Home Is A Long Forgotten Concept

Chapter 19

Author's Note: I've time skipped by four years so Dean is now 18 and Sam is 14.


The rain poured down from the dark grey, near black sky. The city's smog was hanging low, making visibility beyond a couple of hundred yards almost impossible.

Rubbing a hand up and down his arm, Dean shivered in his black hoodie. Standing hidden behind a concrete pillar outside an old, neglected underpass, he kept watch of those who ventured out into the cloaking fog.

"Is everything ready?"

The sound of a nearby voice made Dean jump slightly. Cursing silently, he raked his eyes across the scene, looking for the source of the voice.

"Yes, Sir." Answered a second man. Dean's position behind the pillar made him invisible to the two men.

Dean located them walking down the path near where he stood. Thankful for the fact that they hadn't noticed him, Dean shuffled around the post slightly to avoid being spotted as he listened in on their conversation. As Dean watched the men, he felt his suspicions confirmed as he saw the coal black eyes of the demon. A shiver ran down his spine, not one of fear, but of the thrill of the hunt.

"Good. Make sure the operatives are in place. You know what happened to the last guy who wasn't." The man who was obviously the leader threatened the other man.

Ducking to a crouch, Dean followed the low wall, remaining hidden behind it as he made his way towards the entrance of the underpass. The two men had now joined the other five waiting under the underpass. The first of the men was bald, resulting in Dean immediately applying the nickname 'Baldy' to him. The apparent leader was tall and creepily thin, so much so that his bones could be seen clearly under his pale white skin. Of the other five men, one of them was Asian and wearing a dark brown parka, another was short in stature with two long scars running down his arms, the next was plump and blonde while the other two appeared to be twins. All of the men looked out of place in the gang style group they were stood in. Only the man with the scars and the plump guy looked capable on being in any form of gang, but even then they still stuck out like a sore thumb. They were all very goody goody in appearance which Dean couldn't help but smirk at.

"Those poor sons of bitches."

He narrowed his eyes at the unreliable lights which were blinking sporadically every few seconds.

"Game on." Dean said to himself, a wicked smile forming on his lips as he anticipated the coming fight. He ruffled his hair with his hands to remove some of the rainwater before throwing the hood of his jacket up. He then shoved his hand in his front pocket to conceal the weapon from the men. Walking down the path to the underpass, he kept his gaze to the ground to hide his identity. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the men take notice of the new figure emerging from the shadows.

"Deal with him." The apparent leader ordered quietly.

The operative nodded and waved to a few of the other workers. Together, they cockily headed towards Dean. Dean grinned as they came closer and tensed his shoulder in preparation. Baldy gripped his arm not expecting Dean to retaliate since he was outnumbered.

Dean felt the grasp on his arm and produce the gleaming knife from the pocket of his hoodie. Making quick work, he slashed at the man.

The demon screamed as it's eyes turned back, an orange glow coming from the wound on it's chest. "You little shit!"

Dean was shocked as an arm wrapped around his neck, constricting against his throat and yanking him off balance. He stumbled backwards into the man.

With the arm still around his neck, he leaned against his captor, kicking his feet out and bowling over the two approaching demons before hurling the knife into another's chest. His actions took seconds as the demons could barely process the sudden attack.

Despite being breathless, Dean jammed his elbow back against the solar plexus of the man, the blow causing him to drop Dean without warning to the floor. This caused Dean's head to thump against the concrete of the underpass.

Dean groaned. "Son of a bitch..." He murmured, putting a hand to a damp spot on the side of his head, finding blood on his fingers as he pulled it away. Unsteadily picking himself up from the ground, he pulled his knife from the stomach of the dead demon before finding himself surrounded.

"Give it up, kid...there's six of us and only one of you." The apparent leader stated.

"Get a few more and it might just be an even fight." Dean remarked before getting into a fighting stance. "Bring it, bitch!"

"Kill him!"

Dean, outnumbered by the demons, tried to hold his own against them, but it was a lost cause. As they began to land numerous punches on him, Dean found himself falling to the ground. He shuffled backwards as quickly as he could. The demons followed him, approaching slowly with menacing smiles. Each was armed with a blade, all of varying sizes, some nothing more than switchblades that had clearly just be stolen from some kind of DIY store while others were wielding knives.

"Dean, Dean, Dean...the boss will be so pleased to see you." The apparent leader stated with a grin. "Azazel's been looking for you for a long time boy, shame it's not little Sammy though...then I probably would have been given a promotion." He joked, tilting his head to the side. "What's wrong, did little Deano think he was gonna' be able to take us on?" The leader demon mocked.

As Dean reached the wall of the underpass, his hand hit something caused a clatter.

The demon furrowed an eyebrow as he looked at the item, inspecting it. Upon realization, he looked up to find a devil's trap spray painted onto the ceiling of the underpass. "Didn't Mommy ever tell you that graffiti's illegal?" The leader demon asked before growling in anger. "I will kill you..."

Dean smiled. "Now, Sammy!"

Sam who had been hidden at the other end of the underpass walked over. Dean smiled as he heard him chanting the exorcism and watched as the demon's began twitching.

"I will...I'm gonna' kill you, and Sammy, and Mommy and Daddy...maybe even that hunter friend of yours too..." The demon stated. "Because I will get out of Hell, and when I do, you and your pathetic little hunter family are first on my list..."

Dean waved goodbye to the demon with a smug smile as he, along with the others, began to scream and convulse. As smoke poured from their bodies, it swirled in the air before dissipating into the ground, leaving the bodies of the demons' hosts to collapse the ground too.

"Bring it, bitch?" Sam spoke up after a few seconds, turning to his older brother as he tried not to smirk. Even with edges of a smirk appearing, Dean could see the worry in Sam's eyes. Wondering if Dean was okay after taking on so many demons in their meatsuits.

"Shut up..." Dean answered, picking himself up from the ground as he shook his head. Sam laughed and Dean couldn't help but smile at the sound. Even after they had just fought off a large group of Demons, Sam was laughing. He was proud of his little brother, most people would run screaming into the night.

"Let's get out of here." Dean stated.

"That was a terrible plan." Sam stated, putting his own hood up against the rain that was still heavily falling.

"It was a great plan." Dean expressed.

"Because it was your plan?"

"You could have suggested your own."

"I did, but you had your heart set on getting your ass kicked by those demons to get them into the devil's trap, which by the way, was a terrible plan."

"Whatever, it worked." Dean wiped the blood from his lip once again. "Good work with the exorcism by the way."

"Thanks..." He answered with a sigh.

"What?" Dean furrowed an eyebrow.


"No, tell me." He pushed.

"How long do we have to keep doing this for?"

"What, hunting?"

Sam nodded reluctantly, knowing this was a touchy subject for his family. He was glad he could focus on the passing concrete so he wouldn't have to face his brother just yet.

"Sam, we're saving lives here, man."

"I know...it's just..." He paused. "This isn't normal, Dean, you have to realize that."

"Nothing about our lives has ever been normal."

"I know."

Dean didn't know what to say. "Come on." He hit Sam lightly on the arm. "Mary and John will be waiting for us."

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