Home Is A Long Forgotten Concept

Chapter 17

Walking down the hallway, Mary peered round the door to look into the boys' room. As she had guessed, Sam was in Dean's bed, curled up beside him, Dean's arm wrapped around him keeping him close. After what had happened today, Mary knew that Sam would have gone back into his shell. All of the work that they had done to try and get coax him out of it was thrown out of the window thanks to some stupid kids. And of course Dean had become even more protective of Sam since the incident at school too. Like when they first moved in, trying to separate them would be inadvisable.

Sighing, Mary closed the door to their room before walking downstairs. Making her way into the living room, she sat down on the couch. Picking up the TV remote, Mary clicked the 'On' button.

Nothing happened.

Just then, the lights went out plunging the house into darkness.

Mary was on her feet in seconds, opening one of the drawers and retrieving the knife from it.

"Put it away, Mary." Came a voice.

The lights then returned to reveal a man stood across the room from her.

"Who are you?...What are you?"..."

"Demon." It smiled. "But you already knew that, Mary." The demon then began walking towards her. "Don't you remember me? We met oooh...ten years ago."

Mary's eyes widened. "Crowley."

"The very same." He smiled. "A lot has changed since then though. I mean, you're practically famous. The Winchester's, two of the most well known hunters in America."

"We don't do that anymore." Mary stated. "And you're not welcome here."

"You know why I'm here, Mary. Are we going to stop pretending that this is all a big surprise?"

"You did this to us." Mary stated.

"No." Crowley began. "I was simply doing my job."

"Your kind killed my parents, killed John and tried to kill my kids!"

"So you're actually to them as yours now?" He asked.

Mary stiffened.

"Because we both know they're not." Crowley paused, seeing Mary's expression. "Don't you remember? Probably not, I mean...we did change a few things around here and there."

"What are you talking about?! Why are you here, Crowley?"

"Crossroads demon, part of the job description. I make deals and see them through."

"So what you're saying is my time is up?"

"Not exactly."

Mary furrowed an eyebrow.

"We don't want you dead, Mary. That was the whole point of this plan in the first place." He paused. "That night...the night you summoned a crossroads demon. When I told you that those boys were in grave danger, can you remember what you said to me?"

Mary shook her head.

"Try, Mary. Think."

Mary gasped as tears began to trickle down her cheeks. The memories of those days coming back to her. She looked up at Crowley. "Yes."

"What did you say to me?"

"I said 'Don't hurt them, don't hurt my boys'."

"It was through an act of motherly love that you had come to the crossroads to seek me out in the first place." Crowley stated. "That's what we wanted."

"What do you mean?"

"We needed someone who had the boys' trust." Crowley paused. "That night, something was coming for you...you had been tracking the demonic omens weeks before that night arrived, which is why you came to me...You wanted answers, and I gave them to you."

"Why couldn't I remember any of this?"

"Because you weren't supposed to. The boss ordered some magic amnesia for you and John."

"So why are you telling me all this?"

"Because I want to help." Crowley stated.

"And I'm supposed to just believe that?"

"Right now, Mary, I'm the best hope you've got."

Mary paused before nodding.

"Something was coming for you that night, and did come, but it was unsuccessful." Crowley explained. "You were supposed to die in that fire, but something woke you and John leading to your discovery of the flames." He raised a hand. "That would be moi."

"You caused the window to drop."

Crowley nodded.

"So...who was this demon that was after me?"

"A demon called Azazel. Snappy little bugger with big ambitions. Too much of a show off in my opinion, but nevertheless, the boss loves him. Anyway, that leads me onto my next point...he wasn't just after you."

Mary's eyes widened. "No..."

"Azazel visited your house the night of the fire intent on killing you and kidnapping Sam. I managed to avert the situation, but I was left with no choice when it came to the boys." He paused. "Dean and Sam did make it out of the fire that night."

Mary felt sick as she heard the truth about her boys.

"But I couldn't simply return them to you, I had to keep them hidden from Azazel."

"So you made sure they got lost in the system." Mary stated. "You placed them with those families purposely, didn't you?!" She growled angrily.

"If Sam and Dean had've lived normal lives with the white picket fence, church every Sunday and school every day, do you really think they would have just magically stayed out of Azazel's radar?! They had to be out of sight, so that's what I had to arrange."

"Why do all this, huh? Why save me in the first place, why try to protect Sam and Dean?"

"Because it wasn't written for you to die that night, and it wasn't written for Sam to be kidnapped. Your futures have been mapped out for centuries, I'm just following through on it." Crowley paused. "I'm just doing my job, okay? And coincidentally, they are my job. I got assigned them, so that's why I'm here to make sure they don't die horrifically before they've served their purpose."

"Which is?"

"Telling you that would ruin all the fun."

"So you're trying to tell me that your job was to protect Sam and Dean from another demon?"

Crowley nodded.

"So the night of the fire?...and the days after it?...all of the cops?"

"All my finest demons, scripted and ready to go."

"They told us they were dead."

"As per the script. You had to think that the boys were dead so that you wouldn't go looking for them and ruin my arrangements." Crowley stated. "Then the little tikes even fell off our radar for a while, didn't show up again until they bumped into you two."

"And the memories?"

"A few alterations were needed. For example, you thought that Sam and Dean were dead through dying in the fire because that's what the cop had told you, but we needed you to keep thinking, keep hunting, and obviously keep out of Azazel's radar yourselves, so we changed your memory."

"So that we thought they were biologically ours..."

"Making them Sam and Dean Winchester to anyone who hadn't seen their CPS file...like Azazel." Crowley stated. "He was looking under the wrong name and therefore couldn't find them."

"What else did you change?"

"I erased our little chat from that night. Left in the juicy detail that you'd made a deal, just to keep you on your toes, and got rid of the rest." He paused. "We all changed little Deano's memories a bit. Made him believe that you were actually their biological Mommy and Daddy too. We needed him hopeful for the both of them."

"So the memories Dean does have of us?"

"Are all genuine." Crowley answered with a nod. "Why, you still hung up on that whole 'angels are watching over you' thing?" He smiled. "I changed your status as their parents, I didn't alter anything else. Dean does remember the time he spent with you...just like he remembers the fire. Maybe you should ask him about it."

"So my deal?"

"Wiped clean."

Mary's eyes widened. "What do you mean wiped clean?"

"We didn't require you to make a deal that night, Mary. We just wanted to make you think you'd made a deal. You're soul is intact."

Mary sighed in relief. "So what now? Is Azazel still out for Sam? Do we run?"

"That's why I came." Crowley stated. "It's all a bit déjà vu."

"What's happening?"

"The boy is in danger. That whole stunt at the school threw him onto Azazel's radar. He knows that Sam's still alive and he's not going to let anything get in his way this time."

"So what do we do?"

"You take the boys and you drive like hell."


"Anywhere." And with that, he was gone.

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