Home Is A Long Forgotten Concept

Chapter 18

"Mrs Winchester?..." Came a small, tired sounding voice.

Mary gasped and turned in an instant to see Sam stood on the stairs.

Dean was stood next to him with a shocked expression on his face.


John walked in from the kitchen.

"What deal?..."


"What deal?!" He shouted.

"This is all my fault..." Mary stated as she walked across the living room and rested her elbows on top of the wooden hearth above the fire, burying her head in her hands.

"Mary..." John followed her. "What is going on?"

The boys, who had now descended the stairs, walked into the living room too.

Turning back to John, Mary tried to keep herself calm through the panic that was plaguing her. "I can explain everything later, right now, we need to get outta' here."

"Mary..." John gently took hold of her wrist to stop her from rushing off. "I heard what he said...and I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on." He paused. "It sounds like you've already been keeping me in the dark enough, and it's not fair on the boys to keep this from them."

"Keep what from us?" Dean spoke up.

Mary looked at them before taking a deep breath. That man...he told me something." Mary began in a soft tone before pausing. "Told me something about you, Sam."

Sam's eyes widened as he immediately turned to Dean.

Dean stepped in front of Sam, positioning himself between his little brother and Mary and John.

"Sam..." She stepped forward.


"Dean, we're not gonna' hurt him." John stated.

"I don't know that...not now." Dean explained.

"Dean, you have to tell us what you already know." Mary spoke up softly.


"What?" She furrowed an eyebrow.

"Why do you need to know?"

"To protect you." Mary stated.

"I'm not buying it."


"What do you actually want with us?!" Dean asked defensively.

"You're our kids, Dean."

"No, we're not. Harris, remember?"

"Do you really think that makes a difference to us?" John asked.

Dean shrugged. "I've been through enough to know that when something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Something good happens in your life that makes you think everything's actually gonna' be alright, and then once you've gotten used to it all, and life really seems good, something comes along and plucks everything out from underneath you. That's what this is..." He paused. "You're just another one of them!" He shouted, pure emotion showing in his expression. "You touch my brother and I'll kill you!"

"Dean..." Mary began, but John placed a hand on her shoulder.

"We're not gonna' make you do anything, Dean, but we're trying to do what's best for Sam, and you." He sighed, hating to have to let Sam in on the secret. Kneeling down so that he was at Sam's eye level, John hated himself for this. "There are things out there, Sam...terrible, awful things. And one of those things is after you. Now Mary, Bobby and I, we're going to protect you. We're not gonna' let that evil man get you, either of the evil men." He paused. "But you have to talk to us. We need to know what you and your brother already know so that we can help you."

Sam looked up at Dean.

Dean sighed.

"Graham was all hopped up on all that religion crap, so we thought he was just being his usual crazy self when he first started talking about it." He began. "He said that a demon came to him and told him about Sam. About what he was gonna' become. Graham believed him."

Sam was visibly shaking as Dean spoke about Graham.

Dean wrapped an arm around his little brother, pulling him against his side. "He never treated Sam the same after that."

"That mark on your wrist, it was no accident was it?" John asked softly. "He branded you..."

Sam nodded, burying himself closer into his brother's side.

"Did he hurt you a lot because of it?"

Sam nodded once again.


Graham landed a kick to Dean's stomach before cuffing his wrist and clicking the other cuff to the radiator.

"Don't hurt him!" Dean shouted. "Please, please don't hurt him!"

"You really think that the freak deserves any mercy?" Graham scoffed. "All he deserves is to be put down like the monster he is."

"I'm not a monster." Sam stated as he sat shaking on the floor.

"Don't lie!" Graham screamed before he crossed the room and landed a slap across Sam's cheek. "Devil spawn..." He spat viciously. "That's what you are!" Grabbing hold of Sam's arm, he dragged him over to the fireplace.

Sam managed to land a kick to the back of Graham's leg throwing him off balance giving him enough time to make a run for it.

"Guh! You little shit!" Graham growled.

Sam ran towards Dean and began trying to break the cuff.

"Sammy, behind you!" Dean shouted.

Graham crossed the room in seconds, grabbing hold of Sam and throwing him down to the floor. Pinning him down with his foot, Graham towered over Sam. "I'll teach you to disobey me, boy!" Stomping down on his leg, Sam cried out in pain as the sound of the bone snapping underfoot could be heard.

"Sammy!" Dean screamed.

Sam felt nauseous as he pressed his cheek to the floor in an attempt to leach some of the coldness from it.

"What are you crying for, your other demon friends will come a fix you up soon enough anyway."

"I'm...I'm not..."

"Yes you are!" Graham shouted. "Do you think normal people can do what you do?"

"I didn't mean to." Sam whimpered, pushing himself up slightly, fighting through the pain and lightheadedness.

"That wardrobe was padlocked closed and you're saying that somehow it just magically unlocked itself?"

"I didn't touch the lock, I didn't..."

"He didn't do anything!" Dean shouted.

"Shut up!" Graham bellowed before turning back to Sam. "People need to be warned about you. They need to know what you are!" Walking over to the fire, he picked up the poker from the brass stand and proceeded to place it amongst the coals.

Sam's eyes widened at what he saw. "No...No, please..." He shook his head as he tried to squirm away.

"They told me all about you, the demons. They told me about how you're some tainted freak. How you're gonna' lead some demon army for them."

"No..." Sam whimpered. "I don't have powers."

"Don't lie to me!" He screamed. "You're a monster!" Graham picked up the poker from the fire before grabbing hold of Sam's wrist.


"Don't, don't please!" Dean shouted. "Sam! Sammy!"

Graham pressed the burning hot poker to Sam's wrist, branding him.

"Ahhhh!" Sam screamed as the poker burnt away the flesh of his wrist.

When it was over, Graham threw him to the floor once again.

Sam pulled his wrist close to him and cradled it against his chest as he tried to fight through the pain.

"So...hat else can you do?! Huh?!"

"Nothing. I can't do anything." Sam answered weakly.

"Hmmm...Maybe it just requires a little motivation." Getting up, he walked across the room to Dean who was still handcuffed to the radiator. "Hey, Dean." He grinned before producing a gun and turning to Sam. "So this is how it's gonna' work. You're gonna' use your powers, or I'm gonna' shoot your brother in the head."

Sam's eyes widened as he gasped. "No!" He screamed. "No, please!"

Dean, who looked equally terrified, turned to Graham. "Please, please don't do this!"

Graham cocked the gun before aiming it at Dean's forehead so that the barrel was pressed against the skin. "One."

"No!" Sam shouted as he began to drag himself towards his brother and Graham, ignoring the fire that was burning through his wrist and broken leg from the movement.


"Sammy!" Dean shouted, not wanting his little brother to see this.


"Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" Sam screamed.

Dean tried to squirm away from Graham and found himself falling as he did so, the sound of the gun firing rang out before he landed on the floor. He gasped, frantically trying to get his breath back as he look up at the bullet hole in the plaster in which his head had been in front of seconds ago, and the broken cuff that meant that he was now free from the radiator. Turning to look at his little brother, Sam was lying on his stomach on the floor with a terrified expression, tears soaking his cheek and a trail of blood trickling from his nose. "Sammy!" He ignored his own pain and quickly rushed over to his little brother, wrapping an arm around him and pulling him close in a second, being careful not to knock his branded wrist or broken leg. Dean cradling Sam against his chest as he gently stroked his hair in reassurance.

Graham still hadn't spoken a word.

Dean glanced at him to see that he was yet to move from where he was holding a gun against his head. Looking down at Sam, Dean couldn't help but worry about what Sam had been able to do. Lifting up his shirt, Dean used it to gently wipe away the blood from Sam's nose that he guessed had come from the strain of having to use his...well whatever that was.

Sam huddled closer to him, seeking his protection.

Dean wrapped his arms around him tighter. "It's okay, Sammy." He whispered so only his little brother could hear. "I'll get us out of here...I promise."


"That's it, we're getting out of here, tonight."

"Mary..." John began but was cut off as Mary began to walk off.

"Should we pack?" Dean asked.

"I'm sorry." John apologised.

"We don't mind...honestly." Dean reassured.

"When you moved in with us, we promised you stability...we're doing a pretty crappy job of it." John scoffed.

"You're trying, and we appreciate that." Dean stated.

Sam nodded with a smile.


"For what?" John asked.

"You just found out that we're not actually your kids..." Dean began. "...I'm so sorry..."


"...for giving you false hope...I told you in that motel way back when you first found us that you were our Mom and Dad...I told you that we were yours, and we're not..."

"Dean..." John cut him off.

Dean stopped and looked up at John.

"The demon didn't make up all of the stuff that you remember. Those are memories...real memories." John explained. "You were our kids..."

"Not really." Dean cut in.

"Yes, really..." John confirmed. "So what if you're not biologically ours, that doesn't mean anything. We still love you, and that's never gonna' change."

"Really?" Came Sam's small voice.

John smiled tearfully as he heard Sam's childish tone. "Really." He nodded.

And then something amazing happy.

Sam rushed from behind Dean and threw himself at John.

John smiled and collected the boy in his arms, wrapping his arms tight around him.

Dean smiled at the sight of his little brother, happy.

John looked at him. "There's always room for one more."

Dean was hesitant for a few seconds before he too joined the hug.

The two boys and John were all tearful in that moment, none of them bothered about what they looked like. When they eventually pulled away, John wiped a hand across his eyes to get rid of the tears, before looking at Sam and Dean. "You boys go and get packed up, we're having a family road trip."

"Where are we going?" Sam asked.

"Anywhere you like."

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