions that said just read it.

"Sam...read the next part." The teacher repeated.

"Umm..." He didn't know what to say. He couldn't read. No one had taught him.

The other kids were all laughing now.

Tears pricked at Sam's eyes as he looked down in embarrassment.

"That's enough! All of you!" The teacher bellowed.

The class went silent.

"Lisa, read on."

And she did.

As a tear trickled down his cheek, Sam wiped it away with the cuff of his hoodie, wishing Dean was there as he did so.


When lunch eventually came, Sam walked outside to try and find his brother.

"Hey Winchester?!" He heard a voice shout.

Turning round, Sam was met by a group of students, some of which he recognised from the English class he was just in while others where clearly from older years. Noticing his red eyes from crying, they began to laugh.

"Awww...Can little Sammy not read?" They mocked. "How stupid are you?!"

"Shut up!" Sam replied quietly.

"Are you going to cry again?" The boys teased. "What's wrong, have you not got any friends to go to, Scarry?!"

At the mention of his scars, Sam found it hard not to start crying as they continued to use all the jokes they could think of.

"Did you get beaten up a lot in your old school too? Is that why you're here, cause' they thought you were a loser too?" Another boy mocked.

"I heard him and that other freak were adopted. Even your friggin' parents didn't want you scarry!"

Sam flipped and swung a punch at him.

The older boy grabbed his fist, deflecting the blow before he looked down at Sam. "Wrong move Winchester." He stated sternly before landing a punch across Sam's face.

Sam fell back onto the floor, barely having enough to regain his balance before the rest of the boys joined in. Kicking and punching, Sam curled in on himself as he wrapped his arms around his stomach to try and deflect some of the blows. "Gah!" He moaned as tears pricked at his eyes.

"What's wrong, Scarry? You gonna' cry?!" The oldest boy mocked. "Like a stupid, pathetic little..." He was cut off as Dean landed a punch across his face which knocked him to the floor before he followed him down and contiuned to pummel the kid until he was barely conscious.

"Who's the stupid, pathetic little bitch now, huh?!" Dean shouted angrily as he continued to punch him. "Not so tough now!"

One of the other older boys began to pull Dean away from the apparent leader of the group. This however was easier said than done.

Dean began to face off the rest of the group, delivering punches to each one of them until at that remained were a few kids lying on the ground, the rest having ran off.

"You come near my brother again, and I'll kill you!" He shouted, before looking down at his little brother who was still lying on the floor. "Sammy..."

Before he got a chance to check over his brother however, teachers were rushing over. Dean soon found himself being grabbed by two members of the teaching staff who began to drag him off down the corridor.

"No! I need to see my brother!" Dean shouted. "Please, just let me see him!"

"Not until you've calmed down."

"I'll calm down when I can see my brother!" Dean responded.

"I'm sorry, but no." The teacher stated.

"Then I'm sorry too." Dean broke an arm free from female teachers grasp before delivering a blow to her stomach with his elbow. He then tried to sprint off down the corridor but was quickly caught a male teacher. "No! I need to see my brother!"

"The only place you're going is isolation."


Sat in the Principal's office, Sam hadn't said a word since the incident at lunch.

The door opened and in walked Mary and John. Their eyes immediately sought out Sam as they rushed over to him.

Mary sat down next to Sam and gathered him up in her arms. "Sweetie." She then noticed the bruises as he gasped. "What happened?"

Sam began to cry once again as he buried himself against Mary's chest. "I'm sorry..."

"Oh Sam, you have nothing to be sorry for okay? It's not your fault." She reassured.

John sat down on the other side of Sam and placed a hand reassuringly on his arm before turning to the Principal. "What happened?"

"Sam was involved in a fight at lunch." The Principal explained. "I assure you that the boys who did this have been dealt with an suspended until further notice. Their parents have also been informed and we will be holding further conferences with them to discuss the plans for the children and whether or not we want them back at this school." He paused. "I am truly sorry for what has happened." The Principal apologised.

John nodded. "It's good to see that you have taken action against them."

"There is one other thing that I need to draw your attention to." The Principal began. "One of my colleagues reported that Sam was unable to read from the book the class was reading aloud." He explained. "Now this wasn't made clear on any of Sam's admission forms to the school."

"We didn't know." John answered, looking over at Sam.

"So knowing this, we feel it would be best for Sam if he was placed in Special Ed."

John's eyes widened. "He's not special needs!" His tone rose slightly in anger.

"Mr Winchester, the class is in place to help those who require more help." The Principal explained.

"I don't care! You're not just gonna' dump him in some class! He has been isolated enough from other children already, you're not doing it to him too!"

"In that case then, the only other option would be for Sam to receive extra help from a member of staff, but the school would not be able to pay for it."

"We'd pay for the help." John stated, dumbstruck by the fact that the Principal was suggesting that they wouldn't.

"Very well, I shall get my secretary to arrange the hiring of a tutor. In the meantime, you should work with Sam and establish just what areas he struggles in most. Overcoming them will be the first step in helping Sam."

John and Mary nodded.

"Thank you." They thanked before standing up to leave.

"Oh, one more thing before you go." The Principal began. "Your other son, Dean...he's currently in isolation in the old block, you need to go and collect him."

"Why's he in there?" John furrowed an eyebrow.

"He was also involved in the fight at lunch where he punched a number of other students. Now I have heard his statement about what happened and I do understand that we did was in defense of his little brother, but it is still against school rules to harm other students through violence." The Principal explained. "But it was not just Dean's actions during the fight that led to him being placed in isolation, it is how he behaved after. Dean was very uncooperative when it came to talking about the fight and then got violent with one of my colleagues when they told him that he couldn't see Sam. We felt it best that he was put in isolation to give him a chance to calm down. Sam was obviously shaken up after the fight and we didn't think it was good for him to be around his brother when he was so angry."

"Mr..." John began.

"White." The Principal answered.

"I know you have the interest of the students and colleagues to put first, but the worst thing you could have done is keep these boys separated." John explained.

"Dean needs to learn to control his anger." The Principal stated.

"He's very protective over his little brother." John stated.

"Mr Winchester, I know you are trying to defend your son to me, but I find it worrying that you are also defending his actions which include beating up numerous other children and punching a member of the teaching staff. Now like I said before, I know he did what he did in defense, but I can excuse the fact that he did hurt other students and attempted to harm one of my members of staff."

"If you had taken the time to read their files, you might find the answer to your questions." John stated before placing a hand on Mary's arm and leading her and Sam out of the room.


Reaching the old block, Mary and John found the room labelled 'Isolation'.

Dean was sat at the back of the scruffy classroom, with his arms spread out in front of him on the desk.

John knew that the door must lock from the inside as there was no way that Dean would still be sat there if it wasn't. Opening the door, John watched as Dean's eyes immediately looked up.

Noticing Sam, Dean was up from the desk in an instant and across the room. "Sammy!" Wrapping his arms around his little brother, he began to rub Sam's soft, brown hair comfortingly. "It's okay, it's okay...I'm here..." He looked down at his little brother, snarling in anger at the sight of the bruises and cuts that marred his little brother's face.

Sam fell into his brother's embrace so naturally, seeking out the protection that he knew his older brother could offer.

Mary and John smiled softly at the two boys.

John noticed the bruises and cuts on Dean's face and hands as well as the blood stains on his grey shirt. "Dean..."

Dean looked up at John while still holding his little brother. He knew what John was going to say.

"Dean, look at me."

Dean did.

"You can't just go around beating people up. Now we are going to let you off this time because the Principal has explained to us that you did it to protect Sam, but you need to tone it down." He explained softly. "Okay?"

Dean nodded.

John smiled. "Good, then let's get you boys home." He placed a hand on the boys' shoulders. "Who wants pizza?"

Their faces lit up. "Yay!"

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